Best Demolition Companies in Chicago

Are you planning to expand, dismantle or demolish your facility and worried about how to proceed? Then you should not. Without a doubt, demolition is the most dangerous aspect of the construction sector. 

These works are related to the age of the building, structure or infrastructure, and include natural disaster crises. Demolition Contractors are the experts who provide professionals and machinery to execute such services.

The merits of hiring a demolition contractor are as similar as hiring a building contractor. The main factors include field experience, equipment/machinery capabilities, legal accreditations, management skills, and financial stability to complete the work.

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We Analyzed 1289 Demolition Contractors & Companies in Chicago, Illinois, and Picked the Top 11

Based on the above criteria, the following list is generated detailing Chicago’s efficient and most effective demolition contractors.

Brophy Excavation and Demolition

Established in 2016, Brophy Excavation and Demolition is a rising star in the Chicagoland demolition sector as Chicago’s only 100% woman-owned, family-run demolition business. Moreover, Brophy is designated as a WBE and DBE company, assuring they have undergone a thorough and rigorous certification process and have been thoroughly vetted for quality and service.

In addition to their precise execution and meticulous finish work, Brophy Excavation is known for its rapid turn-around times and cost-effective work. The company offers an impressive full suite of demolition & excavation services for developers, realtors, private owners, and government agencies. Their services include residential & commercial demolition, excavation, trenching; earth retention; backfilling; final grading; double & triple tier cross-bracing; bulk earth hauling; and wrecking permitting services. 

As a certified WBE and DBE business Brophy Excavation, hiring Brophy Excavation offers contractors a competitive advantage when bidding on transportation, public school, and other projects; government agencies and municipalities the ability to meet their mandatory DBE requirements; and private developers a tangible way to support local disadvantaged and women-owned businesses in the construction industry. You can’t go wrong with this one-stop-shop. 

D&D Interior Demolition

D&D interior demolition, as the name suggests, provides services in internal destruction works. The company was established in 2001 and has 18 years of experience managing internal demolition works in Chicago. They have focused only on executing internal works hence are recognized as masters of one trade.

As an interior expert, the company takes care of minute details while managing projects. They have executed various projects, including in-depth renovations, garage removals, wall removals, kitchen demolition, bathroom demolition, tiles demolition, and carpet demolition tasks.

Their core ability is to execute partial demolition projects while protecting the associated areas. In addition, the organization provides necessary support in deploying experienced professionals to survey the site. For the same reason, Clients have recognized them as one of the cost-effective contractors. D&D Interior takes all necessary measures to maintain architectural aesthetics and ensures timely completion.

Delta Demolition, Inc.

Established in 1993, Delta Demolition Inc. has gained recognition in the demolishing sector. With an overall experience of 28 years, the company has expanded the business from partial demolition works to complete demolition works. The company maintains a separate equipment division, including high boom cranes, diggers, and excavators.

Delta Demolition Inc. executes projects from small scale to large scale in various sectors. These sectors include multi-level commercial buildings, industries, manufacturing, assembly plants, residential or small-scale single houses. Apart from being accredited by the safety institutes, the company is well versed in deploying separate safety teams to meet the purpose.

Unlike other companies, Delta Demolition Inc. provides added services in segregating demolition material, i.e., wood, steel, concrete, brick, metal scrap, plumbing pipes, or glass for recycling.

Elite Demolition

Elite Demolition is an experienced demolition contractor conducting small and mid-size demolition projects. The company has rich experience of 45 years in executing projects related to family homes, retail buildings, and institutional units, including schools and hospitals.

Elite Demolition executes safe building demolition projects, selective demolition, façade renovations, concrete removal, wood removal, and demolishing foundations. Furthermore, the company has technical abilities to carry out more specialized projects related to external façade removal and concrete demolition.

Since the company is specialized in façade related demolishing and removal works which are complicated and require higher safety measures, the organization has a separate safety division that ensures compliance with OSHA requirements. Furthermore, the company has accredited business certification attained through meeting Client expectations.

Heneghan Wrecking Co.

Heneghan Wrecking Co. is one of the experienced demolition contractors in Chicago formed in 1973. It has evolved over 45 years and provides services in structure demolition, emergency response, and interior demolition. They mainly focus on large-scale projects and provides a turnkey solution from initiating the project to clearing the site. The company has strict compliance with safety OSHA regulations and is a member of the National Demolition Association.

The Client list is available at their portal to get feedback on commercial buildings, institutional buildings, industrial and transportation sectors. The main Client includes A. Finkl & Sons, Bulley & Andrews LLC, Chicago Housing Authority and Chicago Public schools. Heneghan Wrecking’s primary expertise is to manage projects in high dense areas with proper planning and management while ensuring successful project delivery.

