Best Architects in Chicago

I often go past buildings in Chicago and wonder, good lord, who is the architect? Witnessing the various exquisite structural marvels makes me want to create my own space in it. 

So, if you are experiencing something similar, I am here to assist. A good architect can give wings to your dream space- be it a spacious house or a glitzy commercial building. Here’s an exclusive list of the Top 10 Architects in Chicago who hold a legacy of their own.

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We Analyzed 1635 Architects in Chicago, Illinois, and Picked the Top 11

Becker Architects 

Becker Architects holds eminence for versatility at its best. It concentrates on three aspects: residential, car dealerships, and commercial. As a multifaceted architecture business, it creates commercial and residential projects ranging from new construction to rehabilitation and upgrades. 

What makes them unique? Becker Architects has received nine honors from the Highland Park Historic Preservation Commission. Other national and local honors and media acclamations include AIA Chicago Architect, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Home, Driehaus Foundation, and Traditional Home. 

Booth Hansen 

Would you like to build a magnificent architecture that you will cherish? Well, say no more Booth Hasen feeds upon that. Booth Hansen is your vision’s ambassador, skillfully bringing it from concept to existence. The firm is a nationally known architectural, planning, and interior design business. It thrives on four factors: Dialogue, Focus, Develop, Deliver. 

Their dedication to the physical environment seeks to convey the particular character of each project. It is attained through economic, artistic, and educational endeavors coupled with multi-family and single-family residences. Their 90 local and national design accolades speak for themselves. 

Cook Architectural Design Studio 

Quite a different name, notably for an architectural business, but that’s what they remain famous for in Chicago. 

They cook concepts, extracting the essence of aspirations and manifesting the goals into creative solutions. Cook’s Certified Experts believe in green technology, energy-saving, and long-term solutions.  

Their commercial work encompasses office spaces, brand image and tenancy build-out, retailing, eateries, community centers, health clubs, health clinics, condos and residences, and detailed downtown designs. They pay attention to every aspect, be it for luxury single-family houses, renovations, or other structural matters.

Dirk Denison Architects 

Dirk Denison Architects’ efforts around the United States have stimulated the interest of industry experts. Their architects have worked on different projects at various scales, including multi-family, educational, and commercial properties. 

Besides that, they also offer site study, designing, planning, organization of construction papers, and post-construction analysis. They have garnered awards from AIA Chicago, the Chicago Architectural Club, IIDA Illinois, and many others. Everything at one place. Pretty impressive, right? 

dSPACE Studio

dSPACE Studio is an award-winning residential architecture firm redefining what’s possible when good design meets intention. The Chicago-based firm focuses on residential architecture, interior architecture, and landscape design with projects spanning urban and rural settings in the Midwest and beyond. Their thoughtful designs respond to the natural environment and withstand style shifts. A driving philosophy behind their approach understands how clients want to live—from budget and location to context and schematics; each project starts with exploring a client’s wants and needs.

And the team’s effective communication and attention to detail through all phases of design and construction ensure a stress-free process with tailor-made results. With quality and innovation top of mind, dSPACE strives to integrate environmental, sustainable design, using green materials and technologies including solar panels, passive solar design, and perpetual energy storage into their new construction homes and large renovation projects.

Hartshorne Plunkard Architecture

Given the firm’s robust portfolio of work around the city, it’s no surprise it made it to our Top 10 list and nailed it. The firm has made buildings across Chicago since 1987 and holds a remarkable reputation. Hartshorne Plunkard even specializes in LEED/sustainable design and heritage restoration besides architecture. 

HPA has worked on various buildings, including residential, commercial, and retail, education, and sporting complexes, medical/dental offices, industrial/warehouse, and banking facilities. Their teams’ work is truly exceptional. They create inspirational and timeless architectonics that responds to the distinct needs of each project.


KOO has undoubtedly made an impression in the architecture business, recognized for its robustness and urban planning. KOO’s skilled architects and interior designers are all involved in design thinking. In a collaborative studio setting, all members of the team bring creative inspiration to the table. 

What distinguishes them, you might wonder? KOO is a recognized Minority Business Enterprise, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, and Women’s Business Enterprise. KOO elevates living, business, and institutional buildings into pleasant, inviting settings. 

KOO’s offerings embrace sustainable design that adds a breath of fresh air to your spaces. Are you ready to explore? 

Morgante-Wilson Architects 

Take a deep breath, for the king of contemporary designs to classics has arrived. Their spaces’ magnificence is united by a single feature: livability. 

Morgante Wilson Architects have extensively worked in a wide range of styles. They provide bespoke furniture design in addition to architectural and interior design services. 

For clients around Chicago, projects range between the realms of new construction, remodeling, and interior design. It also enables them to deliver innovative approaches to their clients’ requirements. With plans to surface treatments, the entire home, in the end, sings a wonderfully united symphony of proportion, richness, illumination, and splendor.


Moss is all about architecture, design, and sustainability. Every venture starts with the dialogue here. It supports customers with everything from site selection and design through permits and building. The projects here span from residential to retail and commercial buildings. Their portfolio includes restaurants, breweries, vineyards, city planning, handmade furniture , and LEED certification. 

Moss’s ideas incorporate natural light and air and are linked to the landscape and green area while contemplating sustainability and focusing on eco-friendly materials. It was also chosen for the Chicago Architecture Foundation’s 50 Designers, 50 Ideas, 50 Wards Exhibit. 

Vladimir Radutny Architects 

Vladimir is a multidisciplinary professional architecture firm. The discipline of architecture relies on novel system design that challenges traditional perceptions of space, function, and material usage. Vladimir Radutny Architects also offer interior design, layout and feasibility studies, creative consultation, decorative arts, and millwork design. 

Their never-ending collection of recognitions demonstrates their supremacy. Some include the AIA Chicago Design Excellence Award, the AN Best of Design 2020 Award, the Interior Architecture Honor Award Unit 2808, 2020, and the AIA National Small Project Award Unit 2808, 2020. 

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