Best Yoga Studios In Chicago

We all get to that point in life where we want only the best things for our lives. With the many variant types of yoga studios in Chicago, we decide to bring in the best out of all. Have you been looking for a calm and meditation yoga or even an extensive yoga workout that challenges your body? 

Worry no more because we got you covered. The best yoga studios in Chicago are known to have a variety of classes and top-notch instructors. 

Best Yoga Studios In Chicago, Illinois in 2020

1. Yoga Among Friends

4949 Forest Avenue Downers Grove, IL 60515

Yoga Among Friends has been located in Downtown Downers Grove in the Chicago southwest suburbs for almost 23 years. Yoga is taught in a way that will inspire you to be the best version of yourself. Somewhere deep inside, you know that you must slow down, reconnect with yourself, and listen to your own inner voice. Yoga Among Friends meets you where you are in your yoga practice and in life.

Yoga Among Friends encourages you to discover inner peace and mental well-being through a regular practice, using all the tools of yoga – including meditation, visualization, breath, mantra chanting, and self-reflection. Each of these tools helps remove the agitations of your daily thoughts and bring peace to your life.

Yoga, meditation, and yoga teacher training is taught by experienced yoga teachers in a safe, relaxed, and open environment in the studio. Due to COVID restrictions, classes are now offered three ways: Practice In-Studio, Live Online and On Demand.

2. Eb & Flow Yoga Studio


Eb & Flow Yoga studio has been open in Chicago for almost 8 years (8th anniversary is 2/14/21). Eb & flow Yoga Studio offers both gentle and challenging group and private classes in the styles of Baptiste Power Yoga, Gentle Vinyasa, and Yin Yoga in two beautiful, spacious heated and non-heated practice rooms. They also offer customized private yoga and corporate yoga classes. They recently opened a brand new 3200 square foot studio space in February, 2020.

Their mission at Eb & flow Yoga Studio is to create a community where all will feel welcomed and inspired, and also have fun! As a family-owned business, managed by a mother-daughter duo, Eboni Howard and Peggy Moore, we hope to share with others the knowledge, blessings, and laughter we find helpful in balancing the ebb and flow of life. Their vision is to make the practice of yoga accessible to everyone and “every body”, helping people discover new ways to experience health, strength and balance in their lives. They created a studio of community connection that mirrored the neighborhood in terms of diversity regarding age range, economics, professional experiences, and personal vibe so everybody and every BODY would feel welcome.

They are a welcoming and FULLY diverse community of students, teachers, and staff compared to other studios in general, and in the WickerPark/Bucktown area.This studio has always valued cleanliness and the health and wellness of our students. Regardless of body size, ethnicity, age, religion, gender, gender preference, or economic status, you will find them all here at Eb & flow Yoga Studio embracing our passion for yoga. You don’t have to worry about what you look or what you wear to practice yoga at the studio.

Also, The classes and pricing are designed so that there is an option for everyone. They provide low cost ($10) community class taught by the owners, free class taught by student teachers and affordable class packages, memberships and specials to give people of all incomes opportunities to practice yoga. They support many nonprofit community organizations and partner with other community organizations to sponsor yoga fundraising events.

3. Centered Studios


Centered Studios is located in Rogers Park, on the far north side of Chicago. Here you’ll find a diverse community of wellness professionals devoted to nurturing and compassionate care. This 6-year old, family-owned studio offers a home for those looking for a wide array of yoga classes for all levels. In addition to yoga instructors, Centered’s team includes massage therapists, herbalists, acupuncturists, Thai bodyworkers, and front desk staff. Special events and donation-based classes often support local charities. The studio is located one block from the Morse Avenue Red Line station. Street parking is also available.

4. Hilltop Yoga

1222 W. Grace St. Chicago, IL 60613

Hilltop Yoga is a yoga studio located in Chicago, IL. They specialize in relaxation, re-energizing, and integrating the mind and body. Theiryoga classes are stress relieving, build strength, and transform your body. They offer virtual yoga classes as well as in person sessions for all levels from basics yoga, yin yoga, vinyasa yoga, power yoga all the way up to advanced power yoga.

With 31 years of yoga practice and teaching, Hilaire opened the Chicago studio 5 years ago and the Michigan studio 17 years ago. Find your community and dig deeper into yourself to discover your true love and passion for yoga.

“I do my best to get a sense of what the students need so that those walls can come down. I see yoga save lives every day. We all suffer trauma, but there is a safe way to come to terms with the challenges on our path.”

