Best Fashion Designers in Chicago 

If you want to become more fashionable in effortless ways, look no further. As a part of Chicago, it invites people characterized by a strong taste in fashion. It hardly makes a difference whether you work as a freelancer, a businessman, a homemaker, or a grad student. I believe that being ordinary is never fun, and the pleasure of dressing is genuinely an artistic statement. 

Your style will undoubtedly stand out when you leave it to folks with expertise and a sense of fashion. The grandeur, the precision, the way everything simply fits altogether. Several brands and labels are redefining the face of Chicago fashion. And I am here for that. 

I have enlisted some of the Best Fashion Designers in Chicago who are killing at their game and deserve more eminence. So, without further ado, let us acquaint you with the 10 Best Fashion Designers in Chicago, Illinois. 

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We Analyzed 1941 Fashion Designers in Chicago, Illinois, and Picked the Top 11

Alice + Olivia 

Alice + Olivia is originally a New York City-based clothing brand with designer Stacey Bendet in charge. Stacey draws ideas for her clothes from her passion for antiques and all things feminine. Her styles are boho, sleek and classy. Her collection also includes shoes and accessories. 

They also have a hip boutique in the windy city. Hold your breath because their clients include the likes of Meghan Markle, Michelle Obama, Beyonce, Gwyneth Paltrow, Gigi Hadid, and Jessica Alba. It is now Hollywood-approved. 

Anastasia Chatzka 

With her love for experimenting with prints and different textures, Anastasia has found her solace. You can distinguish her designs by their vibrant colors, patterns, and textures. She gets inspiration for her designs from conventional sources such as ancient culture, architecture, and art. 

‘Each item can be created in multiple colors, so if you see a pattern you like but would prefer a different hue, I can execute that,’ she explains. She has it all from bespoke wardrobe to upcycled fashion to sewing classes. 

Anna Brown  

Do you have a garment that you no longer wear since you have lost weight or grown taller? The MULTIPLY program from Anna Brown is all you need. ANNA BROWN is a Chicago-based design studio and apparel company emphasizing sustainability in fashion. 

The brand remains inclined towards historical menswear and workwear, twentieth-century art, and design. The principal designer here can help you renew your closet with new fashions at a lower cost. They also provide new people with access to abandoned designs at a lower rate. A win-win offer indeed!

 Ann Everett Fashion Designs 

Ann’s designs exemplify grandeur and brilliance, with a dash of Ann’s humor sprinkled on top. Her fashion line comprises Knits, Leather items, Outerwear, and Dresses. Chicagoans recognize her for her one-of-a-kind outfits for ladies of varying ages, shapes, and sizes. 

Ann derives influence from rich textiles, her hometown’s wintry sceneries, and Chicago’s architecture. The designer creates not only distinct clothes but also knows her way with fab accessories. She wants her clients to feel elegant from head to toe. Fashion enthusiasts can find everything from bags to buckles to scarves here. What else do we want?

Borris Powell 

The term “luxury” in apparel has a new identity. Powell Borris. Borris collection ranges from the Gowns de luxe, Coats, purses, and scarves to Custom outfits for men. They even have Borris Powell Gift Cards to offer you the best gifting options.

You will come across a medley that is soft on the skin yet appealing to the eyes at their store. From their favorite house pants and house skirts to the sexy, comfortable hoodies, they have it all. The designer team puts a stripe down the side of their pants. Because, well, why not? Who doesn’t like a little Haute couture adornment? 

Deflorio Fashion Bridal  

Nobody wants to make a compromise when it comes to their wedding gown, and Deflorio is mindful about it. Two dear sisters made Deflorio Fashion Bridal come to life with love and zest. Deflorio Fashion also features impressive wedding gown designer collections from places like Italy. 

Their clothing line is second to none, from customized wedding gowns to alterations, haute couture, to world-class craftsmanship. Deflorio designs have indeed made heads turn. They also craft refined pieces and choose the perfect wedding accessories to give their clients a complete look for their D-day. 


Ms. Jermikko is distinguished for her humble beginnings. Also, have you seen her zipper face mask? Jermikko is a high-end label that offers jackets, suits, bags, and eveningwear. Their Status Bag is 100% recyclable material, making it ecologically and socially friendly. She also creates designs for several popular labels.  

Their current collection features delicate, beautiful wools and silks in vibrant hues and fascinating textures. Jermikko also stands as the first African American to be named Designer of the Year by the Apparel Industry Board of Illinois. 

Maison de Haj 

You could be killing it at corporate, but is your attire doing the same? If not, Maison is at your rescue. Haj Mademba specializes in tailor-made suits with 3,000 -6,000 hand stitches to provide a unique professional look. 

The client here gains access to their Wardrobe Consultants for styling, fitting, and customizing any outfit. What sets them apart besides that? Their digital shopping experience with a free personalized style and image consultant. 

Mira Couture

Located in the Gold Coast’s “Bridal District,” Mira Couture is Chicago’s longest-standing bridal and custom atelier, with an unmatched staff of talented in-house dressmakers, tailors, pattern makers, and designers from all over the world.

Mira Horoszowski founded the business over 50 years ago, and in 2014, her long-time manager, Julie Mersine, became the owner. Mira Couture has been recognized by The Knot magazine since 2012, receiving the honor of “The Best of,” and inducted into their Hall of Fame and has been awarded “Best Evening Wear” and “Best Bridal Shop” by Better magazine.

Modern Luxury Weddings Chicago has recognized them as an industry leader and individual designers through many honors, including a Diamond Wedding Award in 2020 and Dynamic Women in 2018 and 2021. Mira Horoszowski was named Designer of the year by the Chicago’s Apparel Industry Board in 2017 and is again being named a top Chicago designer by Candace Jordan’s upcoming fashion feature in the Chicago Star.


The Lagi Nadeau line is as outshining, feminine, and eccentric as its eponymous designer. Her designs signify the combination of rich materials and intriguing details. The Nadeau collection blends refined design with technically skilled tailoring and comes with unexpected boho touches. 

You can wear every garment she creates from day till night. It promises to give a fun, romantic, and flirtatious touch to any wardrobe. Ms. Nadeau has received several accolades, including the 2014 Rising Star Award in the women’s fashion category from the Fashion Group International of Chicago. They surely know how to captivate your heart with their innate sense of fashion.

Thierry Roger Couture 

Thierry Roger Couturier creates timeless and exquisite female clothing with a contemporary touch. Roger specializes in women’s clothes, bespoke attire, and mother of the bride gowns. 

Roger collaborates with each client one-on-one, from initial sketches to fabric choices, to make truly customized outfits. He also provides skilled stitching and alterations for women’s clothing. Pick-up fits and delivery services are available on request. Pretty convenient, right? 

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