Best Graphic Design Studios in Chicago

Brands invest time, money, and the best creative minds in designing eye-catching graphics, memorable branding, and smooth, engaging digital experiences. Design is an essential aspect of every brand’s identity, from visual and web design to user experience.

Chicago is well-known as a center for creative and digital agencies, with several specializing in design solutions and services. We have compiled a list of 10 design agencies in Chicago.

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We Analyzed 1383 Graphic Design Studios in Chicago, Illinois, and Pick the Top 12

The audience responds to consistent imagery, and exceptional graphics plays a significant role in the decision-making process. We have put together a list of the best graphic designers in Chicago to help you find a partner.

Artisan Launchpad 

Artisan Launchpad is a Westmont, Illinois-based online and graphic design studio. This company, started in 2016, has a team of fewer than ten people who help small businesses with web design, graphic designing, and social media marketing, among other things.

They specialize in creating attractive and engaging websites for all types of industries. They use cutting-edge web graphics, logos, and promotional materials to take your brand to the next level. Their artists remain on top of the latest trends to give your company an edge.

Choose from several imaginative and trendy themes, or have them design a website that is unique to you.


ArtVersion is a web designing company founded in 1999. ArtVersion is a web design, UI/UX design, graphic designs, and branding firm with offices in Chicago, Portland, Oregon, and San Francisco, California.

They are committed to connecting brands with users through designing to increase engagement and growth. Their team’s capacity to grasp the brands’ needs to extend, fascinate, or elevate is one of their strengths. The ArtVersion team discovers opportunities and develops tactics to generate conversion and user engagement by working with prominent startups. 

They assist brands in connecting their ethos and solidifying their legacies along the way. This company should be a good fit for you if you’re searching for a company that uses immersive web design to evoke emotion and engagement.

Attack Studios

Attack Studios makes animated stories with brains, guts, and hearts. They are an animation studio in Chicago with over 15 years of experience in motion graphics design and after-effects animation. They specialize in broadcast motion graphics, movie titles, openers, explainers, and concept art, emphasizing fun, high energy, and slick design.

Their experienced team of motion graphics designers, illustrators, and video editors uses a collaborative approach to build excitement for your brand. They understand that you know your industry and market the best, and they combine your insight with their motion graphics design and storytelling expertise.

Attack Studios understands your marketing and advertising needs and makes sure that your voice is heard. If you’re a challenger brand and want to become a significant market leader, it’s the place to go.

Concentric Design

Concentric Design is a Chicago-based graphic design company. The company, founded in 2006, employs less than ten people. Their employees specialize in web design, branding, logo design, and graphic designing.

As a small firm, they commit to get to know their customers and understand their culture and objectives to create solutions that work. They developed working ties with creative partners to deliver high-quality results for a wide range of project kinds and sizes. 

Feel free to contact them if you need help building brand identities, digital experiences, or print items. 

Fresh Design Studio

Established in 2009, Fresh Design Studio is in Chicago. This digital agency and its 14-person team excel in web design and development, SEO, e-commerce development, and PPC. Fresh Design Studio has clients in many industries, including real estate, financial services, and consumer goods.

Working with a fresh design is a true joy. They come up with innovative ideas and are constantly willing to think beyond the box. They endeavor to go above and beyond to deliver the outcomes that we, as clients, desire.

Fresh Design Studio can supply you with helpful information for any graphic design needs you may have.

Motion Agency

The Motion Agency is a marketing firm based in Chicago. It specializes in branding, public relations, advertising, digital strategy, and graphic designing for large, mid-market, and small firms in the retail, education, and manufacturing sectors.

Informed by research and guided strategy, they create messages that matter in a cluttered communications landscape. They aim to form long-term relationships with their clients’ businesses and demands.

If you want a consistent brand experience, you should go with this agency. The motion agency will assist you in moving forward.

Origin, LLC 

Origin, based in Evanston, Illinois, is a full-service marketing communications firm. Their staff has been specializing in site design, branding, graphic design, SEO, PPC, media planning and purchasing, and logo design since 2005.

Origin is a unique mix of seasoned strategists, enthusiastic creatives, and diligent, detail-oriented programmers, designers, and account managers. All of this adds up to accurate, on-target work for their clients that maximizes marketing dollars.

Origin is a location, a strategy, and a collaboration of original thinkers, fact-checkers, and crafters united by a passion for your creative communications solutions.

Paragraphs, LLC 

The graphic design studio Paragraphs, LLC is based in Chicago. The team of roughly 23 people has worked with clients, from small businesses to large corporations. Since its inception in 1984, Paragraphs, LLC has specialized in branding, graphic designing, and web design.

For their clients, they try to increase income, market share, and brand awareness. Their commitment to exploring areas of innovation for long-term success allows them to keep their clients ahead of the curve.

You should get along with Paragraphs, LLC if you are looking for creative solutions and improving your diversity partnership.

Pivot Design

Pivot Design is a Chicago-based marketing firm with locations in San Francisco and Boston. The 40-person team, established in 1992, focuses on branding, logos, graphic design, and advertising for a wide variety of customers.

Pivot assists brands in communicating with meaning, purpose, and imagination. They move quickly to assist firms in adapting to and embracing change. Pivot is a strategic partner who approaches each client’s problem as if it were their own. They thrive on concepts that solve real-world issues and produce actual outcomes.

Pivot will bring curiosity and enthusiasm to everything they do, whether creating campaigns from the bottom up or revitalizing an existing idea.

Studio Malt

Studio Malt is a Chicago-based design studio specializing in responsible, thoughtful, and timeless branding, packaging, and illustration solutions. Malt strives to create purposeful solutions while embracing environmental and social responsibility in everything they do.

Malt are experts in shaping visual identities that reflect the values of their diverse range of clients, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, across a range of industries. They design with intention while weaving their desire to make a positive impact into the soul of their business. Malt is constantly striving to lessen its impact on the environment and stay a reputable player in pushing for social and environmental change.


VerdanaBold is a Chicago-based presentation design and storytelling company. This association started in 2016, and its four-person staff specializes in graphic designing.

Their presentation designers and storytellers can help you create bold, insightful, and memorable presentations that help your organization thrive. They are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to tell better stories, create smarter infographics, and create better slides.

If you need help with presentations from experienced specialists who can help you make your ideas more memorable, you should contact VerdanaBold.

Video Parachute

Video Parachute is a Chicago-based video production company. They have roughly six people and serve clients in the financial, government, and corporate sectors. Since 2011, their services include video production, graphic designing, and broadcasting video.

The devoted team at Video Parachute works hard to make the video production and virtual event process as painless as possible. They help clients with video production, editing, and other services.

They will produce your marketing and training films, virtual events to match your brand, fulfill your goals, and excite your audience.

These studios in Chicago provide an amazing graphic design experience as their clients’ contentment is significant to them. They have the perfect mix of design concepts that are tailored to your individual needs.  

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