5. Room to Breathe

25 East Washington Street, Suite 1025A Chicago, Illinois, US

Room to Breathe Chicago is a part of the Center, an integrative psychotherapy practice. Our mission is to offer yoga classes, workshops, and other wellness services, empowering you to find the tools that help you thrive. We believe that you are enough, just as you are, and that the practice of yoga should fit you, not the other way around.. Room to Breathe teachers bring a psychologically-sensitive approach to our schedule of gentle and restorative classes, that prioritize function over form. Currently our entire schedule is online in real time.

6. Zen Yoga Garage

1845 North Milwaukee Ave Chicago, IL 606047

Zen Yoga Garage is an independently owned Yoga studio with an urban flair, and a mission to create a safe space for a diverse array of people to find their flow! ZYG offers Yoga classes in multiple formats from more meditative and gentle approaches, to high intensity training with weights and cardio. All of Zen’s offerings pay homage to the traditions of the yoga lineage, but give teachers a chance to show their personal style. All of Zen’s offerings are available IRL, via Livestream, or through video replay. No matter what your thing is, Zen Yoga Garage has a class for you!

7. Yoga Loft Chicago

15 W Hubbard St, 4th Floor Chicago, IL

With locations in Chicago, Oak Park and Forest Park, Yoga Loft caters to the suburbs and city, with classes both in person and virtual. Founded in 2012 with the first studio off State Street in Chicago, Yoga Loft has been expanding their locations and class offerings for close to ten years. Yoga Loft caters to students who are beginning their Yoga Journey as well as seasoned Yogis. Classes range from Hot Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Powerflow Vinyasa and Restore Flow to Shred & Box, Core Circuit and Tone & Tighten. Teacher Training is also available for students who would like to teach, or simply expand their knowledge and experience.

8. Be Yoga Andersonville

5715 N Clark St, Chicago, Il, 60660

Be Yoga offer in-person, livestream and on demand yoga and are best known for teaching the original hot yoga sequence in a 90-minute class. Their mission is to teach students of all abilities, ages and conditions to create positive change, body, mind, soul in a welcoming and supportive space. We start with the spine.

Be Yoga’s Instructors teach a therapeutic hot yoga class using beginner-friendly movements that are both accessible and challenging. They also offer livestream classes, vinyasa classes and intermediate-level classes.

Be Yoga is a small, family-owned yoga school in the vibrant Andersonville/Edgewater neighborhood. At Be Yoga Andersonville, we pride ourselves in giving you the most friendly and welcoming environment to learn yoga. All of their teachers have done intensive training to teach the 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises of the original hot yoga in the heat. In addition, they spend extensive time developing our teachers so that they are able to give you the best instruction possible, no matter what is going on in your body.

9. Yoga Now

742 North LaSalle Dr. Chicago, IL 60654

Yoga Now provides inspiring, soulful transformation through yoga classes and massages in an eco-friendly studio and online. They are committed to providing yoga and healing which creates a healthy body and promotes a long and peaceful life.

Yoga Now has a full virtual class schedule online, with in-person classes available when allowed by government regulations, and a robust Outdoor Yoga program when the weather is warm. They offer a variety of yoga disciplines, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Yoga Basics, and PreNatal yoga. Yoga Now have 2 massage rooms for healing and relaxation in addition to our yoga offerings. They offer a well-regarded Teacher Training program (RYT-200) and an Advanced Teacher Training (RYT-500).

Yoga Now’s studio opened in 2003, so they have been in business for 17 years. The studio is built of all eco-friendly materials with earthen clay plasters on the walls, recycled blue jeans for insulation, and renewable bamboo floors.

10. Studio Fit Chicago

1011 W. Armitage Fl2, Lincoln Park

Studio Fit Chicago is Chicago’s first and only all-female studio, located in the heart of Chicago. Run by women dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, Studio Fit empowers you to feel confident, comfortable and find their perfect exercise fit.

A variety of modern classes and workshops, with women’s boxing, barre, HIIT, all under one roof make Studio Fit Chicago truly unique. Enjoy a single class or stay for a double with yoga sculpt and a yoga cool down for total mind/body satisfaction.

Studio Fit is more than just an exercise studio. We are a safe haven for those looking to make new friends, be proud of their bodies, and find a sense of peace and happiness from within.

11. The Lab Chicago

159 N Racine Ave Suite #2 Chicago, IL, 60607

The Lab Yoga studio has been providing transformative in person and virtual yoga classes, teacher trainings and workshops in the bustling West Loop area since 2010.

We teach creative one of a kind yoga classes that you will not find elsewhere. With a focus on strength, alignment and breath our teachers create classes that will test beginners to advanced practitioners and leave you always feeling better than when you arrived. Located on the second floor in an artistic loft space, the Lab has two studios, two lounges, showers and is located close to parking and public transportation. Our roster of some of Chicago’s best teachers looks forward to welcoming you to the Lab!