McDonagh Demolition, Inc.

McDonagh Demolition, Inc. is managing demolition projects in Chicago since 1995. The company provides demolition and environmental remediation services in power plants, military bases, commercial and residential buildings. In comparison to others, they operate separate divisions to obtain Authority work permits and perform engineering works.

Well-known for ensuring the completion of projects with high-quality measures, fulfilling safety requirements, and following safety protocols. The company also provides services in site development and cleaning after completion of works.

The advantage of selecting Mcdonagh Demolition is their recognition as general contractor to execute building works. The salient feature of the company is their diversity to develop strong relationships. Hence they provide long-term coordination for future expansion or tasks required to carry out after demolition completion, including site clearance works.

Midwest Wrecking

Midwest wrecking is one of the old companies in the demolition sector established in 1952. The organization provides services associated with partial demolition, total demolition, and interior demolition. The company has executed various projects related to the residential sector, chemical plants, heavy structures, and shoring facilities.

The company has expertise in managing conversion projects of small-scale to mid-range tasks. Midwest Wrecking mainly executes the demolition and then coordinates with the builder to provide the necessary support for the reconstruction.

Midwest Wrecking is a well-accredited organization due to its strict policy to comply with environmental regulations. The organization always prioritizes demolition works while taking measures to avoid any impact on the surroundings and environment. The Client hires the company based on performance and referrals, which guarantee their quality commitment.  

Murray Demolition

Murray Demolition is a well-known company for implementing different techniques of demolition. The company was established in 2006 and handling demolition projects for 15 years. Though they are naïve in comparison to other companies, they have fast-tracked their experience while experiencing the latest methodologies and techniques. Such methods include controlled demolition, manual demolition, non-explosive demolition, and high-risk demolition.

They have a large pool of accredited, licensed engineers and experienced professionals to implement projects. Their scope of work is widespread, from residential units to commercial buildings, industrial units, manufacturing plants, and infrastructure.

The company guarantees quality with precision and implements the latest procedures in compliance with accredited organizations. In comparison to other companies, Murray Demolition also provides additional services apart from the primary demolition. These services are building site preparation, asbestos removal, scrap metal recycling, and providing trash containers on rentals.

National Wrecking Company

National Wrecking Company has 65 years of rich experience in managing demolition projects. Since 1954, the company is providing services in various sectors mainly associated with large-scale projects. Clients hire the company based on their ability to manage complex projects. National Wrecking Company offers extra services in handling hazardous materials and taking essential measures for environmental protection.

The business involves structural demolition, interior demolition, partial demolition, and environmental remediation. Unlike other companies, they also execute decommissioning of storage tanks, including underground and above-ground tanks. National Wrecking Company strictly follows OSHA regulations and has prequalified accreditation by PICS and ISNetwork institutes.

The main advantage of working with National Wrecking is their additional capability of recycling waste management and earth retention works after demolition completion.

Redline Demolition

Redline Demolition is an industry-specific demolition contractor operating in Chicago since 1999. For 20 years, the company has gained experience in managing industry-specific projects. Redline has executed various small-range and mid-range projects related to the dismantling and demolishing units. The main tasks were removing tools, equipment, conveyor system, heavy machinery, assembling plants, and whole-body structure.

The company deploys well-trained labor and safety supervisors to ensure compliance with strict safety protocols and industrial regulations. Industrial demolition projects always require a team specialized in project management and planning, which is the company’s core specialty.

Redline Demolition is the preference of the Client for industry-associated demolition works. They have separate divisions to plan, execute, monitor, and control the projects. Furthermore, they own the latest equipment to demolish heavy machines, industrial overhead cranes, and the dismantling of conveyor belts.

USD LLC (U.S Dismantlement)

USD LLC (U.S. Dismantlement) is providing demolition services in the Chicago area for over 30 years. The company executes projects related to selective demolition, structural demolition, and industrial demolition. USD LLC’s business mainly revolves around large-scale projects related to manufacturing units, assembling plants, commercial buildings, stadiums, and airport divisions. 

The organization maintains heavy machinery and equipment for large-scale demolition works. The kit includes long-reach excavators, hydraulic hammers, material handlers, scrap shears, wrecking balls, and others.

USD LLC differs from other demolition companies as it operates a separate recycling division. This division segregates the material, manages waste, and converts waste into its raw form for future use. In addition, the company is accredited by well-known institutes and operates in compliance with National Demolition Association and OSHA requirements.

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