Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vverge?

Vverge is an exclusive platform of the top 3% vetted pros in your neighborhood that includes local service providers, stores, and even medium-sized businesses. Know more about us here.

How does your selection process work?

We hand-pick the top 3% that pass our 5 steps, and 50 points extensive selection process that includes in-depth research, detailed comparison, and authentic online reviews.

Do business owners pay to list at Vverge?

No. We don’t charge anything to feature the top 3% on our platform. However, every business has to pass our selection process to be included.

How does my business get to the top of the list?

Businesses are listed in alphabetical order, but a Premium Placement can ensure you’re on the top and viewed first by our website visitors. Once your business is verified and featured in our article, please get in touch to discuss the Premium Placement.

What is Premium Placement?

Premium Placement is the top spot in the article. The businesses already verified, and featured in our article can pay a small price to get there. The Premium Placement ensures the business is viewed first by our website visitors. Unlike other businesses listed, we include the contact number and the links to the social handles.

How can I nominate my business?

We work hard to build an exhaustive list of businesses in a particular demographic, and service area, and it’s highly unlikely anyone is missed out to be considered. However, feel free to reach out, and request a review here.

How can I get the outdated data about my business updated?

Please reach out to us with the article link where your business is featured, the outdated data, and the information you’d like us to update with all the relevant links to verify.

We’re featured in your listing. How can we promote it?

The best way is to brag about it on your website and link out to the article. It’ll not only add up to your credibility. You can publish a blog post about it. A press release to the local newspaper is another great way to spread the word. Some businesses would add the award badge to their vans, trucks, and storefronts. You can share it on social media, and email newsletters. We have a dedicated blog post on the topic.

How many businesses do you review for the city?

The number varies depending on the demographics and the service verticals. We try our best to build an exhaustive list of all the potential picks and usually select less than the top 3%.

Does Vverge visit every business physically?

The short answer is no, we do not. However, our mystery shopping agents may call the business and identify themselves as potential customers to gauge their knowledge, experience, and professional attitude. This is one of the many steps in our selection process.

How long would I be featured on Vverge?

A minimum of a year with an exception of negative court cases, or business closure. All businesses a reevaluated every year to keep our data, and information accurate, and up to date.

Does the position of the business mean anything?

No, it does not mean anything. All businesses listed in an article are equal and listed in alphabetical order to be fair to everyone. The listed business can reach out to us for sponsored placement at top of the article though that gets the most exposure among other benefits.

How can I support Vverge?

You can support us by linking out to our website, or spreading the word. We also welcome all kinds of donations.

What verticals and demographics are you covering?

We’re the US focused only on starting with the bigger cities like Chicago, and New York City, but expanding rapidly. Check out the cities, and verticals we covered here.

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