Best Acting Studios in Chicago

Actors need acting studios to build and refine their skills. They act as acting gyms where actors come together to build and polish their skills. Joining an acting studio is one way to make acting part of your regular life. Chicago being the third-largest city in the United States is full of iconic places and acting studios.

Different acting studios offer different benefits, so it is important to think about what you actually need. Therefore, it is vital to critically review each studio before finally opting for the perfect option in your area. So, I shortlisted the best possible available options below.

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We Analyzed 1359 Acting Studios in Chicago, Illinois, and Picked the Top 12

Accomplished on Camera

Since it opened in July 2019, AoC has earned a strong reputation in Chicago’s acting community and is known for its rigorous and rewarding 6-week master class. Helmed by credited casting director Brittani Ward, the selective admission classes are designed for actors looking for constructive feedback, challenging scene work, and practical industry information to help push them to the next level. 

There are over 30 detailed, 5-star reviews on Google from actors who have completed the program, and nearly all of the 300 actors who have come through Accomplished on Camera thus far were referred by word-of-mouth.  

This professional training studio offers specialized 1-on-1 coaching and self-taping services to actors of every level. To be admitted into the master class, actors must audition for a 45-minute consultation with the owner. This enables Brittani to assign the best scenes for each actor during the course and get a sense of their individual needs.

The course presents diverse challenges for the performers to make them more competitive in consideration for recurring and series regular roles, which in turn enriches the viability of the Chicago TV and film community. If you are a skilled actor who has an acting degree or has taken classes at other studios in Chicago, this is an excellent option for continued training.

Acting Studio Chicago

Acting Studio Chicago is known as the most renowned training center for professional actors in Chicago. The studio offers different courses & classes in terms of On-camera training, voice-over training, and acting classes. The courses are well defined for both adults and youth to get the maximum output. The Professorial staff of the highest caliber and the common language used as a medium in all the classes makes it the perfect place to learn.

For each session, to provide maximum individual attention the class size is limited to twelve students. That exhibits their quality and high demand. Therefore, with almost 40 years of experience in the field, this studio has all the factors to be rated as the first choice.  

BAWS Studio

It is a music teaching institute that offers acting coaching as well. It takes an entire community to interact to train a performer. At BAWS Studio, they focus on teaching, mentoring, and growing artists. In addition to singing and piano, they teach songwriting, guitar, and acting as well. The possibility of booking lessons with several teachers allows you to develop your skill sets in each area.

The vision is to give training in multiple disciplines to provide as much as possible to the student to help him to grow as a good artist. So, if you’re the kind of person who is looking for an all-in-one package to deal with, BAWS studio can surely help.

Black Box Acting

After being established in 2009, with just 12 students and 2 major classes. In just one year, the studio had grown to facilitate more than 115 students, which included theatre professionals to non-actors. 

Within 2 years the student base tripled, which showed their excellence and impact on local actors. The faculty of the studio consists of great teachers that care about growing each student into better actors. 

The studio offers evening and weekend classes to selective enrolments only. So, if you are looking for a way to push your limits in the best way, this choice is surely for you.

Chicago Actors Studio

Chicago Actors Studio is an acting training institution that has been training accomplished actors for over 30 years, earning the reputation as one of, if not the best, place to study if you are genuinely interested in developing a serious career in the performing arts.

Besides their popular “Acting As A Craft” basic program, taught in various levels from the beginners to the advanced pro levels, that offers a unique, challenging, and effective personal way of developing a performer’s skills, what we have found that sets this school far ahead of others is the personal attention given to each student, tapping into each student’s uniqueness.

Other rare, notable advantages that other schools may not generally offer include private coaching; audition taping; demo reel construction; slate video recording; on-location demo clips shot just like a professional movie; voice and diction training; viewpoints; Shakespeare; mounting student productions, inviting agents, casting directors and producers alike; up to individual career counseling, to name just a few.

It is essential also to note that CAS is known for being dedicated to the growth of their students, with instructors offering personal guidance, often freely taking time out of their schedules, to help students in areas they may be struggling, or with audition preparation, and even assisting students in obtaining reputable agents to kickstart their careers.

