Best Archery Clubs in Chicago

Finding a good archery club seems to be a somewhat daunting experience, especially when you are a beginner archer like myself. The world of bow and arrow seems to be all too intimidating and filled with sharp objects, quite literally. This was my experience 2 months ago when I began embarking on my own personal archery journey. I went through it so that you wouldn’t have to. Here’s a list of the top 10 archery clubs in Chicago which are beginner-friendly, cost-efficient, and easy to find.

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We Analyzed 1111 Archery Clubs in Chicago, Illinois, and Picked the Top 6

Chicago Archery

Talk about customer friendliness! Chicago archery has some of the best customer services, with highly qualified staff always ready to come to your rescue as a newbie archer. They provide their first-time range visitors with a free mandatory safety introduction course and offer private lessons for as little as $35 per lesson, $157 for 5. 

They even have fun and vibrant podcast sessions to teach you all there is to know about the smallest details of archery which you would not have otherwise considered, especially as a newbie archer. They also allow walk-ins, pretty cool if you ask me. 

And Yes, you may reserve a spot for only $12 if you wish to because they do tend to get pretty full, although they manage their traffic very well on such days. Get this, there’s a sushi bar right next door.

Chicago Archery Club

The oldest archery club in Chicago with over 10 decades of experience. The Chicago Archery club, not to be confused with Chicago Archery, made it’s debut in the 1800, 1878 to be precise, and has never looked back since. It was founded on the principle of making this grand sport fun and enjoyable for the everyday man.

It has two main locations, one in Hamilton Park, which is the outdoor range, and the other in Washington park, this being the indoors location. Its rich and thick history makes it very worthy of being on this list, and even more worthy of your attention. They are open every Thursday and Sunday, so be sure to go check them out sometime.

Chicago Bow Hunters

Chicago bow hunters is a private archery club set aside not only for archery lovers, but prospective hunters. They own a large plot of land beaming with impeccable agriculture and wildlife alike. To get into this club, you would of course, need to apply (application fees apply), and thereafter you’d be called in for an interview by the ranch managers.

Chicago bow hunters host a series of events and tournaments, and as a result of this, they have a very competitive team of young archers with focused training through their intimate and specified group session archery classes. 

So if you’re looking for something a lot more intimate and secluded, this is definitely the club for you.

North Side Archery Club

The most fun is always outdoors right? Especially when it comes to an activity such as archery. North side archery’s Lincoln park range is the talk of the town with its beautiful scenery and serene atmosphere. They do have an indoor range at a different location, but unless you are considering becoming a long-term club member, then that one is not for you.

They offer a variety of group lesson packages even for non-members, but membership does give you the added privilege of getting a discount on practically everything. For beginner non-members, you pay $100 for 4, 60 minutes sessions. Quite a bargain wouldn’t you say?

Strictly Archery

Interested in starting your collection of quality archery bows and accessories? Well, look no further. Strictly Archery offers you just that, and on top of it all, they also do professional bow repairs. As if that was not enough; forgot your bow at home? No worries, they have fine-tuned rentals ready at your disposal. What is it that they don’t do? No seriously, I’m asking because they seem to know it all, have it all.

As a beginner archer in this well-versed establishment, it would be easy for you to get intimidated by all the fancy gear, but worry not, they have classes built just for you too, to make you feel more at ease, more at home. They offer 4-Week session classes for only $120. And if you wish to add an extra week, then you’d just add an extra $30. 

Wanderlust Archers 

Where are all my female beginner archers? This club was built specifically with you in mind. It is managed and founded by a team of females who wanted to make the sport of archery feel safe and comfortable for women stepping into this predominantly male territory. Their logo is even pink. Pink! A pink lion.

They have two separate locations in Morton Grove, and Palatine. Both of which indoors, with each location functioning on different days for different Types of sessions  You can bring your family members, friends and even work colleagues, and make it an archery party ladies. The more, the merrier, for only $10 per hour for each person. Like Chicago Archery, they too allow walk-ins, but it would be advised that you save your spot so that you don’t get there and end up watching other people have all the fun while you wait.

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