Best Child Daycare Centers in Chicago

The busy work routine people encounter today can be tough, especially if you’re a parent. To make both ends meet, keeping up with parental and professional responsibilities can be hectic. Besides, a child needs plenty of attention and care during its growing and learning age. At times like these, daycare serves as an ideal childcare option. The daycare center promotes ease for working parents and introduces the child to a healthy learning environment. Choosing the right daycare here is the most crucial decision for the healthy growth of your child. 

A responsible and healthy daycare environment not only takes care of children but also supervises and teaches them. In addition, professional and reliable daycare services also help develop social, emotional, and communicational skills for children. Some of the Best Daycare Centers in Chicago that you can trust for professional services are mentioned below!

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We Analyzed 1919 Child Daycare Centers in Chicago, Illinois, and Picked the Top 10

Allison’s Infant & Toddler Center

Allison’s Infant & Toddler Center is a trustworthy and professional daycare center in Chicago. It is a well-known and positively remarked daycare center by many parents. The services and facilities offered by Allison’s Infant & Toddler Center support both infant and toddler care. 

This daycare center offers early morning and afterschool programs for children of all ages – promoting a better educational environment throughout the day. The learning environment and curriculum offered by Allison’s Infant & Toddler Center include circle time, storytelling, music, creative movement, and outdoor playtime. This daycare also includes interactive learning centers that promote dramatic play, art, blocks, books, computer, math games, nature/science, writing, and sand/water play among the children. 

Brighter Horizons Home Daycare

Brighter Horizons Home Daycare is located in Hegewisch, Chicago. This daycare serves as a home-based facility for children of all ages. It implements a creative curriculum for daycare and early learning of children. 

This curriculum promotes age-appropriate development and growth of children in all areas. Children and parents mainly also admire the hygienic and sound environment of the Brighter Horizons Home Daycare. Moreover, the spacious interior and professionally friendly teachers help children grow children in all areas of life. 

Choo Choo Chicago

Another trusted daycare center located in Chicago is Choo Choo Chicago. It is located near Lake View East Chicago. The focus of Choo Choo Chicago is to create a home-based preschool environment. This preschool environment for toddlers and older kids promotes language learning. Its language crucial includes English, Serbian, and Spanish. 

Choo Choo Chicago also focuses on promoting the growth of creativity and imagination among the students. For promoting this environment, activities like crafts, dramatic play, and sensory play are performed. Children are also taught songs, games, and stories to help them learn letters and numbers. Crafts, dramatic play, and sensory play ensure a fun time for children by promoting science projects, cooking lessons, and outdoor activities. 

Concordia Place

Concordia Place is also a familiar name among young parents in Chicago. Concordia Place aims to promote early education by adding age-appropriate activities to its program. These activities involve storytime, music, simple games, and movement. 

Concordia Place’s program is based on whole-child development. For achieving this outcome, its program has a play-based curriculum for children of all ages. This curriculum helps children’s growth in social/emotional, physical, cognitive, language, mathematics, science, and the arts. Yoga, music, Spanish, and movement are also some additional activities children are taught at Concordia Place.

Kids Future Day Care Center

Another trusted name among the best daycare in Chicago includes Kids Future Day Care Center. It supports a development, playing, and learning environment for infants, toddlers, and pre-kindergarten children. The learning programs at Kids Future Day Care Center for all kids promote their complete development. It focuses on promoting an appropriate curriculum for kids of all ages and various enrichment exercises. 

In this way, Kids Future Day Care Center focuses on children’s cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development. This daycare center also offers a gifted preschool program with Smart Board Technology. For parent’s satisfaction, Kids Future Day Care Center keeps them updated with photo and video updates. 

Little Einstein Daycare, Inc.

Little Einstein Daycare serves as a dual language preschool for toddlers and older children. The base of this preschool is focused on encouraging children to excel consistently. Both academics and understanding of the family involvement/development are accelerated with the teaching program at Little Einstein Daycare, Inc. 

This daycare serves as an alternative to traditional childcare. This method of childcare implements an advanced curriculum for the children that begins at infancy. Other than academics, the Little Einstein Daycare, Inc. program also encourages self-expression, independence, and self-sufficiency among the children. 

Little Marvels Early Childhood School

Little Marvels Early Childhood School is also a trusted professional daycare center for parents in Chicago. The Little Marvels Early Childhood School is a daycare and a proper school for older kindergarten children. This school system and the program helps children positively accept the school style and environment. Little Marvels Early Childhood School mainly focuses on children’s health, safety, communication, and cultural diversity.

 The activities at this daycare center involve free play, structured lessons, outdoor time, Spanish, music, art, sensory play, reading, and yoga. Each activity is catered according to the child’s age, helping them develop and grow skills at the right place. Routine assessment and progress tracking of children is also supported at Little Marvels Early Childhood School.

North Elston KinderCare

North Elston KinderCare is also a well-known early education and childcare center located at 3855 N Elston Ave Irving Park Chicago. This daycare center serves infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. North Elston KinderCare also supports a play-based curriculum for children to grow in multiple areas. The major focus of learning at North Elston KinderCare is academics, literacy, science, social-emotional development, and creativity.

An independent classroom environment at North Elston KinderCare also helps children grow better individually. For keeping the fun and learning balanced, this daycare focuses on creating balanced schedules. This schedule includes structured and unstructured activities to meet every child’s needs. 

University Children’s Center

University Children’s center supports early education, along with the enrichment of children in every aspect. The major focus of learning at this daycare center is literacy, art, early academics, physical education, and social skills. Its play-based curriculum is designed to help children adopt love and fondness for learning. 

This curriculum and professional teaching assistance help children prepare for Kindergarten. The role of teachers here is also to develop self-expression and critical thinking skills. This kind of development is supported through open-ended questions and other activities.

Wise Owl Daycare

Wise Owl Daycare is known for its amazing environment and supportive teaching staff. With the help of the supportive staff and teaching professionals, Wise Owl Daycare promotes comprehensive childcare and early learning. This daycare center supports infants, toddlers, and preschool children’s development. It also offers Head Start programs for older kids. 

Since Wise Owl Daycare supports kids of all ages, its curriculum focuses on creating a sensory-rich environment. Different activities in literacy, math, science, social studies, and the arts aim at progressive learning. The structured daily schedule at Wise Owl Daycare helps children learn direction and organization. Other skills like Self-help skills, cooperation and teamwork, self-expression, and social interactions are also promoted here. 

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