Best Headshot Photographers in Chicago

Whether for a professional profile or your personal brand, headshots are meant to be amazing. Your face is going to be the object of focus.

Your headshot is you looking back at yourself and maybe a thousand others. Headshots require the most care and attention. For this reason, we have compiled the best headshot photographers in Chicago

We Analyzed 1129 Headshot Photographers in Chicago, Illinois, and Picked the Top 10

When people get headshots, they most probably need them for something important. Personally, I think it is a big deal! I will carefully list out some reliable and trustworthy Headshot Photographers to ensure that your headshots come out looking exactly as desired.

312 Elements Photography

312 Elements Photography is located in the Fulton Market District of Chicago West Loop Neighborhood. It is owned by Michael Schacht, a certified headshot photographer. Michael finds people and storytelling fascinating. He provides headshot and portraits photography services in different categories. They include Business headshots, residency headshots, acting headshots, corporate headshots, as well as business portraits.

Michael’s headshot session gives you access to a photographer that listens to you and highlights your best features. Michael will charge $1000 for photo sessions in your home or office, plus $100 for every picture you select. For photos in his studio, he will charge $500 plus $100 for each selected picture. Contact him if you need a headshot photographer for your shoot.

Aaron’s Gang Photography

Aaron fell in love with photography in HS and provides services for families, pets, businesses, professionals, and actors. Aaron Gang Photography also provides photography services for off-site corporate events, private parties, and profiles of architectural works. Aaron’s photography has received the ‘Best Portrait Photographers in Chicago’ award in 2021.

His session includes 20 minutes of expertly guided headshots to get you your best look. More interestingly, a headshot mini-session with Aaron goes for just $175. He also allows clients to prove and approve images via email. Contact him if you need his services.

Brian McConkey Photography

Brian started his photography in 1992, and he has provided headshot photography for over 30 years of his career. He has provided actor headshots, corporate headshots, and event photography services and has provided services for many popular personalities. He specializes in headshots and has worked with many actors and corporate clientele.

Furthermore, he claims his goal as a photographer is to help create a relaxed yet fun atmosphere so your unique personality shines through. Michael’s rates are listed on his official website and range from $225-$600. Contact him for your headshots.

GP Looks

GP Looks is a modern business headshots photography studio with locations in Schaumburg and Naperville, IL. They have been serving Chicago business professionals since 2017.

Top-rated, award-winning owner/photographer Jacob Ginda serves his customers with one goal. To create headshots that show what is best in the people he photographs.

Most people hate the idea of being photographed and often don’t like how their images turn out. With years of practice and training, Jacob Ginda of GP LOOKS knows how to create an enjoyable experience and provide his clients with ideas they are finally happy with.

From local real estate agents needing images for their business cards to CEOs of global brands featured in magazines and beyond, hundreds of people got their updated headshots from GP LOOKS.

Ian McLaren Photography

Ian McLaren Photography is located in Chicago, IL, United States. Ian McLaren is a certified yoga instructor who took an interest in posture and the mechanics of movements. She claims her goal as a photographer is to create a space where she can capture a glimpse into who you are.

Ian McLaren offers an all-inclusive headshot session fee of $500, which includes shooting up to 3 different wardrobes looks, a customized makeup application, light hair touch-ups throughout your session, high-res proofs for you to keep (delivered electronically), and retouching on one final image of your choice. Be sure to contact her if you need her services.

Janna Giacoppo Photography

Janna is based in Los Angeles and shoots headshots in Chicago every 4-6 weeks and in NYC twice a year. She specializes in natural light and leans towards a more natural and raw aesthetic. She provides headshot photography services and wildlife, underwater, and wedding photography services.

Janna’s headshots are shot only with natural light, which is key to how she achieves her aesthetic.

She claims that bells and whistles and lots of fancy equipment aren’t necessary for a great shot. To her, it is more about having an interest and a connection to the subject and creating an environment where a person can almost “forget,” that they’re being photographed. Contact her if you need her services.

Johnny Knight Photo

Johnny has worked as a full-time photographer since the 2000s. He grew up in Greensboro, North Carolina, and spent much of his adult life in Chicago. He provides services such as wedding shoots, headshots, events and portrait shoots.

Johnny Knight Photo is a Corporate Photography service provider that specializes in Corporate Photography services. Johnny provides Business and Performers Headshots and claims that it is important to create something new in every shoot. According to him, each client is different, and he prides himself on being able to bring out something unique and wonderful. You can contact him to know his rates.

Kyle Bondeson Photography

Kyle Bondeson is a Chicago headshots photographer with extensive experience and will ensure your headshots turns out both professional and unique. He is a professional photographer with an 11+ year career as a full-time studio photographer. He attended Eastern Illinois University, where he got a BA in Visual Communications through the journalism department. Kyle Bondeson Photography offers top-notch business headshots/ acting headshots, Team and Staff headshots, and Branding portraits.

Kyle has extensive experience taking Chicago corporate headshots. He offers a range of packages, flexible hours, and great prices. He claims he can create the type of flattering corporate and business headshots that you need to make an impact. His rates would be communicated to you on booking. Reach out to him if you need his services.

Lisa Kay Creative Photography

Lisa Kay Creative Photography was founded in 2013 and provided corporate and business headshots to the Chicago and Chicagoland area.

Lisa Kay is a branding and headshot photographer passionate about helping other business owners up-level their online presence through killer headshots they will feature on their website and social media. Lisa prides herself on creating a relaxed and comfortable experience resulting in headshot images her clients love.

Lisa Kay Creative Photography has many different headshot packages to fit individual needs.

Popio Stumpf Photography

Chris and Heather met in 2008, and within 6 months of dating, launched Popio Stumpf Photography. Chris Popio has been a working actor in and around Chicago for the past 20-plus years. Heather Stumpf Popio is a Chicago native who graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute in 1997. Since then, she has been working in Chicago as a photographer and shoots professionals and models for Popio Stumpf Photography.

Popio Stumpf Photography provides professional and corporate headshot services and their rate for headshots is $350 and $300 for returning clients. A session with them usually lasts about two to two-and-a-half hours, with 3-4 ‘looks’ or outfits, and nets between 300 and 350 shots. You may reach out to them if you need their services.

I’m glad that you have a wide range of options to select from. Now, you can get the best headshot quality that you desire.

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