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I am a calligraphy fanatic and the first time I enrolled in a class, I was panic-stricken because I could not figure out what the best classes were at the time. I wanted to ensure that I was going to the best calligraphy classes in Chicago. The primary factor concerning calligraphy is that learning takes skill and energy, therefore having the most informed and expert teachers is necessary, or all your hard work will go down the drain. Therefore research is essential to make sure that you are getting quality typography teaching services. 

Lucky for you, I will be sharing a list of all the top picks for calligraphy classes I came across. If you are looking to broaden your skills and learn calligraphy then these classes may enable you to do just that!

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We Analyzed 1573 Calligraphy Classes in Chicago, Illinois, and Picked the Top 11

Bari Zaki Studio 

What looks like an ordinary bookstore from the outside is a contemporary arts service provider. The Bari Zaki Studio is fully equipped to provide services related to calligraphy, bookbinding,

drawing, painting, and jewelry making. The studio owner hosts all the sessions himself, along with guest instructors, providing a more hands-on and expert-level class. 

The Bari Zaki Studio came into being in 2015, ever since then they have developed and enhanced the artistic services they provide. People who attend their classes have labeled this place as “inspirational” and “educational”. 

Calligraphy By Gloria 

If you are looking for one on one attention, then Calligraphy by Gloria is perfect for you! Gloria, the founder of this art studio, takes one on one sessions with her students to perfect their calligraphy skills. 

This studio is located on Canal Street in Chicago and is open 24 hours a day. Throughout this course, individuals have the opportunity to learn traditional calligraphy on invitations, postcards, letters, books, and posters. Calligraphy is taught according to the theme of that class, therefore students will explore various calligraphy styles. 

So which calligraphy class will you be a part of in your free time?

Chicago Calligraphy Collective 

Founded in 1976, Chicago Calligraphy Collective is known for its beautiful letter-making and calligraphy workshops. This is an educational organization that specializes in calligraphic teachings. They foster learning and exposure to various forms of calligraphy. They believe in the beauty of brush pen lettering, which is why this nonprofit organization hosts workshops, classes, online live sessions, exhibits, and conferences to spread awareness about this form of art. 

The Chicago Calligraphy Collective organization encourages people of all ages to join their classes and get in touch with their inner artists. They have been known to provide top-class services and experiences, considering they have been in the industry for over 45 years. 


Dabble has an entire event category for Arts & DIY projects which include glass painting, calligraphy, brush painting, and much more. Considering how popular brush pen lettering is nowadays, Dabble has collaborated with Tamasin Ford to teach free-style traditional calligraphy on a beginner level. Aside from the educational and skill-building experience, Dabble also provides participants of the class with materials to use during the session. 

Due to the immense popularity of Tamasin Ford’s classes, Dabble has pre-scheduled sessions with her for the upcoming year so all calligraphy enthusiasts can be a part of the classes. 

Flying Dolphin Studio 

The Flying Dolphin Studio is an art center located in Chicago, Illinois. They explore and enhance the inner creativity of individuals through a series of workshops and classes. It is equipped with resources and materials that are fit for calligraphy which allows them to tap into the creative side of students. 

Founded in 2014, the Flying Dolphin Studio has made it its mission to teach aspiring artists to have some creative excitement or learn new skills through various teaching mechanisms and strategies. Many participants of their calligraphy class believe that what makes Flying Dolphin Studio superior to other art centers is that it provides a holistic learning experience for numerous skills such as calligraphy, painting, origami, haiku, and more. 

Japanese Culture Center 

This cultural center is located in the heart of Chicago and specializes in numerous activities and skill sets. Currently, they are teaching a course on Shodo, which is a form of Japanese calligraphy. This is known to be an artistic and creative way through which Japanese characters can be written. The Japanese Culture Center believes in providing an authentic experience therefore they make use of traditional calligraphy ink (Sumi) and brush (Fude). 

The Japanese Culture Center believes in diversity, therefore they are fully equipped with numerous other services such as Haiku, Ikebana, Origami, and more. 

Judith Joseph Studio

Add to your holiday celebrations with the beautiful, personal touch of calligraphy. Enhance your holiday cards, gift tags, place cards, and thank-you notes with the beauty of calligraphy. Learn to paint decorative holiday motifs as holly, wreaths, and candles. Instructor Judith Joseph is experienced at remote teaching, and offers individualised instruction.  Class is taught through the Chicago Botanic Garden.

Lillstreet Art Center 

Lillstreet Art Center is a spacious studio that has classes for all skill levels and age groups related to calligraphy, photography, ceramics, and pottery, as well as painting. The Lillstreet Art Center looks to inspire individuals to grow and polish their skills through highly informative and educational classes, sessions, workshops, and more. 

This diverse center takes an individual and inspires them to perfect their calligraphy skills through highly trained professionals. The art center is open to the public at all hours, however, classes take place during certain hours.

One Strange Bird 

The One Strange Bird is known for its diverse nature, not only do they teach interesting and insightful courses related to various forms of art, but you can shop there too! They offer courses related to classic and contemporary calligraphy for both children and adults. Additionally, all the equipment and resources are provided by One Strange Bird themselves. They are known for their inspirational and skilled instructors who teach the class. 

Pinot’s Palette 

This place is unlike any other regular art class, Pinot’s Palette is a 360 paint and sip studio which caters to children and adults. They have a wide selection of services which includes in-studio painting classes for calligraphy and other forms of typography. Along with that, they offer painting kits for home, virtual live-streaming classes, and you even have the option to host a calligraphy party! 

The brains behind Pinot’s Palette believe in empowering and enriching communities through creative entertainment. 

Write By Mike Calligraphy 

This small business provides services in all things calligraphy, from calligraphy on cakes to calligraphy on envelopes, paper, and so much more. Best of all the owner, Mike, teaches his calligraphy skills to others. The instructor has been an active calligrapher since the late 1900s. He has more than 20 years of teaching experience and is currently teaching calligraphy-related courses at City Colleges of Chicago. 

In his spare time, Mike hosts interactive, inspirational, and fun-filled calligraphy classes which enable students to learn the skill to an expert level. Write by Mike Calligraphy is a small-scale business that believes quality is key, therefore they host courses that will actually develop skills. 

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