Best Flowers Delivery Services in Chicago

Flowers make scenes look great, and they smell nice too. That is why we smile every time a flower gift comes to your door. If you want to make someone smile after thinking about them the same day in Chi, you need the best flower delivery services in Chicago. 

Getting a delivery service that will serve the same day you order is great for flowers. You don’t want any disappointments, and the same goes for the flowers which need to arrive fresh. So, time to explore the stores with the best florists to get you the right bouquet.

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We Analyzed 1813 Flower Delivery Services in Chicago, Illinois, and Picked the Top 12

Creekside Farms

Creekside Farms is a top wreath designer in today’s floral industry. This three-generation family-owned and operated farm are located in California’s Monterey County. Their products are handmade, assembled, and packed by skilled craftsmen and shipped throughout the United States.

The herbs and flowers used in their designs are grown on their family farm, pesticide-free, and harvested by hand. They incorporate fresh greenery to create their unique wreaths and garlands. There are a variety of designs to choose from for any occasion and every season.

Each piece is unique and made especially for you. Their wreaths make the perfect addition to any home or office and can be given as a personal or business gift throughout the year.

Field & Florist

Field & Florist offers floral arrangement and styling for deliveries, walk-ins, weekly accounts, weddings, and events. For the past decade, owners Heidi Joynt and Molly Kobelt have been flower farming to sustainably produce exquisite materials for use in F&F’s floral design work.

Field & Florist’s style has been described as lush, garden-inspired, natural, and seasonal and has been featured in The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Monocle’s Travel Guide to ChicagoOpens in a new tab., T Magazine’s “Where to Find Exceptional Flowers in Six Different Cities” and Martha Stewart’s Guide to the best wedding florists in the nation.

The company has two Chicago retail locations — F&F Division in Wicker Park and F&F Monadnock in the downtown Monadnock Building. In addition to flowers, F&F Division carries an edited selection of gifts, plants, home goods, books, body care products, and jewelry. F&F Monadnock offers flowers and 140+ niche fragrances worldwide, most of which are not available elsewhere in Chicago or, in some cases, the U.S.


Floom is the place where great florists in Chicago come to showcase their talent. If you know JMB Haute or Mudd Fleur, then you will meet some of their best works in this flower delivery store. 

A collection of the best artisans in the city means you get a mixture of creativity and some of the best floral designs for the northern Illinois dwellers. They pride themselves on delivering what you order from the display, and it’s always excellent for the vase. 

The delivery is also the same day here, and the prices start from $40 with a plethora of options to explore. 

Flora Chicago 

Flora Chicago has designs that suit every occasion. The flowers will arrive the same day if you ordered before 2 pm, and you can get a beautiful collection for $50. It’s owned by Kate and Sarah, who situated the business in Wolfram St. and Southport Avenue corner. 

Here, you get the flowers and the experience they have in two decades of flower sales. They are also experienced in horticulture and landscaping, and that is how they get a mixture of what you would like presented after the order. 

Since they don’t have designs to choose from, you get a chance to select your combination depending on the style and budget. Apart from flowers, you also get potted plants over here!

Flowers for Dreams 

It’s another flower vendor with a big heart for the unfortunate. Flowers for Dreams will arrange a bouquet for you exactly how you order it, and there are more themes to make the day here. 

The dollars you provide are helpful to both the business and the community they help by giving back 25%. The flowers are fresh and straight from the garden, not to mention they are locally grown. They also observe nature conservation. How?

In every ordered modern, artful, or organic arrangement, the flowers are wrapped using recycled materials. The notes attached are always handwritten. It’s inexpensive to make orders here, and they start for as low as $40. 

Halstead Flowers 

At Halstead Flowers, you can get a flower collection as well as plants to give to your loved ones and friends. They are based in Lincoln Park, and they have been doing this for the last 30 years. What does that mean for you?

There is a deep appreciation of flowers here, and knowledge about them helps in guiding what you can pick based on the occasion. There are everyday flowers for you, and the arrangement will suit the birthdays, anniversaries, and parties that will liven up through flower presence. 

They are pretty expensive, though, since a bunch will cost you $60 at least, and there is a delivery fee on top. For the plants, it will cost you about $40. 

Cornell Florist

Inspired by the natural world and focused on the most moving colors and textures, Cornell Florist provides daily deliveries, weekly accounts, weddings, and events in the Chicago area. In addition to flowers, they stock a rotating variety of unusual plants and handmade goods from around the world.

Cornell Florist is located in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago and has been in its exact location since 1939. Its storefront features an original hardwood walk-in cooler and 1910s cash register.


The last one on the list is a flower delivery business located in Southwest Michigan, and they deliver all across the Chicago lands. The Larkspur is unique since they deal with personally grown flowers. They use organic farming, which favors nature, and the results are beautiful flowers of all kinds. 

They have a successful season which is typically from April to September. Throughout the year, though, you will get different collections depending on what’s available. So, if you want a specific place to get flowers straight from the farm, visit Larkspur and get lucky over there. 

However, the delivery here is relatively slow since they deliver the next day or on a specified day. So, you have to make your orders in advance.

Marguerite Gardens 

In Chi, there is a flower business that specializes in European styles. It’s the Marguerite Gardens in the West Town area, and they give you a mix of English and other European designs. 

From a wide selection of flowers to careful hand-tied bouquets, this is a flower business that knows how to take care of the customers. The best part is when you get the hard-to-find combinations that redefine the living room scene or where the flowers are supposed to be. 

All orders placed before 1 pm are delivered the same day, which means it’s another flower delivery service that will not let you down. 

Ode a la Rose 

The name sounds French, and that’s why Ode a la Rose is Paris-themed. They are well known for the rose flowers, but a wide range of beautifully crafted floral arrangements with a French twist is also available. 

This is where you should expect chic dried and seasonal blooms collections with a starting price of $50 only. What you get is studio-oriented, and that is why they get more orders during Valentine’s Day, birthdays and weddings.

As long as you are in Chicago, the flowers will either arrive on the same day or the next one early in the morning.  

Saville Flowers

Saville Flowers is the 4th generation family-owned floral boutique in Evanston serving the North Shore and the entire Chicagoland area. Check out their Instagram @Saville Flowers to see their bright & poppy personality. They deliver beautiful hand-tied bouquets, vase arrangements, and a great variety of houseplants with care and detail. Saville Flowers has a 70+ year reputation for quality and design with an eager staff to make someone’s day special!


Would you like to get a flower design that matches what you see on Vogue and other leading corporations? That special someone will get an elevated feeling if you order from UrbanStems. The style here has inspired many, and if you combine that with the same-day delivery, there is nothing short of perfection here. 

The floral gifts from UrbanStems suit family, friends, and anyone else who deserves a brighter day ahead. The prices from the store start from $50, and you can have anything from a simple but well-curated bunch of flower collections to basket gifts. 

Is it your first time ordering from UrbanStems? Then be sure of getting a 15% discount and free shipping! 

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