Best Dog Training in Chicago

Are you looking for the best dog training in the Chicago area? Do you want your dog to be trained in obedience? If so, you can check out these dog training companies in Chicago Illinois. These training schools will take you and your dog through a number of classes including but not limited to agility training and basic obedience.

Besides, they offer brush up classes in case your dog needs an extra boost. These training schools can make all the difference in your dog’s journey to obedience. Continue reading to learn about the 10 best dog training Chicago that can help you get the job done.

Best Dog Training in Chicago, Illinois in 2020

1. Wolfkeeper University

901 West Jackson Boulevard, Chicago, Illinois 60607

Need Help Getting The Obedient Pet Of Your Dreams? Wolfkeeper University is here to help you. Wolfkeeper University is a Full-Service Dog Training Company that’s based in Chicago, Illinois USA, and was Founded by Master Dog Trainer Toriano Sanzone in 2001. Toriano Sanzone has been training dogs professionally for over 20 years he trains together with Tyrone Scott. They provide services such as Basic Dog Training, Boot Camp, Private Dog Training, Group Training, Boarding, and Train The Trainer. With the exclusive professional Dog training services that they provide, they make sure to bring the best out of your dog!

2. Who's The Boss Dog Training

8706 Karlov Ave Skokie, IL 60076

At Who’s The Boss Dog Training, Owner and Trainer Fred Levi has become the Dog Whisperer of Chicago. His approach to Dog Training and Behavior Modification is based on relating to dogs in the dog’s language. Fred comes to the client’s home and works personally with the dog and the dog’s owners to develop well behaved dogs and to rehabilitate all kinds of problem canine behavioral issues. Fred does this by teaching the dog’s owners to establish rules, limits, and boundaries, for their dogs, by adding structure and pack leadership to the love and friendship that already exists between his clients and their dogs. Through his unique understanding and application of Canine Behavior, Fred gets incredible results.

3. Canine Therapy Corps

3918 West Fullerton Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60647

Whether you want a well-behaved pet or have ambitions to become a therapy dog team – Canine Therapy Corps has you covered with comprehensive group and private dog training classes! Canine Therapy Corps’ training program will teach you and your dog essential skills that will establish effective communication, promote sociability and increase your confidence as a dog handler.

With years of experience assessing and preparing dogs for therapy work, Canine Therapy Corps’ trainers are more than qualified to help you reach your goals. Many of the skills cultivated in therapy dogs – friendliness, confidence, and reliability – are also skills that make for a great companion.

Whether your dog is high energy and has no impulse control, or whether they are shy and hide behind you, Canine Therapy Corps’ classes will strengthen your relationship with your dog and improve your dog’s behaviour.

4. Cloud K9 Academy

1815 Wehrli Rd., Naperville, IL 60565

Cloud K9 Academy offers all levels of obedience training, dog sports, behavior modification and service dog training. They do so by utilizing positive force/fear free science based methods.

Take the group classes or join us in one of our comprehensive fusion programs. Group classes allow for a more affordable option. They also help socialize your dog to new environments, people and other dogs which helps build a better bond and partnership. Fusion programs give us the opportunity to work on issues specific to your dog. It also allows the opportunity to work with dogs that may not be ready for a group class environment.

Cloud K9 is also one of only three board and train programs in IL utilizing strictly positive reinforcement.

5. Perfect Manners Dog Training

Perfect Manners Dog Training was established in 2003 by the owner/senior trainer Sandy Finley to fulfil a dream. After 30+ years of training assignments with government agencies, therapy groups, rescue organisations, and many teaching challenges, the goal was to bring this higher level of experience and expertise to individual family pets. Perfect Manners offers premium training that goes beyond group classes or most strategies commonly used. The trainers are all college degreed and possess the inter-species skills to create a uniquely rewarding outcome for the dog owner/lover who seeks the absolute best for their dog or puppy. All trainers are AKC certified evaluators and Vet recommended. Understanding the dog-owning experience and practical knowledge of dog psychology blends into the ultimate positive outcome for you and your pet. You’re invited to share the dream of a loving, obedient dog that is a joy for all their years by contacting Perfect Manners Dog Training.

6. Canine Perspective


As home to some of the best trainers, Canine Perspective Chicago Dog training is the place to be. Their in-home training coupled with other training methods serves several Chicago neighborhoods. Offering skilled training at your convenience, you can rest assured that your dog is in good hands. Specializing in aggression rehabilitation, behavior, and obedience, there is no case that they can’t handle. Since they provide boarding and daycare, you have several options to choose from. From Akita to American bulldog to American Pit Bull Terrier they handle all types of dogs. 