The Chicago Actors Studio offers training of the highest quality to children, teens, and adults. Chicago Actors Studio, headed by Artistic Director, Edward Dennis Fogell, is the gold standard for all performers of all ages who want to follow their dreams!

Green Shirt Studio

Established in 2009 in Chicago, Green shirt studio offers a wide range of disciplines to the enrolled students. Their vision to make high-quality performing arts training accessible for everyone around has been well on track so far. With a wide range of acting programs from level 1-5, the specialized classes are truly helpful in opening various opportunities for an actor’s career. 

The top-notch professional staff at Green Shirt Studio is already given their roles as instructors, class coordinators, and artistic directors. So, the student can simply pick one according to their taste as their mentor to nourish them. If you’re looking for a complete package or just excellence in single art training, get yourself enrolled in Green Shirt Studio.

Performing Arts Studio

Performing Arts Studio is a new training institute in the industry. With 5 years of excellent experience. Their industry professional team has worked for Netflix, Disney, Pixar, NBC, among others. Which clarifies their up-to-date approach to evaluating the needs of the modern acting industry. 

Established in 2017 by Victor M, who is a master’s graduate from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. A former teacher in Mexico and the US, he has also taught acting and theatre techniques to children and adults at Chicago Public Schools, Shattered Globe Theatre, and National Library Mexico, among others. Which allows him to provide diverse knowledge of the field to enrolled students. So, it can be a very crucial pick if you’re going to pursue acting as a career.

Piven Theatre Workshop

Around 47 years in the industry, Piven Theatre Workshop is a  renowned working institute in Chicago. On annual terms, it approximately trains 1,000 students of all age groups; from age nine to adults. The focus of this studio/workshop is on the creative process according to the person rather than the pre-patterned results. 

The Piven Theatre has been producing highly acclaimed productions throughout its history. And also, has been recommended and nominated for best plays. So, getting yourself enrolled in such an enriching institute with a classic background is a golden opportunity for any student.

School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Probably the oldest working institute available in Chicago. Established back in 1866, SAIC (School of Art Institute of Chicago) offers both graduate and undergraduate programs, as well as courses in Art, Design, and Acting for people of all groups. Its fine art programs are still ranked as top programs in the nation by World Report. 

This studio offers world-class resources, guidelines, and state-of-the-art facilities. It has been leading the education of artists, designers, scholars, and actors since 1866. So, if you want to get yourself enrolled in a prestigious school with a classic background, SIAC is the option for you to go with.

The Path Acting Studio

The Path Acting Studio is the home of the Razor’s Edge Method of Acting developed by Michael S. Pieper, author of An Actor’s Guide to Walking the Razor’s Edge. Michael has been teaching for over 33 years and was the Head of Acting at the Second City Training Center for 22 years. The Path Acting Studio offers classes for beginning and advanced actors who want to work on stage or film and television.

Michael’s styles class is one of the few classes in Chicago that delves into the styles of classical playwrights and their work, and his private coaching has helped actors develop their reels and get signed by agents. No matter who you are, there is a path of classes to explore and challenge you! The Razor’s Edge Method’s which is inspired by shamanism will give you excellent skills as an actor and a deeper understanding of yourself and others.

Vagabond School of Arts

This studio/school is under the supervision of Michael M since 2013. What made Vagabond School be included in my list is their association to the field. Michael M. before working full time for Vagabond School of Arts as administrative director was a tv, film, commercials, and theatrical talent agent. 

He worked as a director, actor, improviser, musician, and theatrical director for over 15 years. Because of this, he knows the importance of teen actors & youth development for a better media industry. So, if you’re looking for the perfect place to teach the youth/kids the same quality acting skills as well as practical social skills Vagabond School of Arts is the best option for that.

Volta Performing Arts

Acting is a skill but an actor has diverse skills to be the perfect in-demand superstar. If you’re into the acting industry and looking to enhance your skills, Volta Performing Arts studio can nourish you a lot. It is a ballet and dance studio in Chicago. They provide dance classes and ballet classes to kids, teens, and adults. So, 

it doesn’t matter what age you are, if you want to learn the skill just get yourself signed up. Learning Dance not only helps you develop motor skills but also teaches discipline and commitment to the lifestyle. So, it can be a good option to go with.

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