Best Dry Cleaning Services in Chicago

I love to add trendy pieces of clothing to my wardrobe and home decor. However, caring for those varied fabrics is surely not the most-liked chore for me. That’s why I believe in doing things smarter, like hiring premier dry cleaning services. Dry Cleaning Services in Chicago prove as the true savior for many busy folks like me. 

Life can be too frantic while living in places like Chicago. Who has time to deal with stains and loads of laundry? Dry cleaning is a real treat for removing tough stains and preserving your clothes. You may go about your routine seamlessly while your dry cleaner cleans, iron, and hand-delivers your laundry at your gate. 

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We Analyzed 1917 Dry Cleaning Services in Chicago, Illinois, and Picked the Top 13

Bolt Laundry

Bolt Laundry Service provides businesses in Chicago with high-quality, efficient, dependable, and cost-effective commercial laundry services. Their cutting-edge laundry center is built to meet the high standards of efficiency that their business clients have grown to anticipate.

There are no contracts with Bolt Laundry. They clean and preserve the textiles of customer-owned products such as linens, towels, robes, uniforms, blankets, bedspreads, pillows, and other items. They also provide commercial dry cleaning services for uniforms, draperies, and other things on a huge scale.

They offer a professional team that specializes in dealing with industrial laundry’s most tough challenges, such as deep stains, oils, and more. Their pick-up and delivery services ensure that your laundry and dry cleaning are handled with care and discretion.

Chicago Green Cleaners

Would you like better service and much more value for every penny you spend? In today’s society, we get promises of quality service but seldom find actual fulfillment of the same. Chicago Green Cleaners is an exception. 

The service here is unparalleled, with a free and convenient online reservations system. They offer weekly, bimonthly, and monthly pickup and drop-off services, as well as VIP assistance for corporate customers. All these superior offerings while being environmentally friendly. Indeed a perfect match? Don’t you think!

Easy Breezy Laundry Irving Park 

Too caught up with work to spare time for laundry? Send an email to, and they shall help you out. Their services are convenient, much like their name indicates. At Easy Breezy, they possess televisions for your entertainment and even have plenty of parking. 

They are one of the highest-rated Dry Cleaning Services in Chicago. The attendants here are well trained and provide the finest quality wash & fold dry cleaning services. The staff is very amicable and adeptly serves your needs at all times. 

Four Seasons Dry Cleaners & Tailoring

A lovely duo of mom and son runs this fine business venture. Four Seasons deliver a multitude of services, from bridesmaids’ dress alterations to bridal gown cleaning. You can also find assistance related to wash & fold dry cleaning, tailoring, and alterations. 

They do all this while using environment-friendly washing techniques, making them one of the truly exceptional Dry Cleaning Services in Chicago. Except for Sundays and Mondays, they remain operational for all the other days of the week. 

Gibson Couture Cleaners

Are you a stylist looking for a professional dry cleaning service that is also a costume cleaning specialist? I think your search is over right here. Gibson Couture Cleaners specializes in couture-quality dry cleaning, laundering, and ironing in Chicago. 

The amenities here involve wedding gown preservation, restoring vintage clothing, and hand laundering of suede footwear. They make your life simpler by offering a Pickup and Drop Service to your home or workplace. Apart from it, bring any three suits and the fourth is on them! That’s what you call a deal, isn’t it?

Glad Cleaners

Glad Cleaners, Inc., an eco-friendly family-owned and operated business. They have been providing the highest quality dry cleaning, laundry, and tailoring services to the Chicago area since 1939. Since its inception, Glad Cleaners has always maintained its plant on the premises.

They continually strive to provide our residential and commercial customers with exceptional, reliable, and courteous services while maintaining competitive prices. In addition to operating a local storefront in the Edgebrook neighborhood of Chicago, they have also been servicing corporate clients in the hospitality, entertainment, education, and other industries for the past 45 years.

Greener Cleaner 

Since 1995, Greener Cleaner has been a pioneer in environmentally-friendly dry cleaning and laundry services. Greener Cleaner is your resort if you care about not just your personal needs but also the environment. They are one of just a few dry cleaners who use ZERO Petrochemicals for laundering and dry cleaning your apparel. 

Greener Cleaner provides free delivery, online account management, automated monthly invoicing, and other cool benefits. Aside from that, their professional tailor can work wonders for your additional needs, such as altering suits, trousers, jackets, and even bridal gowns. Look at the “greener” side of clothing care with Greener Cleaner. 


Their name suggests your concern, which is why they are here. Ihateironing is obsessed with providing you with superior dry cleaning services. It offers a wide range of services, including dry cleaning, household textiles, shirt washing, duvet & bed linen cleaning, shoe repairs, and bridal gown services. 

All of their clothing goes through an 8-step process to ensure that garments get thoroughly laundered. Also, online orders are accepted 24×7. They are well-known for fast service,  flexible pickup and delivery schedules having an eye for detail. 

Mr. Bubbles Laundromat

Did you forget to pack your laundry detergent? Are you looking for a laundry bag? Don’t worry. You can get any of these products from Mr. Bubbles, located in the Laundromat’s back corner. 

The workers here are delighted to provide Dry Cleaning Services in Chicago using the most powerful commercial washing equipment available in the market. They even have weekly pizza parties every Wednesday evening from 5 and 9 p.m. You just bring the laundry, and they shall take care of it while you enjoy some yummy food. 

RB Eco Cleaning 

If you need someone to cleanse your carpets, rugs, or carpets, the people at RB Eco Cleaning Services can assist you. They have been offering Dry Cleaning Services in Chicago for over 15 years. 

Aside from laundry, they offer complete carpet and upholstery cleaning services. Rather than purchasing entirely new furniture , hire them to clean your loveseats, sofas, chairs, recliners, and other furnishings. Get a 10% discount on cleaning area rugs as well as free pickup and delivery to your door. 

Rinse Dry Cleaners Chicago

Say Goodbye to Laundry Day at Rinse. Their team picks up, cleans, and delivers crisp, ready-to-wear clothing within 3-4 days. Simply schedule your order through SMS, online, or their customized app. A valet arrives to collect your laundry. You can track the valet promptly and set your delivery and cleaning choices. 

The team at Rinse assigns your clothes to separate machines, sorts them by color, and washes them according to your specifications. They even beautifully fold your wearables to ensure complete care. Enjoy a streamlined laundry experience crafted with total comfort in mind. 

Soapie’s Dry Cleaning and Tailoring 

Soapie’s dry cleaning is a locally-owned family business. Their cleaning services comprise professional laundry for comforters, bed sheets, linen, housewares, draperies, leather handbags, purses, and even bridal dresses. 

They even have an environmentally conscious plastic-free service option available along with tailoring services. Their standard of service, as witnessed by their testimonies, is what distinguishes them. 

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