Best Chiropractors in Houston

I remember the feeling of sharp muscle ache in my back that prevented me from doing most of my daily chores. Thanks to the tactful therapies of my chiropractor, that pain has bid a goodbye. Chiropractors work as licensed doctors who make sure your muscles and joints function optimally.

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We Analyzed 1195 Chiropractors in Houston, Texas, and Picked the Top 10

If you are looking forward to healing your nerve-binding joint pain, then we have curated our top picks of chiropractors in Houston.

Advanced chiropractic relief LLC

Dr. Gregory Johnson employs the latest chiropractic techniques to amplify your spinal biomechanics and minimize your nerve issues. He is an award-winning chiropractor in Houston who facilitates non-invasive chiropractic care according to the needs of his patients. He has been named the doctor of the year for the Houston Metropolitan District and won the Best Chiropractor in Houston award in 2019. Advanced chiropractic relief clinic is known for chiropractic care, non-surgical manual spinal decompression, manual therapy, veteran chiropractic care, pain management, home mirror image exercises, sports injury rehab.

Chesak Chiropractic

Chesak Chiropractic is a family place that strives to enrich your daily life by boosting your bodily activities. Serving since 1997, Dr. Chesak is a leading chiropractor in Houston who enhances your health with advanced care. The clinic provides services like back pain and neck pain relief, physical therapy, massage care for patients in need.

Apart from this, they also offer non-surgical spinal decompression and nutritional supplements training. By nurturing trust and developing a holistic treatment plan, they give precedence to results and patient-specific plans to target their problems.

Chiropractic Consultants of Houston

Serving for 29 years, Chiropractic Consultants in Houston exemplifies dedication and exceptional services laced with positive outcomes. Dr. Dino prioritizes the well-being and convenience of his patients. To build a lasting relationship with them, he has introduced a same-day appointment policy. 

He has created a safe place where they can find an appropriate cure for their myriad problems. The clinic offers unique body adjustments and specializes in auto injuries and cases like disc injuries, neck aches, headaches, back pain, and postural disorders.

Core Chiropractic

Like the name, Chore Chiropractic focuses on building an educative community that understands their body and core problems affecting their functionality. They are enthusiastic about explaining why certain types of treatments are necessary for some patients. In addition to chiropractic care, they also provide spinal decompression and PEMF therapy. 

The major highlight of the clinic is its advanced treatments to resolve issues related to the spine. Their clinical services commence with a detailed examination, consultation, and x-rays to offer better results.

Dr. Nicole Shutko Chiropractic center

Finding a place that makes you comfortable while treating your health troubles is not an easy task. Nevertheless, the healing atmosphere of Dr. Nicole Shutko Chiropractic Centre will tell you a different story. The clinic provides chiropractic treatments, deep tissue laser therapies, orthotics, chiropractic rehabilitation, computerized sigma chiropractic, spinal decompression, ultra-align, and whole-body vibration treatments. This chiropractic center is inclined to provide a different experience to their patients and even assist you with walk-in services.

Elite Spine & Health Centre

Elite Spine & Health Centre is one of the most well-known chiropractic clinics in Houston. This healing place has been selected for the People’s Choice award and delivers promising services at an affordable cost. Adhering to this popularity, they offer personalized care and understand the unique needs of their patients. 

Their primary services include auto injury chiropractic care and sports chiropractic treatments. Dr. Cheong, one of the chief chiropractors in Houston, has adopted cutting-edge methods to treat musculoskeletal dysfunctions.

Live Well family chiropractic

Focusing on family health, Live Well family Chiropractic Centre gives chiropractic care to all age groups, including pregnancy and pediatrics care. With expert skills and extensive experience, it uses cutting-edge methods of treatment to revitalize your vigor. Their services vary from typical chiropractic to pregnancy and pediatric to accidents and trauma. This clinic got established to promote the idea of faith, family, and community. By reducing the chances of getting yourself ill, this chiropractic center goes beyond the traditional practices to ensure your well-being.

Lone Star Chiropractic

Committed to providing wellness goals, the Lone Star Chiropractic clinic started in 1895. This chiropractor in Houston is inclined to improve your overall body functioning. They give services like chiropractic care, corrective exercises, acupuncture, and physiotherapy treatments. Dr. Bradshaw is a posture specialist who adamantly believes that posture can profoundly impact the health of your spine and muscles. Hence, the clinic holds recognition for its vital posture care under him, a certified posture exercise specialist. They develop stringent treatment plans that directly address the critical issues of the patients.

Memorial chiropractic clinic

Promoting a natural approach to healing, the Memorial Chiropractic clinic identifies the root cause of your problems and diagnoses them with utmost care. They value your overall health and devise plans that enhance your body movements and enable your body to perform more actively. 

The clinic delivers full-spine adjusting, prenatal, pediatric, adult chiropractic, on-site digital X-ray facilities, nutritional counseling, lumbosacral support belts, and sports camp physical care. With an experience of over 35 years, this clinic is well known for its spinal manipulation and alternative treatments that restore the mobility of its patients.


MVMT chiropractic in Houston facilitates various treatments for problems related to body functional systems and nerves. They understand the pain that the patients suffer and try to alleviate it through first-class customized treatment methods. In addition to typical chiropractor services, they also have a rehabilitation facility and post-operative spaces to deliver premium care for their patients. If you are suffering from chronic pain, then they also provide acupuncture facilities. They believe that the natural way of healing is the best treatment, and to incorporate this, they have drug-free solutions to your pain.

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