Best Coffee Shops in Chicago

I often hear people say that a cup of coffee is essential to wake up their system every morning. A few of the reasons why so many people enamor coffee include its unique aroma and powerful flavor. If you are a coffee person, I realize that a pleasant coffee shop is like your second home. 

When it comes to living in Chicago, I hold a special place for the rad roasteries and picturesque cafés across the city. You can often find me relishing a cup at some such delightful coffee shops. Let me take you on a memorable coffee shop tour with this exclusive list of the top Coffee Shops in Chicago. Let’s begin, shall we? 

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We Analyzed 1431 Coffee Shops in Chicago, Illinois, and Picked the Top 16

Bond Coffee

Bond Coffee Collective is a snack and coffee business on Chicago’s California Avenue. This shop was founded to give a familiar, safe, and inviting environment from childhood where people may gather and open up to one another. 

They want to give people something to talk about: outstanding coffee and delectable food in a pleasant environment. They provide coffee from a range of high-quality roasters, and their menu is constantly changing, as well as excellent snacks and meals made with fresh ingredients. 

They are more than ready to assist you if you are unclear about the type of coffee and snacks you prefer, and they are a wonderful choice.

Blue Bottle Coffee

Since 2002, Blue Bottle Coffee, Inc. has been a coffee roaster and retailer in Oakland, California. They are a specialized coffee company that values your taste. 

Blue Bottle is noted for sourcing rare coffee varietals. They try to minimize the chain by bringing together all those engaged in producing, buying, roasting, brewing, and consuming their coffee with their single-origin beans.

Whatever your coffee mood, they aim to help you identify your favorites, whether you prefer robust coffee blends or fresh, more lightly roasted single origins. If you are unsure about the type of coffee you prefer, they are happy to assist you.

Colectivo Coffee 

Colectivo has been making coffee from authentic sources and manually roasting each batch since 1993. They also have their own Troubadour Bakery, where their baked goods are made from scratch every day. If you like handmade bread, pastries, cookies, croissants, and other baked goodies, along with your coffee, here is your nirvana.

They collaborate with Midwest farmers and producers that offer the best quality local ingredients. I love the serene ambiance of Colectivo. What’s more? All their goodies come at very pocket-friendly prices.

Dark Matter Coffee

Dark Matter Coffee chains are among the most popular coffee shops in Chicago. Sustainability and fair business practices drive this chain of coffee shops. The specialty of this coffee chain includes hot chocolate with mocha. 

It is apt to say that dark matter exemplifies the love affair that exists between coffee and art. They brew the caffeine love affair by mixing coffees. You can also find a variety of artists and musicians to form an artistic vibe at Dark Matter.

Gallery Cafe

Gallery Cafe is a coffee establishment in Chicago, Illinois, United States. This shop has been servicing the neighborhood since 1996 and offers house-roasted beans, patio seating, and a variety of breakfast and lunch items.

This cafe sells coffee, whole bean or ground, all roasted in-house, as well as art from their highlighted monthly art exhibits. They are an experienced shop in both coffee brewing and art that is visually appealing to you. They occasionally hold art exhibits in their cafe for various ceremonies. 

They are incredibly knowledgeable in their field, so this cafe is a fantastic choice if you are seeking a nice agency to assist you.

Gaslight Coffee Roasters 

The gaslight Coffee Roasters is hands-down one of the Best Coffee Shops in Chicago. Their lattes are divine, and they provide non-dairy milk at no extra charge. Thus, many vegans enjoy this place.

Gaslight roasts and brews its coffee using drip, pour-over, and siphon techniques. It is undoubtedly a pleasant cafe with charcuterie and freshly selected coffees. I especially adore their distinct roasters and coffee subscription options.

Intelligentsia Coffee  

Intelligentsia is a specialty coffee trailblazer with humble Chicago roots. It is not just a regular cafe but a venture driven by curiosity, empowerment, and the never-ending quest to create the world’s most exceptional coffee. 

They sell not just coffee but experiences by transforming regular coffee into something exquisite. They believe that great coffee is not the result of chance, and we couldn’t agree more. 


Ipsento aims to provide individuals with an extremely gratifying experience of self-discovery. Their coffees have compelling stories of people who work tirelessly to produce the best quality coffee. Wait till you take a sip of their beautifully made cup of coffee to garner their coffee-making expertise. 