12. Yoga 2.0

215 W Ontario St 2nd Floor, Chicago, IL 60654

“Our home is your home” – YOGA 2.0 opened in May of 2019 and has an extravagant journey working (and getting creative) to support our community. The 2.0 team is committed to highest standards to create a space where our students feel comfortable to transform. We are committed to next level cleanliness and safety. No matter who is teaching, or what time you take class, you’ll be guided through an elevated experience by instructors with hundreds of hours of training and teaching. When we heat up… We’re HEATING GREEN.. we use infrared heating panels that do not release any emissions or pollutants and help keep the air in the studio clean and clear. Come experience the sweat and sanctuary of YOGA 2.0.

13. 105F Yoga studio

47 W. Polk St. (Dearborn Station 2nd Floor) Chicago, IL 60605

This is one of the best yoga studios in Chicago. It has three branches located in South Loop, Wicker Park, and Lincoln Park. Definitely come and try out their amazing classes and probably change your yoga routines.  

They are known to offer 4 hot classes that are designed for softening the stiffest muscles. This is achieved through a high-intensity workout that helps to strengthen your muscles and burn fat. Classes are 90-60 minutes long. 

Not forgetting the 3 calm warm classes. It involves deep, slow, and passive stretches that restore and relax your ligament and joint muscles.

14. Barefeet Power Yoga

1006 W Monroe St, Chicago, IL 60654

This is the top and best yoga studio located at 1006 West Monroe St, Chicago, IL, 60607. This is a passionate yoga studio that tries to have a personal and also business connection with its individuals. With their well-trained experts, they can take the students through power yoga. 

This type of yoga enables the students to explore their physical edge through their movement and breathing. When you decide to visit them, expect a 60-minute work out under 90 degrees heat. Yoga with power, and positive energy from everyone around. 

They have events and workshops that aren’t heated up, if interested to check the Barefeet Loft. There are various classes to choose from and with experienced teachers and teaching methods. 

15. Bottom line Yoga

141 W Jackson Blvd #750, Chicago, IL 60604

This yoga studio is located in two places in Chicago, Civic Opera House and The Board Of Trade Building. They center their classes on providing powerful flows that engage both the mind and body of the student. 

If you live or work downtown and you find yourself in need of a break from your comfort zone, visit Bottom Line Yoga studio. You’ve always been looking for the best yoga studios in Chicago, why not attend their classes that are fairly priced. 

They offer 4 daily classes and even pre-recorded classes for the studio members. You can join them during zoom classes at the comfort of your own home or even purchase the pre-recorded videos.

This yoga studio in Chicago offers you the best work out at a scheduled time with their professional tutors. With or without a mat there are set mats in the studio well spaced between each other.

It’s Highly recommended you treat yourself to an hour on their mats.

16. Space Between Yoga Studio

222 W Hubbard Street, Lower Level SE, Chicago, IL 60654

Being among the best yoga studios in Chicago, Space Between is set up in two places in Chicago, River North, and Hoxton. This yoga studio is designed to help its students to relax their head and work more with their souls. 

They mostly use ancient practice through meditation, music, and movement. There are two classes and they both are vinyasa flow yoga sessions. They offer good workouts that are followed by happy hours with hummus, quinoa, and wraps. 

Even when you forget your mat, they offer mats and ample space for each person. With their well-trained personnel, you’re able to get your mind off anything and give it the best relaxation ever.

You might want to visit them after work or a long day and stretch out your muscles a bit.

17. Classpass

Not ready to commit to one workout? ClassPass offers one membership to 30,000 gyms and fitness studios. With over 500 options in Chicago and more than 5,000 studios from around the world offering virtual classes, there is plenty of variety to pick from! Use ClassPass to book a virtual yoga session in the morning and an in-person cycling class in the afternoon — you can also use ClassPass to book a sports massage following your workout! Pick from classes including boxing, Pilates, dance strength training, stretching and more!

18. Mia Park Yoga

c/o Alternative Health Group 2209 W. North Ave Chicago, IL 60647

Mia has been passionate about yoga since 2002 as an elegant, accessible set of techniques that assist with self inquiry. With self-awareness, a life of purpose can be lived. Mia’s favorite yoga practice is yoga nidra, or guided, conscious relaxation. Yoga nidra is a way of understanding yourself on deeper levels with the side benefits of lowering stress and resting deeply. Mia leads online Candlelight Restorative Yoga Nidra classes that are free or $15 to receive a recording, and also leads online yoga nidra teacher trainingS. Sometimes concious rest is the yoga you need. Learn more about her at”

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