7. Anything is Pawzible

1330 West North Avenue, Chicago, IL 60642

Anything is Pawzible is a unique dog training school that has been in business since 2001. Started by Rendy Schuchat, this training school has been offering the most passionate training to all kinds of dogs. Their goal is to help thousands of dogs reach their potential. Apart from private lessons for dogs that require assistance they offer group lessons for dogs that are well organized. With multiple class options, they’ll give your dog plenty of chances to learn. As the best dog training Chicago, you give them your puppy, you don’t have to worry.

8. Pat’s K9 Training

5704 S Kilbourn Chicago, IL 60629 United States

Pat’s K9 Training in Chicago not only specializes in serious behavioral issues but also handles every obedience issue that comes their way. After working with so many dogs with behavioral issues they’ve gained the experience needed to help your dog reach any behavioral goal. From dog obedience to puppy training to protection training, they have everything you need. To help your puppy friend, they have a number of packages that fit all his needs. If you are looking for the best dog training, this is the place to be.

9. Tucker Pup’s Pet Resort

Tucker Pup's Pet Resort 219 N Carpenter Street Chicago, IL 60607

If you are looking for all your dog’s training in one single place, Tucker Pup’s Pet Resort is the way to go. As a Chicago based dog training company it has everything you need in dog training. Their services include grooming, dog care dog boarding, and positive reinforcement. To ensure that your dog gets all the care they need, they have over 35 members. The fact that they’re in the perfect location makes them one of the best dog training companies out there.

10. Urban Pooch Center

5400 N Damen Ave, Chicago, IL 60625

Located at 5400 N Damen Ave, Chicago, Urban Pooch Training and Fitness Center is an ideal place for dog owners who are looking for a dog daycare and training center for their dogs. Unlike other training schools, all their team members are experts. They provide services such as training, fitness, local delivery, pet adoptions, self-service dog wash dog boarding, a dog bakery, and dog training. The best part is that their classes accommodate all ages of dogs. Once they do a 30 minutes review, they’ll advise you on the best training for your dog.

11. Canine Sports

Chicago, IL 60618 Bucktown, Logan Square

Canine Sports Dog Training is another good dog training company for dog owners. Featuring several years of experience, their main goal is to provide the best training that makes a strong bond between dogs and humans. Having a team full of skilled personnel, they are consistently working on developing techniques and tools to come up with a relationship built on understanding and trust. Their main services are day school, immersion training, polishing class, immersion training among others.

12. Smart K9

5622 36th St S Fargo, ND 58104

Smart K9 Dog Training is a dog training company whose goal is to do everything possible to create a healthy relationship between humans and dogs. According to them, if there is proper understanding and communication between you and your dog, everything else will fall in place. Their team consists of health professionals and a skilled team of trainers that have what it takes to ensure you have an obedient dog. Depending on what fits you and your dog, they’ll provide a board or one on one training programs. Each of its programs focuses on obedience, training, behavior, and advanced obedience.

13. Bark Busters In-Home

Bark Busters North America, LLC 1 Front Street Danville, CA 94526

Bark Busters In-Home Training gives you all the confidence to take care of your dog regardless of his needs. Free from distractions and unfamiliar environments, their first in-home training takes about 3 hours. After briefly walking you through the dog’s psychology, they’ll start their training exercises designed specifically for your dog. Before leaving your place they’ll document everything they’ve worked on. Their aim is to reinforce a positive relationship between you and your dog. This not only makes you view him a friend but also leads to a long term relationship.

14. Call Of Wild School

3027 N. Rockwell St/Chicago, IL 60618

If you are looking for a dog training school that offers everything concerning canine needs this is the right choice. Some of their training includes agility courses, skilled training courses, doggie daycare, boarding among others. With several years of work and having trained thousands of dogs, their goal is to help your friend reach his ultimate potential. Their four-week training focuses on canine obedience and promises to address all manners you want your dog to address.

15. Pawsitively Balanced

940 W Carmen Ave Chicago, IL 60640-3225

This Chicago based company provides up to date, modern, and scientifically proven training methods for your dog.  Their trainers will use positive reinforcements and proven training methods to ensure that your dog gets the best. Plus their work is to make a clear pattern of communication to ensure your dog understands all things and knows how to respond.

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