Best Insulation Contractors in Houston

With global warming and climate change effects being felt across the globe, the already hot and humid Huston summers and cold winters are only getting worse. Insulating your building, be it a residential or commercial building, is a necessary evil. Not only do you achieve a cooler and more comfortable atmosphere within your spaces, but you also reduce utility costs, saving yourself money in the long run. 

Finding the right Insulation contractor can be a daunting task. Lucky for you, we have made this task a whole lot easier. Here are ten of the best insulation contractor in Huston.

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We Analyzed 1299 Insulation Contractors in Houston, Texas, and Picked the Top 10

360 Thermal 

360 Thermal prides itself on the ability to deliver quality work in a timely fashion. The company is top-rated for its timeliness, quality, customer experience, and satisfaction. 

Services offered include insulation of new and, or existing homes, insulation of metal buildings, injection foam insulation, soundproofing, container insulation as well as cold storage insulation. Their staff is manufacturer trained in the installation of fiberglass insulation, attic insulation, radiant barriers, injection wall foam, and block foam insulation. You can get a free estimate of any service of interest at any time of the day.

A-Affordable Insulators & Services Company

A-Affordable Insulators & Services Company specializes in the installation of insulation and ventilation, insulation removal, metal building insulation as well as concrete raising. They provide free on-site consultations and offer 100% satisfaction guarantees. 

The company combines the use of effective and innovative solutions with environmentally friendly products to help improve indoor air quality and reduce the presence of indoor allergens. Aside from offering pocket-friendly rates, the company offers financing options. 

Affordable Attic Insulation

Affordable Attic Insulation Specializes in blown-in attic insulation as well as sprayed on radiant barriers. It also offers the installation of an attic staircase insulator or cover. The owner believes in being hands-on and oversee’s the installations personally. This personal touch and investment have seen the company continue to provide quality services to its clients, winning awards such as Angie’s list super service award. It also has enjoyed an A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating since 2018. 

Affordable pricing, quality guarantees, and offer bargains are all part of Affordable Attic Insulations’ attempt to stay true to its name. 

All Attic Insulation Services

The environmentally friendly products used for insulation by All Attic Insulation Services negate the need for the building’s inhabitants to vacate the building during and shortly after the installation process. This family-owned business specializes in attic insulation, Spray foam installations, and insulation removal. 

It is top-rated for customer service, value for money as well as the quality of work done. The main focus for All Attic Insulation Services is improving the energy efficiency of buildings translating to saved costs for clients. They offer warranties for work done as well as satisfaction guarantees. 

After installation, the All Attic staff does a follow-up inspection to ensure that the quality of the installation is upheld

Huston Insulation Experts

The focus for Huston Insulation Experts is to ensure their clients have comfortable, energy and cost-saving buildings. They understand the temperature extremes that occur during Huston summers and winters and thus tailor-make solutions for individual client needs. 

They specialize in attic insulation, blown-in insulation, spray foam insulation, and the insulation of commercial buildings. They are top-rated for affordability and customer service. 

Installed Building Products (IBP)

Installed Building Products (IBP) specializes in insulation using fiberglass, cellulose, rigid board, spray foam, vinyl, radiant barrier, and loose-fill. Services offered include insulation of new and existing homes,  insulation of new constructions, insulation removal, and the insulation of commercial buildings. They provide free detailed estimates for your desired projects. However, their website has rough cost estimates that can act as guides when one is in the research phase of their consumer journey. 

Insulation Guru

Insulation Guru brings to the table 11 years of experience. Services offered include the installation of insulation, radiant barriers, weatherization, ventilation, installation of decks, insulation removal, garage door insulation as well as the installation of water heater insulated wraps. 

The company is equipped to handle residential as well as commercial projects. It is certified by BPI, LEED Green Associate, IEEC, TDHCA, and Envelope, and Building Analyst. Its operations are customer-oriented and the company strives to match the expertise and experience of its technicians to the jobs they are assigned.  In Huston, Texas, Insulation Guru is top-rated for its friendly staff and the high quality of work delivered. 

Koala Insulation

Koala Insulation has over 15 years of experience. They specialize in the installation of spray foam insulation, blown-in attic insulation, solar attic fans, air sealing, and insulation removal. 

Their focus is to aid their clients in reducing energy-related costs as well as the building’s carbon footprint, improving the overall health and comfort of the client by reducing indoor allergens and soundproofing. Koala Insulation pride themselves on their punctuality, experience, and knowledgeability.

Pay Less Insulation

Payless insulation was founded in 1979 and has provided quality services for 42 years. It has won several awards over the years including the Angie’s List Super Service Award. The company has had an A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating since 1980 and is accredited by the Insulation Contractors of America (ICAA), Associated General Contractors (AGC), U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), and The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). 

The company offers free quotations to its prospective clients. Insulation materials used are UL certified low chemical materials ensuring their environmental friendliness. The crew ensures that they do a thorough clean-up after they are done working and the company’s communication lines stay open 24hrs in the event of an emergency. 

Ultimate Radiant Barrier and Insulation

Ultimate Radiant Barrier and Insulation specialize in the installation of fiberglass insulation (blown-in as well as batt fiberglass), spray foam insulation, radiant barriers, solar attic fans, and insulation removal. They provide a free energy analysis of your home to determine the best-suited insulation solution 

The company promises convenient, hassle-free installation translating to comfort maximization, durable insulation, and overall saved costs for the clients. They take pride in their presentation, quality of work done as well as their punctuality. 

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