Best Interior Designers in Chicago

Chicago is one of the boldest and prettiest cities in modern America that thrives with timeless luxury and enduring character. All the amazing, world-class interior designers in Chicago are to thank for that. They have embellished the place with their creative passions and continue to do so.

When left to professionals with experience and a sense of style, a home’s interior can become a dreamland. The perfection, the class, the way everything just fits together. All of these are the reasons why you should hire interior designers to do the job.

Not sure where to start? In this article, you will find the best interior designers in Chicago to liven up your home. Let’s dive in.

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We Analyzed 1729 Interior Designers in Chicago, Illinois, and Picked the Top 20

Marshall Erb Design – Premium Placement

Marshall Erb is based in Chicago, Ill., for more than 20 years. It is an integral part of the design movement shaping Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. The firm provides luxurious yet-approachable interior design services from single-family homes and condos to galleries, commercial spaces, five-star hotels, and vacation homes abroad.

The benefits include collaborating with builders and architects, completing in-house interior architecture (think the layout, lighting systems, windows/doors, millwork, and more), and, of course, all interior polish required for clients to feel at home.

The recipient of numerous industry awards, including ‘Top 200 Design Industry Influencer,’ ‘Top 20 Best Interior Designers in Chicago,’ and ‘ASID Award-Winning Chicago Interior Designer,’ to name a few. Marshall Erb Design prides itself on creating unique, personalized environments that are as extraordinary as its clients.

“We believe that when a space is given intention—and elicits an emotional response—then, and only then, has its potential been realized,” says Erb. “Sometimes it’s quiet, other times it’s resounding. Sometimes it’s vibrant, while other times, it’s muted. But make no mistake. you will feel it.”

Pick up your phone, and talk to their customer support team at (312) 563-0000

Anthony Michael Interior Design

The Best of Houzz 2020, Luxe Gold List 2018, Fixr Top 200 Influencers Home Construction Industry 2017, and Zillow Digs™ Home Design Inspiration. All these achievements of Anthony Michael Interior Design speak for themselves.

Anthony Michael’s interior ingenuity has made him an industry leader and influencer for more than three decades. Perfect use of color and texture, space planning, and white-glove attention to detail defines his work.

As a client, you can expect a consistent and engaging full-service interior design process with this company. They can transform your abstract ideas into reality.

Carolina Brandeis

Carolina Brandeis is another gifted interior designer in Chicago. She has more than 8 years of experience in residential and commercial design. By living amidst the world-class architecture of Chicago over her lifetime, she has developed a keen eye for aesthetics.

With this eye, she can transform the interior of your home into what you have always imagined in your daydreams. You can count on her creative and analytical mind and watch her marry harmonious designs with everyday life functionality.

She uses AutoCAD and Google Sketch programs to communicate her designs. Working with her will be delightful, as she is very friendly and communicative. 

And now you’re familiar with all the important and talented interior designers who make Chicago such a beautiful place to live in. Which one of them will you be choosing for your own project?

Chad Esslinger Design

Chad Esslinger Design is located in Downers Grove, IL, that partners with clients all over Chicagoland and beyond to update their spaces. After spending several years in the home decor product design industry, Chad started his firm in 2011. Chad Esslinger Design helps their clients with everything from choosing paint colors to making selections for new constructions.

Chad Esslinger Design focuses primarily on residential design and renovation but also small commercial spaces. They have a network of general contractors and product specialists for any size project. Chad Esslinger Design believes that great design is contemporary but timeless, simple but elegant.


With Decorilla, you can work online with the finest interior designers of Chicago. You can get concepts from multiple designers and create your dream personalized space. 

Decorilla is a very cost-effective option for you. This is because you can save up to 45% through their furniture discounts at 350+ vendors. You can also get $100 off in their online design sale. In fact, you will need 80% less money than traditional interior design.

You can also save time through the realistic 3D model and professional advice of these interior designers in Chicago. It is convenient and stress-free, and the whole time they will take care of you. 

Gray Walter

Gray Walter is a design and interior architecture studio. The firm is led by Chicago-born and based Kenneth Walter. Ken and his team are here to handle all your aesthetic needs ranging from ground-up new construction, renovation projects, and decorating endeavors. They are specialists in historic preservation and have been fortunate to work on many glorious old buildings throughout the United States.

Ken has an encyclopedic knowledge of art; he’s a fantastic colorist and art consultant. They can help assemble a new art collection or curate existing pieces you have. This includes framing, conservation, and installation. Their clients include boutique hotels, private clubs, retail/corporate, and residential. Kenneth is licensed and a professional member of ASID. They have been reviewed on the prestigious Franklin Report and are part of the Houzz community.

Guided Design Cabinetry & Interiors

Guided Design Cabinetry & Interiors is an interior designing and construction contractor in Chicago. They will collaboratively design and construct your idea while guiding you through the process.

They provide services like design work drawings, schematic drawings, and finish selections. Their professional team can custom-design and fabricate interior products to the highest degree.

Their specialty is different styles of designs for cabinetry installation. Explore your inspiration with them by scheduling a consultation either in their showroom or on-site.

Habitar Design

Award-winning and recently named by Impressive Interior Designs as Chicago’s Best Designer, Habitar Design earned its stripes by focusing on its client’s needs with a simple, step-by-step, down-to-earth process.

Their owner, a trained physician, brings bedside manner into the home renovation with his highly skilled team laser-focused on getting the best result for their clients. Their own construction company and cabinetry shop bring organization and simplicity to the field that few can rival.

James Thomas Interiors

Celebrated designers James Dolenc and Tom Riker are behind the Chicago-based residential interior design firm James Thomas Interiors. Partners in both work and life, the two launched their eponymous firm in 2003 and quickly became known for sophisticated, classic, and generously appointed homes that serve their owners with an effortless elegance that is beautiful and welcoming.

