Best Embroidery Shops in Houston

We all love beautiful things, wearing them even better. Nothing gives us more confidence than the feeling of been admired. Whatever we wear or carry must be seen to be impressive.

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We Analyzed 1341 Embroidery Shops in Houston , Texas, and Picked the Top 10

Embroidery is one of the many ways of making a piece of fabric look beautiful. It is the art of decorating fabric as it adds color, texture, and richness. Let us look at the ten best embroidery shops in Houston.

Bayou city shirts

Bayou city shirts offer custom embroidery services whether you have your design or you chose one of theirs. They have a team of graphic designers who will help choose or create one.

They can also embroider apparel for your company, school, or organization. The business is family-owned and operated, but they have a very professional team. Everything is done in-house; hence quality is taken care of.

The minimum quantity per order is 12 pieces per item. They can deliver or ship internationally or nationally. They prefer a 50% cash, credit, or cheque deposit and the balance to be paid once the order is finished.

Hub92 prints

Hub92 prints is a custom embroidery company that offers professional and the best in terms of embroidery. Right from the design, their team of experts will make that you get your order in time and with the best quality. They do ship, or you can pick your order once they are done.

With 100 different thread colors, you are assured of getting the color that works for you. They guarantee delivery of your orders within 5-8 days, but they also ensure they can meet your deadline should it be urgent. The shop is open from Monday- Friday from 9 am-5 pm, and Saturday from 9 am-1 pm.

They offer a 3D embroidery service.

Houston embroidery service

Houston embroidery services opened its doors in August 2008 as a registered limited company. They specialize in logo digitizing for patches. They have an in-house designer who can modify or create a new one for existing custom embroidered patches.

Their prices depend on the stitches in the embroidery design, and they promise that should you find errors that they had not indicated in the approval form, they will re-do or refund. They are an online shop, so do not be discouraged if you are not based in Houston; they make purchasing on the internet quick and easy. The shop offers a 30% price cut for retailers or resellers.

Kings embroidery

King’s embroidery started operations 24 years ago with an angle head embroidery machine. It is a fully family-owned and operated shop. It offers embroidery services to some of the world’s most famous companies like PayPal, Google,eBay, and Intel.

The minimum quantity per order is 500 pieces and has a turnaround time of 72 hours. Items to be embroidered consist of just about anything that your company wants to be embroidered.

Lucky Embroidery Houston

Lucky Embroidery Houston has been providing embroidery service in the Houston area for the last ten years. It is family-owned and operated. They have the latest and best machinery, enabling them to deliver the best within the desired time. The shop opens from Monday to Saturday from 9 am-6 pm, and they do not subscribe to a minimum or maximum number per order.

They offer their best services to small businesses, individuals, corporates, and small businesses. They embroider shirts, uniforms, and sports team jerseys.

Lucky embroidery Houston offers low pricing, fast turnaround times, and outstanding quality. 

Sand Oaks uniform and embroidery

Sand Oaks uniform and embroidery started operations in 2007. It is a woman-owned retail business that offers embroidered uniforms.

The shop owns digitizing software, making customizing and personalized designs possible. Their prices are competitive and services excellent.

In March 2020, when the whole world was coming down with the deadliest virus, the shop gave a discount to all healthcare professionals if they purchased lab coats, shoes, medical supplies, and scrubs while their stock lasted.

In April of the same year, they gave they continued to support the men and women in the front line by giving a discount across their entire inventory.

Stitchit embroidery and screen printing

Stitchit embroidery and screen printing opened doors in 2003 and is located in Katy. They embroider caps, garments, and other accessories and can work on one item order.

The embroidery shop prides itself on having the latest hardware and software. Customer care is their number one pride, and they take care to fulfill the desires of their customers. It is officially licensed to provide National Charity league t-shirts.

Whether you have your design or not, you can work with their art designers to get what you want. They offer good deals in terms of pricing. The price will depend on;

  • Total number of items
  • Number of print locations
  • Number of colors in your design

Texas art embroidery

Texas art embroidery shop has been in existence since 1958. They have around 200 heads, and they work six days a week. When the workload is heavy, you might find them even called the night shift. The company first started as a chain stitching bowling shirts, which then moved into the contract embroidery of emblems.

They promise quality with their seasoned staff and veteran management. You would be surprised to find out that it was the first company to purchase the highly technical digital machine.

They will embroider everything that the client wants, from bags, towels, blankets, shirts, caps, pants, and many others.


TNT-shirts was opened in 1983 as a small shop to becoming fully automated with dedicated professionals. They offer a wide range of embroidery services on all your fabric and apparel though they do admit that they are limited to colors. Unlike screen printing, where they can match any ink color, they are limited to the colors of the thread they buy in embroidery.

The shop has a six-head automated embroidery machine that can embroider about 700 stitches per minute. Their prices are based on the number of stitches and the image size.

They offer 3d embroidery services but only on caps. The minimum order number is six, but they do allow less only you might need to cough an extra $20.

Texas screen

Texas screen started operating in 2004. The shop offers custom embroidery services using the latest technology. If you want same-day embroidery, the team can offer that. They take on rush orders and have a swift turnaround time.

They mainly deal with caps, polo shirts, aprons, sleeve cuffs, and bags.

The shop has the latest technology, which makes it easier for them to offer quality digitizing.

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