Ipsento is truly a one-of-a-kind setting filled with the magic of roasted beans and endearing people. You cannot miss out on their awesome donuts as well. 

Metric Coffee 

When talking about Best Coffee Shops in Chicago, one cannot miss Metric. This coffee place, which began in March 2013, is a community of people, experiences, and places centered around coffee. Their philosophy of quality coffee and people before profit is what sets them apart. It offers its brand of in-house roasted coffee, as well as fresh sandwiches and juices.  

The cafe also serves Brite Donuts and Baked Goods. Their complete menu covers Fresh Roasted Single Origin and Blended Coffees, Cold Brew, Spirit Tea, and Espresso.

Necessary & Sufficient Coffee

Necessary & Sufficient Coffee is an inclusive take-out window specialty coffee stop designed for neighbourly connections in Logan Square. Enjoy delectable & innovative seasonal specials like the Chi’town Mule – iced coffee, ginger, and lemonade that’s tangy and refreshing.

A menu of tasty, local eats including gourmet biscuits, hand-crafted donuts, and pastries are available for take-away. Cycle over, and enjoy their cool and shady garden seating. What we love about this café in addition to their tasty spro, is their commitment to the community, and their sustainability best practices for their employees, and for the environment. 

Oromo Cafe

Oromo Cafe is a specialty coffee shop offering a unique selection of coffee and tea beverages inspired by global flavors and recipes. Perhaps Oromo Cafe’s most unique offering is their house-made nut milk including pistachio, pecan, toasted hazelnut, and almond.

Recognizing the “food is medicine” lifestyle, Oromo Cafe integrates superfoods throughout its food and drink menu, as well as offering a large selection of vegan and gluten-free pastries.

Plein Air Cafe

You will find Plein Air, which denotes open-air, nestled in the  University of Chicago’s Hyde Park campus. The café and diner feature a limited range of artisanal roasters, whether drip, pour-over, or a traditional espresso. 

They provide salads and sandwiches, bread and sides, tartines, and Plein bowls in addition to coffee. This place will feel like a breath of fresh air for sure! Bring your bunch of buddies to Plein Air for a fun chat over coffee. 


Sawada is an intriguing cross-cultural mix. Mr. Hiroshi Sawada, a world-renowned barista and latte art genius, runs the cafe. The decor is elegant, with a wall of windows overlooking Green Street. The hand-painted espresso machine is more than simply a display. When in Sawada, the Coffee’s Military Latte should be your first order. 

The coffee here is exceedingly enticing to the sight and quite rich in flavor. You will, without a doubt, enjoy this coffee. Well, what’s a coffee shop without pastries? It also serves delectable pastries and irresistible doughnut vault treats. 

Starbucks Reserve Roastery

It would be unjust to highlight the finest coffee shops in Chicago and miss out on Starbucks. Starbucks is a coffee paradise, which has taken its coffee around the globe.  

The Chicago roastery is a five-story coffee theatre that combines art with a wonderful merger of bars and bespoke touches. You can find a reflection of their commitment to quality and originality in an innovative menu of coffees, cocktails, and delicacies. 

Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea 

Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea has been providing wonderful coffee, tea, and light fare in downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan, since 1993. 

This café serves traditional European espresso drinks, globally inspired beverages, lovely Asian teas, and delectable cakes, pastries, and savory snacks. It is a cafe that serves classic cafe cuisine as well as globally influenced coffees and teas in a classic and cheerful setting, as well as gears. 

This cafe specializes in signature coffees, classic coffees, customizable drinks, snacks, and a variety of other items. So, if you have any questions, they are more than eager to assist you and are a fantastic choice.

The Wormhole Coffee 

The coffee from the wormhole feels like a warm hug on a cold winter morning. It is a rustic coffee shop with an ’80s theme and a DeLorean. It serves locally roasted coffee and baked goodies such as doughnuts, cheerios, along with much-loved cereals. 

The business sells coffee beans produced at their brainchild initiative, Halfwit Coffee Roasters. They offer skilfully roasted and seasonally selected coffees. They employ the science of roasting to bring out the best in our coffees. It is one of the best Coffee Shops in Chicago for a reason. 

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