Best Barber Shops in Chicago

Are you looking for a good barbershop to get an appropriate haircut that will match the new styles?  Not to mention, most men have to take care of themselves just like women, and for that, they need a good barber. I think you will agree when I say that a hairstyle or haircut is what changes a man’s look completely.

Therefore, finding a barbershop that lets you explore your creativity by providing many hair styling and hair coloring options is essential. Some of the barbershops mentioned will be closer than you think. So, let’s find your next favorite barber in this list of Chicago’s top 10 best barbershops.

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We Analyzed 1297 Barber Shops in Chicago, Illinois, and Picked the Top 10

Belmont Barbershop

This is a barbershop that provides booking appointment options as well as simple walk-in appointments. Belmont Barbershop was founded in 2005 and is recognized as one of the best barbershops in the area.

It is also a kid-friendly barbershop that can provide all types of haircuts you need, along with beard grooming and face shaves. However, they don’t accept credit cards, so carry cash with you when going to them! The prices for their services range from $25 to $45, and they have the best chairs; and as you know, one of the most important aspects of a good barbershop is how comfortable their chairs are.

Best Chicago Barbers

Best Chicago Barbers is another barbershop that provides haircuts and beard trims and pedicures, and manicures for men of all ages, so some unique services. It accepts cash and credit cards, and it also has a parking area for your car.

The barbershop has teeth whitening as well as re-styling services that fix your hair any time of the day so that you always look your best. They have a good reputation and services that cost around $40, so it is affordable as well.

Dr. Barber Chicago

Dr. Barber Chicago is an experience in its own right. It is not a visit to a regular barbershop. However, you can receive men’s grooming, Skincare, hair care, and advanced consultations about skin, scalp, and hair ailments. Dr. Barber has over 20 years of experience in the hair industry and has achieved medical certifications as a Hair Loss Practitioner and Clinical Esthetician.

He’s a member of the American Medical Certification Association. He continues to educate himself & his clients with advanced research. Gentlemen who suffer from Pseudofolliculitis (Ingrown Hairs), Acne Keloidalis Nuchae, and hair loss receive treatments and premium haircuts, beard trims, beard wash facials, and other exclusive services. His ultimate mission is to find solutions that have been plaguing men for so long.

Dr. Barber also has A signature line of products that are cosmeceutical grade. Detoxifying Facial Foam, CBD Skin Toner & Medical Moisture Hair Balm, just to name a few. A visit with Dr. Barber is gratifying as well as problem-solving.

Funk’s Barbershop

If you want a barbershop with a traditional and old-style feel that will fit your masculine taste, then Funk’s barbershop is the one for you. It is an all-male barbershop that accepts cash and credit cards as well as walk-ins and online booking appointments.

You get a range of services, from haircuts to beard trimming, at an affordable price. The barbershop is almost like a museum with its vintage barber memorabilia and merchandise that you can buy. It also has a customer service fit for their customers who use wheelchairs, so there really isn’t any man left out!

Gabby’s Barber Shop

This is a barbershop that has old roots in Chicago as it started in the mid-1980s. Gabby’s Barber Shop has also been Chicago Reader Chicago’s best barbershop runner-up in 2010 and 2011. This barbershop is a traditional one that doesn’t change with time, so if you want to feel nostalgic, come here, they also have a resident dog for you.

Moreover, it is a very affordable barbershop and has a price range that varies from $8 to $40. You will not get a huge range of services, but every haircut and beard trim they provide is professionally done with a razor in minutes.

Jmo Da Barber

It is a popular black people-owned barbershop in Chicago. They provide all the services that you will ever need, from haircutting for children, adults, and even women, to face massages and black masks. The services that Jmo Da Barber provides range from $10 to $500, so quite a range, everyone can find what they are looking for.

Although they don’t have any website, they have an Instagram account that highlights the services they provide and the friendly atmosphere they have in their shop. Granted, this shop is kind of low-key, it is still one that people admire for the professionalism and cleanliness that they provide.

Joe’s Barbershop

The oldest barbershop on this list, as it was founded in 1968. Joe’s Barbershop is a traditional family-owned business that usually doesn’t accept appointments and only walk-ins. It is best known for the friendly barbers and other workers that will feel like friends.

This barbershop again provides a range of services like haircuts for men and kids, beard trims, shaves, manicures, pedicures, spa, waxing, and shampooing. Their services range from $3 for upper lip waxing to $45 for deluxe manicures and pedicures. You also get free services with haircutting like eyebrow wax and shampooing services.

There you have, the top 10 best barbershops in Chicago. Hopefully, one of these shops will be your future favorite so that you never have to waste time and hair looking for a barbershop that you like. One great thing about the barbershops on this list is that all of them are affordable and can get you a range of services for under $50!

Lincoln Square Barber Shop

Lincoln Square Barber Shop provides services for both women and men of all ages. This business was founded in the summer of 2014 and is famous for its exceptionally kind barbers. They only accept cash, so you will need to make sure to have that out of the way.

The barbershops provide the usual services for men’s grooming like haircuts, razor shave, and beard trim at an affordable price and a safe and clean environment. Their services start from $15 and go up to $45. Moreover, they have one of the coziest pieces of furniture!

Oak & Steel

You can book appointments for Oak & Steel online, and they also have an app to schedule as well as track your appointments. This modern barbershop also has a bar on the second floor so that you can get a drink before, during, or after a haircut.

They provide haircuts, hair shaving, beard trimming, skincare, hair dyeing, and shoe shining services to help you relax. It was established in 2017, and the price ranges from $6 to $40+. They also provide membership options for unlimited services for over one year.

Pete’s Barber Shop

This is another famous barbershop that everyone loves as it has a lot of great reviews. They don’t, however, accept walk-ins, and you will need to book an appointment online. You will have to pay with cash here and will be charged for missed or late appointments! They are very disciplined with their services.

You can get all types of haircuts, beard trimming, and shampooing services at an affordable price. They have beers, magazines, Xbox, and other such activities for you to relax while waiting for your appointment as well. The price range varies from $5 for shampooing to $50 for haircuts.

Van Buren Gentlemen’s Salon

If you are looking for a barbershop that provides more than just classic services, then you should visit Van Buren Gentlemen’s Salon. This salon is fit for modern men who like taking care of themselves, and they use unique and new techniques as well.

The services that only some barber shops provide include waxing, facials, manicures, and kid’s haircuts. One more unique aspect of this barbershop is that most women provide the services here. The price range for this shop is $6 for shoeshine to $52 for haircuts. They also have a membership in which you can get unlimited services for a fixed amount of money and time. 

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