Best Boxing Gyms in Chicago

It’s time to get fit. There are many ways to do that, from yoga to running in the morning. If you live in Chicago, you can do all that, depending on what suits you. For those who like to work out their fists, we have boxing gyms in Chicago for you to check out. 

They welcome everyone, whether you are a newbie or guru, in the boxing game and exercise. If you are finding the best boxing gyms outlets in Chicago to enroll as a member, then it’s your time to check the list we have compiled for you. 

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We Analyzed 1481 Boxing Clubs & Gyms in Chicago, Illinois, and Picked the Top 11


For the new members, there is a free workout for you to get the feel of the gym. At 9Round, they give you 30 minutes of kickboxing before you indulge in other activities. They maintain integrity here by not hitting people. 

There is no scheduled time for the classes, which gives you the freedom to arrive when you need to work out. Instead, you will be dealing with the bags as you work on the boxing basics. A circuit here starts after every three minutes. 

The trainers are there for motivation and guidance, and they also help change the workouts that alter every day. More to boxing will also involve nutrition guides and videos. 

Body Shot Boxing Club 

Rick Ramos is a boxing coach and the head of the gym too. He has worked with some of the finest boxers, including Frankie Scalise, Summer Lynn, and Jessica McCaskill, the undisputed welterweight champion. The last one on the list is the Body Shot Boxing Club, founded by a veteran in the sport. 

You get strict rules from the gym, including COVID regulations, bringing your boxing gloves, and not getting late for classes. To ease the process, there is free parking and private sessions. The strictness here is what has mentioned some of the best in the sport. So, if you are looking for more than just a boxing exercise, this is the place to be. 


At GetFit1st, you join and get the experience of 40 years from the 20-year-old business. Before the Fitness Studio started, Julius Collins worked as an independent trainer in private studios and sessions. That’s when he decided to start the company, which came in as a GetFit1st banner. 

Everything here is tailored for you, and it starts with the private and the semi-private sessions. There are also small groups training and self-defense workouts coming soon as they progress. Due to COVID-19 regulations, they allow a maximum of ten people per session. 

Mayweather Boxing

Well, who wants to train with the champion in this game? This is a boxing gym founded by the man himself – Floyd Mayweather, whose formula is excellent. There is a combination of boxing, cardio conditioning, and strength here, and you get that from the set of classes and exercises offered. 

There are workouts for the floor and the bag designed to burn you out as you gain resilience. Floyd has injected the boxing fundamentals in this gym, which helps people know his winning combinations. With Mayweather lessons in the room, you expect nothing short of perfection. 

Mind Body Defence 

The reviews are still kicking in every day. The first one on the list is the Mind-Body Defence, and those who have been there having a lot to say. That is why it’s among the highest-ranking gyms on Yelp, with five out of nine starts. 

Located in Buena Park, Broadway St., this is a gym known to train you from the beginning and help you unlock that hidden potential. Once you feel like you are good to go, they also help protect the newly found confidence. 

That should tell you that they observe the boxing game and profession as a continuous process. 

Rico’s Fitness and Boxing

Miguel “Rico” Gonzalez opened Rico’s Fitness and Boxing. Rico has a long boxing history that started at the age of 8, and he hasn’t left the ring yet! No boxing, No life! Rico is well known for his ability to get athletes in shape! He got Adrian “El Tigre” Granados ready for his impressive defeat over Amir Iman.

As for the gym its self, it has a unique vibe where old-school boxing collides with trendsetting flair. The gym is adorned in eclectic boxing décor and draped in heart-pumping beats. They offer an impressive variety of classes starting at age 4. Whether you are training to fight or training for fitness, it’s a place you need to experience! There’s something for everyone here!

Sam Colonna Boxing

Another boxing gym that welcomes all the enthusiasts is the Sam Colonna Boxing. It also ranks in Yelp among other gym and fitness reviewing sites, and they have more than 3500 fans on Facebook. 

Here, you get classes offered in a modern training facility. They include boxing itself, atrial arts, and boot camp. The gym is named after the owner, Sam Colonna, who engages everyone in their level. 

He has a history that goes back to the Windy City Gym – another boxing gym you will also get in our review. You can get personal lessons here or join a group, and they also involve the kids. 

Studio Delcorpo 

At Studio Delcorpo, they understand one thing – one size doesn’t fit all. Since they are involved in boxing and overall fitness, what will work for you will not be okay for the next newcomer. So, everyone here is tailored to a unique boxing workout, and that is why everyone who gets here feels welcome. 

You will find the Delcorpo boxing gym in Armitage Avenue, Ranch Triangle. Since 2012, they have been involved in a complete wellness cycle, preventing injuries, and post-physical therapy, among other training offers. 

The founder, Cheryl Delio-Malham, felt the need to diverge from the one workout plan that squeezes everyone inside. That is why you get custom training programs here. 

Title Boxing Club 

What inspired the founding of Title Boxing Club is the will to fight Parkinson’s Disease. Before being located in South Loop, GM Justin Brown and Graham Goy were facing the same problem. They had family members who had contracted the disease. 

They went ahead to join Rock Steady, which was a movement dedicated to helping those with the PD. That is when they decided to develop a boxing club for those facing the disease and have never looked back since then. 

Today, they offer services to those with levels 1 and 2 of Parkinson’s, hoping to grow and include all the other levels. 

Unanimous Boxing Gym 

The Unanimous Boxing Gym also has five stars on Yelp and thousands of fans on Facebook. This is where you will meet the Chicago city professionals and those who want to rise and exercise simultaneously. 

There are classes for all levels, and that is one nice feature of the gym. Trinidad Garcia and Yuri Polyak were having a conversation over a beer during a Mayweather match. How the business started may be funny, but it bore fruits in the end. 

Since they loved the game, they decided to start something that would show appreciation for the sport. That’s how Unanimous came to be in June 2016, and they now have an average of eight classes per day to offer to their 400 -member capacity. 

Windy City Boxing 

Here is another boxing gym that is inspired by another legend – Muhammad Ali. He used to train in Windy City Boxing when the founder, Clarence Griffin, bought the formerly known as Bantamweight Champion. 

The son runs the gym after interacting with the legend and quitting after the father’s death. The owner boasts a series of awards since he was a professional boxer mentored by Ali himself. With prizes ranging from 1992 to 2006, this is a gym that will give you training, experience, and a chance to learn some history.  

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