Best Headshot Photographers in Houston

I believe we can all accept that some of us feel embarrassed when cameras get placed at close angles. Despite this, a perfect headshot in business profiles and resumes will hit different when compared to your regular photos. Apart from giving a professional touch to your look, it will also brush up your confidence, making you feel good about yourself.

If you are looking for top-quality headshot photographers, then here are 10 snapshots of the best headshot photographers in Houston.

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Angi Lewis Photography

Altering the aesthetics of headshot photography, Angi Lewis Photography is an avenue for award-winning photographers. With customized designs and wardrobe consultations, they provide concept assistance and makeup experts for giving celebrity finish to your headshots. They capture every exclusive feature of your face, the traits that set you apart from the mob. Angi Lewis studio is known for its sharp eye for detail. 

Depending upon your industry specialty, they understand the assignment and deliver photos that impede your expectations. Further, they provide lifetime replacement guarantee pictures and boost your experience by catering all your essentials for a perfect shot.

Calvin PennickJR Headshots 

Calvin PennickJR is all about perfecting your headshots using the most advanced tech infrastructure, focusing on acting and corporate headshots. Apart from taking headshot photographs, they also provide information on acting classes and advice on headshot photography. 

Understanding digital proliferation, this studio supports you with professional headshots to enhance your online profiles and social media. They augment your corporate branding by retouching the face of your business with the aid of professional photographers.

Carr Portraits

Serving in Houston for more than 20 years, Carr Portraits specializes in business executive headshots. Michael Carr, the studio’s chief photographer, is constantly reinventing new styles and adopting unique approaches to create exquisite portraits. Their headshot experts believe that it only takes seconds to make a connection with your clients. 

They know that selling your image and communicating your brand values through your portraits is one of the efficient ways to attract potential clients. Further, they will facilitate you with commercial-grade lighting and backdrop setting to enhance your corporate portraits.

Colt Melrose Photography

Clot Melrose photography is a luxury family portrait studio with premium headshot photography services. They have in-house consultations to make the photography sessions most comfortable and convenient for you. You can book an appointment with just a phone call, and you will get professional makeup assistance along with wardrobe talks. 

If you are looking for refined wall art or custom albums, then this is the right place. Moreover, Clot is an expert in capturing milestone events and family portraits by employing originality and imagination.

David Baker Studios

David Baker Studio is a wedding and engagement studio that specializes in personal and headshot photography. They aid you with a customer-centered approach that accommodates your wants and values your opinion to capture the most lovely pictures of you. 

The studio believes in expressive photography and lets the portraits speak for themselves. David and the team emphasize the uniqueness of each customer and try to echo the distinctive features in their headshots.

Like the Razor by Chris Gillett

Chris Gillett calls himself a face consultant. He is a professional headshot photographer who understands even your tiny face muscle moments. By capturing these elusive subtleties, he creates beautiful eternal portraits that mirror your personality. 

He values the expression that you try to communicate with your face and capture it at the right moment. In other words, like a razor, this studio strives to make a positive impact on the onlookers with photos that pierce your expectations to new highs. He understands the weakness and strengths of your face and further amplifies it to capture your story through these single shots.

Megan Murray Photography  

Megan Murray is an engineer who embraced her passion for becoming a professional photographer. Her studio mainly focuses on pet portraits, headshots, and branding. 

Promoting your virtual platform can enhance your business outlook. Hence, Megan provides a seamless service from start to end. With organized strategies, she makes every shoot notable and facilitates same-day photo selection facilities.

Solaris Studios

Solaris Studios specializes in good headshot and executive portraiture. They assist you with attire selection and even provide unlimited photo reproduction rights. Offering a wholly customized experience provides you with multiple background options to select your own backdrop.

 Moreover, if you like to witness the retouching of your photos, then they even back you with such an individualistic experience. What makes them different is the same-day gallery downloads access to high-resolution pictures. By unlocking their 10-year license offer, you can digitally download the picture anytime from their gallery.

Tara Flannery Photography

Tara Flannery Photography celebrates your personality and emotions by capturing your right angles at the right moment. They take time to get familiar with their clients to provide high-quality portraits. As visual marketing is trending, this headshot photography studio will help you make a statement of confidence and capability. 

Apart from this, they also deploy services like family portraits, senior portraits, branding, and cover events. They conduct their portrait sessions with the utmost care and go all-out to build an environment that will aid you in depicting the best version of yourself.

Tiny Space Studio

Tiny Space Studio – Professional Headshots Chicago – They create hi-end portraits, headshots, and corporate photography for businesses, professionals, and actors in the Chicago area. They pride themselves on putting out clients at ease and creating the best headshot they have ever had.

After years of commercial advertising and fashion photography with a client list that includes Target, Old Navy, Adidas, Xbox, Reebok, ext… Mike Henry has relocated from LA to Chicago. While he still shoots commercially, he has opened a miniature portrait and headshot business to bring his knowledge of commercial lighting, retouching, and styling, back to his roots of portraiture.

Tonya Dailey Headshots

Prioritizing high quality and creativity, Tonya Dailey Headshots are redefining the parameters of photography with each impressionist photo. They know that your first impression has tthe best impression. Thus, they create exceptional headshots that speak for themselves. 

For them, it’s more about enhancing what already exists and radiating it in the photos to provide a career boost. In short, each of their headshots is an extension of your striking personality. Besides, they are inclined to capture memorable moments that create a long-lasting impression on the beholders.

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