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The day I had been asked to move to Chicago by my boss was one of the most devastating days of my life. I had been sad because I had never been out of New York and moving to Chicago felt like a big move for me.

 I had also not been a fan of change and so I found it very difficult to sleep the night I was told. I had done a little bit of research and I had suddenly felt a rush of excitement once I read that Chicago was one of the premier cycling locations in the United States.

 I had always loved riding my bike when I was younger and I saw my moving to Chicago as a wonderful opportunity to reignite this childhood passion of mine. I was however met with the greatest dilemma when it was time for me to get myself a bike, I felt like there were so many bike shops in Chicago that I found it hard to decide where to go.

 At some point, I felt like giving up since I was very skeptical about choosing one bike shop out of the variety of options I had. I was lucky to finally find a bike shop that suited my bike needs even though this took a while. During my endless search, I compiled a list of the 10 best bike shops in Chicago that offer only quality services to their customers.

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We Analyzed 1555 Bike Shops in Chicago, Illinois, and Picked the Top 15

Let’s begin with the list of the 10 best bike shops in Chicago.

3rd Coast Cycles

3rd Coast Cycles is a one-stop bike shop located in Chicago, Illinois. Combined with their flexible mobile service, they offer the ideal coverage of the whole city.

They provide curbside bike repair services and assemblies with the goal of meeting all the needs of bikers. Bike tune-ups take no more than an hour with 3rd Coast Cycles. 

It is possible to rent a variety of professionally checked bikes in a quick and easy way from here. These bikes include comfort multi-geared hybrid, expert mountain bikes, sport flat bar hybrids, and road bikes. No matter the level, there is a bike for everyone here.

BFF Bikes

BFF Bikes is a full-service, women-focused bike shop located in Chicago, Illinois. Two cyclists, Vanessa and Annie, founded this company with the intention of encouraging more women to join the cycling movement.

A unique collection of bikes, women-specific biking apparel, and organized rides can be found here. Not only that, but they also provide high-quality repair services. They strive to be the most approachable bike shop in Chicago.

Their goal is to ensure that everyone who comes to the shop leaves with the right bike. BFF Bikes consider themselves more than just a shop: they are a community that welcomes bikers of all levels and types. 

Comrade Cycles

 Comrade Cycles is a full-service neighborhood cycling business that provides skilled maintenance, bicycle sales, parts, and accessories, as well as custom bikes. They provide bikes that are adapted to your specific needs, as well as bikes for family bike rides. It’s a full-service shop that is capable of meeting all your bike needs.

Cycle Smithy

Cycle Smithy has been in business since 1973 and is known for its beautiful vintage bicycles for both children and adults. Despite its small size, Cycle Smithy offers a wide range of bicycle brands to choose from. They also sell a range of equipment such as lights, pumps, helmets, locks, and other biking accessories. 

Heritage Bikes and Coffee

Heritage Bikes and Coffee is a one-of-a-kind bike business in Chicago. They don’t simply sell bikes; they also sell amazing coffee. With a coffee in hand, you may get your bike fixed while relaxing in the shop’s lovely ambiance. The service and sell any type of bike you can think of, and they are always delighted to help you find the best bike for your budget and needs.

Kozy’s Cyclery Bike Shop

Kozy’s Cyclery is one of the best local bike shops in Chicago. They have been in business for over 75 years, and their years of expertise only adds to their standing as one of the best in the industry. They provide a lifetime warranty on bike parts and labor for the duration of your ownership. They also offer the best price guarantee for thirty days.

Pedal To The People

Pedal To The People was established in 2009 as one of Chicago’s first pedal-powered full-service mobile bike shops and has recently been re-established as a brick and mortar shop in Chicago’s West town Industrial corridor. Their goal is to provide the most personalized, convenient, and affordable bike service experience possible. It is the best place for comprehensive tune-ups.

As a full-service shop, they repair everything from kids’ bikes to commuters to race bikes and specialize in many styles of custom-built bicycles. Customers can choose from In House and Full Custom builds directly from their website to begin their unique build process. They offer parts and accessories for all bicycles, especially touring and bike packing. They even provide bicycle maintenance classes, including wheel building in the fall and spring months, and soon will sell entirely custom-built steel bicycle frames.

Roscoe Village Bikes

Established in 2007, Roscoe Village Bikes is a neighborhood bike shop situated in Chicago, Illinois. Their number one goal is to ensure the most enjoyable bike rides for the rider.

Roscoe Village Bikes offer several models of bikes, bike parts, and accessories. A professional and experienced team of mechanics does the repair and assembling of all makes and models. Component upgrades, custom builds, fit adjustments—they can do it all.

From cruisers to e-bikes, there is something for every commuter, recreational rider, and competitive cyclist here. A rider can shop in-store or online and can schedule an appointment for tune-ups or assembly.

Smart Bikes

Smart Bike is a Chicago bike business that provides a variety of repair services, including organic repairs such as tire changing and flats. They also provide virtual repair services, which eliminates the need for you to visit the physical shop. They provide other services such as their club membership which gives you the opportunity to associate with individuals who love bikes.

Specialized Lincoln Park

Specialized is a notable bike shop chain in the US, but we are going to talk about their retail store in Lincoln Park in Chicago, Illinois. They have been striving to fulfill the needs of all kinds of bikers since 1974.

“Made for riders, by riders” is their commitment. With that in mind, Specialized makes different types of mountain bikes, road bikes, turbo e-bikes, and s-work bikes. This shop also sells top-quality biking gear and equipment catering to all ages and genders.

Specialized also arranges several biking events all across the country. They have a ride app for finding, creating, and messaging other riders, as well as a mission control app for getting the most out of the turbo e-bikes.

The Bike Lane

Bike Lane provides a variety of excellent bike services while maintaining a warm and open approach towards its consumers. They provide services to everyone, regardless of one’s riding experience. The bike lane stands out from the others because it offers a fantastic program called build your bike, which allows you to design your bespoke bike.

The Recyclery Bike shop

The Recyclery bike store is an educative bike shop that promotes sustainability by providing equipment, skills, and collaboration opportunities. They are a non-profit bike shop with a large number of volunteers on staff. They provide services such as bike repairs, bike sales, and selling varieties of bike accessories.

Village Cycle Center

The Village Cycle Center serves as a one-stop store for most of your biking needs. They sell a wide selection of bikes, including mountain bikes, road bikes, cruisers, helmets, locks, and water bottles. They made the list of the top ten greatest bikes in Chicago because they make every bike purchase one to remember.       

Volton Bicycles

Volton Bicycles is a well-known bike shop located in Chicago, Illinois. Founded in 2011, this company develops and provides electric bicycles and continues to explore its many benefits.

With their Volton electric bikes, they envision a simple and alternative method of easy transportation. The user manual released by Volton can be downloaded for a better understanding of these bikes.  

Volton currently operates as an online shop only, where the payment procedure is carried out using PayPal. They also allow a return shipping procedure within 14 days of purchase for those who don’t like the bike or equipment. 

Working Bikes

Working Bikes was founded in 1999 and is a full-service bike shop that offers affordable refurbished bicycles, accessories, and maintenance services to community members and neighbors. This bike shop does a lot of non-profit work around the world and they have been awarded for transparency in their business.

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