Best Antique Shops in Houston

The hobby of antiquing goes much deeper than simply collecting. With the craftsmanship and beauty of another age, the classic furnishings offer a vintage charm that manages to endure anyone. Vintage shopping isn’t an easy task as antique pieces can be complicated to find. Finding an authentic antique item can be challenging unless you know a flea market or a reliable specialty store.

A genuine antique is at least a century old. So, usually, you will get high-priced unique items. Therefore, you must know which vintage stores are trustworthy to visit if you’re in the mood to go looking for antiques around your town. So, to help you here is a complete list of all the best reputable antique shops in Houston.

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We Analyzed 371 Antique Shops in Houton, Texas, and Pick the Top 10

AG Antiques

The Antique Gallery of Houston has come a long way since its opening back in 2006. Located in Houston, Texas, it is the second-largest antique mall in the state. It is the home to 250 antique dealers. More than 85,000 square feet of booths and showcases at the Antique Gallery of Houston are filled with elegant antiques, hard-to-find collectibles, and unique objects Art.

Antique FurnitureFurniture is one of The Antique Gallery of Houston’s specialties, including a variety of vintage American, European, Primitive, Shabby, Painted, and Asian FurnitureFurniture. The diverse and huge variety of architectural items, vintage jewelry, coins, oil lamps, art glass, silver prints, paintings, tin signs, vintage clothing, and much more are waiting for you at the Antique Gallery of Houston.

Alcon Lightcraft

Since 1970, Alcon Lightcraft has been refining and making old furnishing better. Apart from refining and upgrading vintage items, Alcon Lightcraft also offers an extensive antique and vintage lighting collection.

Providing the finest in lamp repair, fabrication, and restoration, Alcon Lightcraft is among the top in the business. Wire cutting, metalwork, and finishing are all part of Alcon Lightcraft’s services. With over thirty years of experience in designing, fabricating, and restoring custom and antique items, Alcon Lightcraft has become a valuable resource for designers and dealers.

Antique Pavilion

For more than 20 years, Antique Pavilion has remained a popular destination for designers, architects, decorators, and stylists. Antique Pavilion is a multi-dealer antique shop comprising 60 dealers. They continuously update their inventory of authentic antiques, so they always have the latest pieces available. 

The store’s specialty is to offer extensive collections of American silver, English ceramics, French FurnitureFurniture, and Victorian jewelry. For the remainder of the inventory, you will find a blend of FurnitureFurniture, jewelry, accessories, and sterling silver from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries.

August Antiques

In 1993, the shop began selling primitives and Victorian FurnitureFurniture from early New England estates. Nevertheless, the inventory has grown with Victorian and primitive furniture, old and rare books, religious statues, vintage radios, fans from the 1910s-1950s, and way cool lamps and architectural salvage. 

Despite being well known for its restoration of antique collectibles. The thing that sets August Antiques apart from other antique shops is their collection of Religious Items. They have various statues, icons, crosses, crucifixes, kneeling benches, rosaries, etc. So, with all these, the red-brick building built in the 1920s is a real treat to browse in Houston Heights. 

Back Row Homes

Around eight years of experience in buying and selling antiques and collectibles. Back Row Homes was established in 2013 and is known for its antiques ranging from 18th and 19th-century pieces to mid-century and industrial. Furniture, architectural elements, and decorative pieces from American and European antiques are featured in the shop.

With its 16,000 square feet, it offers a curated selection of tabletop items, bedding, rugs, pillows, accessories, holiday items, and gifts. To expand their collection, the owners of the shop visit European countryside and antique fairs to refine their taste and knowledge.


Within a few years of opening to the public in 2006, FOUND has attracted national and local attention. It is not merely another antique/home furnishing store. This retailer offers surprises, concepts, and ideas built around the idea of sustainable authenticity.

FOUND sells home furnishings and accessories from the 18th and 19th centuries. FOUND’s FurnitureFurniture and other items are collected from all over the country and Europe, with intriguing and unique craftsmanship details. Each of the shop’s vintage upholstery is from the ’40s and ’60s, and its impressive piece of industrial FurnitureFurniture sets it apart from other stores.

House 2106

Formerly House 849 from Palm Springs, CA; Nicholas Carnegis and Bob Kuperman bring House 2106 and their unique mixture of high fashion American, Asian, and European Furniture, Art, Accessories, and Antiques to the Montrose area of Houston. House 2106 is a hot spot for Houston’s interior designers and locals in the market for a unique high-end home or office decor. 

Carnegis (Nick) is a Houston interior design native. After nearly ten years of calling Palm Springs home and running House 849, Carnegis and Kuperman decided to head back to Texas and open House 2106 in Houston. “Our store has something special for everyone. Thirty-plus years of being an interior designer have taught me the appreciation of hand-crafted art, design, culture, and the difference it makes when bringing that into an interior design project or my own home. I hope our customers find that same appreciation and joy when walking into our store. Whether they’re just coming in for inspiration or to take a piece home with them.” says Carnegis.

My Flaming Heart

Founded in 2010, My Flaming Hearts specializes in vintage collectibles, midcentury decorative items, and other neat stuff. There are handmade clothes, vintage cowboy boots, estate, and unique jewelry in the shop. Among their offerings are colorful Mexican folk art and colorful treasures from around the world.

They have a unique collection of vintage crystals, beads, and charms that is the shop’s specialty. Additionally, My Flaming Heart carries a variety of healing stones, gifts, trinkets, and curiosities.

Rummel Creek Village Antiques

Rummel Creek Village Antiques was established in 1990. While most antique stores are simply storehouses for overpriced antiquities, Rummel Creek Village Antiques is accessible and affordable with an unparalleled array of antique and vintage FurnitureFurniture and accessories for personal, home, or office use.

They offer an excellent selection of American and European Collectibles, including Pottery, Asian carvings, ceramics, Bronze figural, Cameras, Candlesticks, tools, and much more. There are around 15+ dealers and an ever-changing array of items at Rummel Creek Village Antiques. It is one of the best places in Houston to find traditional, quirky, or unusual collectibles.

Spring Antique Mall

The Spring Antique Mall is an Old-Fashioned Antique Mall founded in 1992. They offer a wide range of antiques in our 10,000 square feet space, including FurnitureFurniture, chandeliers, vintage jewelry, postcards, records, comics, and so much more.

At the Spring Antique Mall, there are 35 authentic and reputable dealers. Since the beginning, many of them have been dealers and enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience of around 29 years.

Thompson’s Antique Center of Texas

Since opening in 1991, Thompson’s Antique Center is the most prominent Houston antique mall, offering the best selection of antique items and vintage collectibles from all over the world. Thompson’s Antique Center of Texas stands above all the rest regarding antiquing Art, décor, glass, FurnitureFurniture, collectibles, books, vintage items, and hard-to-find antiques. 

In addition to over 190 dealer spaces covering 108,000 square feet, Thompson’s has 17 aisles of merchandise to choose from. So, whether you’re buying, selling, or just browsing, it is simply the one-stop-shop for everything you need.

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