Best Eyeglasses Stores in Houston

Finding a perfect pair of eyeglasses according to your facial shape and personal style can be Complex but with the best Eyeglasses store with expert styling service, you can get an extraordinary pair that’s not just trending but will also complement your style.

If you are obsessed with eyeglasses and searching for the best eyeglasses store in Houston, this article is for you! 

Here, we’ve picked the 10 best eyeglasses stores in Houston that will not just amaze you with their exclusive designer eyewear variety but serve you with top-notch services, too.

So, let’s dive into our eyeglasses store list.

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We Analyzed 1877 Eyeglasses Stores in Houston, Texas, and Picked the Top 10

Cassidy Optical

Cassidy Optical is a family-owned and operated Eyewear Boutique that has held expertise in the field of optical design since 1949. With vast experience, they provide professional one on one eye care to their clients.

Cassidy Optical provides high-quality designers frames, eyeglasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses at very competitive rates. They carry all the major eyewear brands while also offering a variety of services that includes an in-house lab, eyewear repair, mirror coating, polarized, tinted, and transition lenses.

With expert prescription lenses service, expert opticians possessing extensive knowledge in lens design, material, and treatments help the customers with prescription eyeglass lenses. So, if you want such services, Cassidy Optical eyewear boutique can help you find the best eyeglasses in Houston.

Eye Boutique

With 14 years of optical business, Eye Boutique was founded in 2020. Not limited to providing a range of branded eyeglasses and sunglasses but also it serves its customers with eye examinations from the best doctor in Houston. 

The collections of brands Eye Boutique possesses are DITA, FENDI, Givenchy, Prada, Tom Ford, and Ray-Ban. So, if you are in love with these brands and want to get a discount, Eye Boutique can be a good choice. 

You can get 10% on your first purchase from Eye Boutique and 40% on all eye exams for the month of September.

Eye Elegance Fine Eyewear

Eye Elegance Fine Eyewear consists of the best collection of unique eyeglasses styling men, women, unisex, reading glasses, and sports eyewear and a vast variety of eyewear products including custom frames, designer sunglasses, and personalized lenses presenting high-quality material and exceptional designs. 

Focusing on two main collections namely, Montrose eyewear collections and Post Oak collections they have got all that you want!

With expert frame styling service, choosing a perfect frame complementing your personal style, face shape, and keeping in view your prescription is much easier. The eyewear experts at Eye Elegance assist you in selecting the best pair of eyeglasses that fits your needs perfectly.

Not just this, but they help their customers with services like customized lens shaping, frame modification, custom lens engraving, custom sun-clips, custom frame design sessions, custom painting, and frame repair, etc.

Eye Theory

With refine care services and a one-of-a-kind optical showroom, Eye Theory offers handcrafted eyeglasses, frames, and sunglasses. Featuring two stores at different locations i.e. Midtown and West University (coming soon), they possess a huge collection of eyewear ranging from award-winning European styles to make in America luxury eyewear. The featured brands they have in the Midtown store are Toms, SALT., Ray-Ban, Oliver Peoples, and many more.

Possessing an in-house lab that is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment, they offer lens cutting and edging on-site to their customers. The lenses they possess are high-quality, anti-glare, anti-fragile, scratch-resistant, blue-light blockers, photochromic lenses, etc.

Eye Theory is also open for digital eye exams including VRX digital refraction system, Optomap retinal imaging, Icare tonometry, etc.  

Factory Eyeglass

Factory Eyeglass has been providing genuine eye care since 1988 and has the largest collection of designer eyeglasses in Houston ranging from luxury and designer eyewear to kids’ eyeglasses. They also offer lenses, activewear, sunglasses, and other eyewear accessories.

Fitting your lifestyle, occupational and recreational needs, they provide a range of high-quality services that makes them the best eyewear store. Factory Eyeglass services include tailor eyewear fitting, Factory Eyeglass outlet warranty included, accidental damage protection (replace the product with 50% off within the 12 months), credit card availability, and after-hour emergency hours service.

Factory Eyeglass provides an eyeglass cleaning facility for free to customers and also organizes learning workshops related to proper eye care nutrition and information on preventing eye diseases.

Heights Eye Studio

Heights Eye Studio- a member of vision source, is yet another eyewear store that is locally owned and operated, delivering a vast range of eyewear from branded frames, lenses and contact lens for adults and kids, both.

With state of art equipment and in-house lab you can feature services like repairing and adjustment, same-day glasses exceptionally. Also, they offer adult and pediatric eye exams and various other eye treatments. 

So if you are in search of an eyeglass store that serves you with various eye care services, Heights Eye Studio can possibly be the best choice for you!

Smith’s Optician

Smith’s Optician is another one of the best eyeglasses stores in Houston consisting of modern, funky, vintage aka old-style eyeglasses and 2000+ varieties of frames ranging from petite to wide-sized, vintage deadstock and made in USA collection for men, women, and unisex. 

The interesting part about Smith’s Optician is that they offer reasonable pricing of glasses starting from less than $50, frames from $28, and lenses at $40 which can fit in your budget. They also offer a gift card facility that can be used on the online shop and the Smith’s Optician outlet in Houston. 

So, visit the store now and choose the pair of eyeglasses that fits your personal style and budget the best.

Spectacles on Montrose

Spectacles on Montrose is a premier eyeglass boutique catering distinctive eyewear to its customers. Its eyewear collection includes various brands including Isson, J.F. Rey, Lara D’, Mont Blanc, Ray-Ban, Oliver Peoples, etc.

Flex spending accounts are accepted and here, you get an option of gift cards which are available in any domination.

If you are interested in buying a unique pair of eyeglasses or a gift card for someone, Spectacles on Montrose is the best option for you.

The Eye Gallery

The eye gallery is an optical boutique with two stores at different locations, River Oaks and Post Oaks. Both the stores consist of highly knowledgeable representatives that will guide you through the vast collection of eyeglasses, frames, and other eyewear accessories.

Both the stores possess a wide collection of over 500 frames and eyewear products from different brands around the world including Face a Face, Hoffmann Horn, Celine, DITA, and many more.

The store owner Tina Ozcelik prefers the business side and that’s why she interacts with her customers and guides them through the buying process.

Unique Optical

Unique Optical is a family-run optical and eyewear store in Houston with over 30 years of experience in fashion and designer eyewear and possesses the most professional team.

With expert professional guide service, they assist you in selecting flattering frames and lenses according to your facial shape.

The store showcases a large variety of eyeglasses, with a tremendous collection of brands including Tom Ford, Oliver Peoples, Lindberg, Lafont, etc.

Unique Optical offers ‘buy one get on free’ special deals for everyone. Furthermore, their services include accepting Eye-Med Vision Plans whose recipients can save up to 40% off of normal price and extends 20% off on the entire frame and lens variety for VSP and Spectera recipients.

If you’re looking for experienced professional eyewear, Unique Optical is probably the best choice for you. 

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