Their partnership’s ebb and flow serve clients with two unique points of view that work in harmony; James is the storyteller – overseeing technical design, the flow of the space, and ensuring that every detail adds up to tell a cohesive story. Tom is the editor – specializing in design details, and one-of-a-kind notes that turn a home into a personal statement.

While James Thomas Interiors focuses on serving clients in Chicago and its elite North Shore, they have also worked on Arizona, California, Colorado, Montana, New York City, Utah, The Turks and Caicos Islands, and France. Their work has been featured in House Beautiful, Traditional Home, Luxe Magazine, Mountain Living, Interiors, Decor, and Midwest Living.

Jasmin Reese

Jasmin Reese Interiors is a Chicago-based Residential Luxury firm that also services Naples, Florida. From the start, she meets in her Lincoln Park office and design shop for a collaborative “Style session” – this determines how high octane the client is willing to go, and then the magic starts.

She is an artist and can work in many different styles. Her instinct is blending antiques with modern elements, dark finishes mixed with light, feminine tones contrasting with masculine, and high low pieces. Her signature style includes bold wallpapered ceilings that allow artworks to be at eye level and artfully designed “color bomb” rooms that are whimsical and sophisticated at the same time.

Ironically, her rooms appear very maximalist at first blush- however, they have limited, edited furnishings and simple styling for a classic and timeless tone. Her painterly interiors have gained her repeat business from clients who love their comfortable spaces, and she can complete homes over years if it isn’t done all at once.

The biggest compliment is that her team is now starting to design her clients’ children’s first apartments after designing their rooms when they were children. This speaks to the trust clients have with Jasmin Reese Interiors and the design journey that the firm offers.

Lauren Coburn

Lauren Coburn, LLC is a full-service interior architecture and design firm specializing in architectural interiors. Lauren has built her business over the last 17 years based on magnificent design, transparency, and exceptional customer service.

They do everything from assisting clients in building new homes and renovation to full-scale interior design. Lauren was trained initially by the world-renowned architect Stanley Tigerman, and her degree from the Art Institute of Chicago is in interior architecture.

Those experiences and developing a solid architectural eye as a designer have made Lauren a trusted source to collaborate with clients and their architects and builders to be the client’s advocate throughout the building process. She assists them with all interior aspects of the building process and enjoys collaborating with the team.

Lauren’s clients also work closely with her, and she and her team are on a mission to make clients “Love Their Space.”

Leslie Newman

Leslie Newman has been making beautiful living spaces for 53 years. She has worked nationally and internationally on all aspects of home design, including “spruce ups,” gut renovations, expansions, as well as commercial projects.

She won multiple awards for her outstanding work. Houzz has awarded her honors for both service and design. She has been previously listed as one of the top 15 designers in Chicago and New Orleans. Her reviews are stellar, demonstrating the depth of emotional connection with her clients during the creative process.

The results are timeless, comfortable, extraordinarily functional, and provide maximum storage and versatility.

Lugbill Designs

Whether it’s a full renovation or new construction, Lugbill Designs has years of experience and professionalism. They can tear a home down to studs and renovate it all together within only a day’s time.

“Choose your own adventure” is their approach to their clients. They will combine their keen eye for styling with what you, the client, are looking for. As a result, you will get the ultimate satisfactory outcome. 

They will also expertly manage every aspect of your project, from contractors to material procurement. You can contact them either for an online estimation or an on-site one to take them along on this journey.  

Paula Interiors

Paula Interiors is a boutique interior design firm located in Chicago’s Logan Square, offering a wide range of services, from one-room makeovers to full-service design. They specialize in high-end residential interiors. The firm is known for its mood-boosting style and the high level of service through a collaborative, hands-on, and client-focused process based on discovery and communication.

Paula Interiors is dedicated to creating exquisite, unique, and functional spaces tailored to its clients’ particular needs and desires. Its values are built on a foundation of knowledge, respect, commitment, honesty, and creativity. Its success is based on a deep understanding of its clients’ lifestyle, budget, and goals, refining their vision through an experienced lens. The results are interiors that elevate the experience of home to new levels, reflecting clients’ individual stories and the lives they want to live.

Rae Duncan Interior Design

Ray Duncan Interior Design is an international luxury design firm. It is located on North Hudson Avenue in Chicago. They specialize in residential, commercial, and hospital renovations, constructions, and redesigns.

Thoughtfulness and exquisiteness are what describes this interior design company the best. Whatever they do, they do it collaboratively. That’s why it reflects the unique needs, identities, and aesthetics of every client.

They don’t provide online consultation. They believe only onsite consultation can help them properly understand the environment. From the beginning to the end, they promise to take care of every major and minor aspect of the project.

Sarah Jacquelyn Interiors

Sarah Jacquelyn Interiors is a full-service, award-winning interior design firm located in Chicago, specializing in residential design. With an emphasis on communication and organization, this team of highly experienced designers will handle your project smoothly and effortlessly, creating beautifully curated interiors tailored to your design aesthetic.

They pride themselves on their relationships with reliable vendors and tradespeople, ensuring quality products and labor, whether for a home refresh or complete remodel. Blending contemporary design with eclectic accents, SJI creates elegantly layered spaces alive with color and personality.

SJI believes that a home should be an extension of who you are; they strive to truly get to know their clients, ensuring that the functional needs of space are met and keeping open communication every step of the project.

SKIN Interior Design

SKIN interior design brings a unique approach to each client project with meticulous attention to detail. SKIN exposes its clients to a vast array of classic, timeless and chic selections, whether modern or traditional, colorful, organic, or simply neutral elegance.

As all clients have different needs, SKIN takes the time to get to know their clients and dive deep into the layers of their personalities to bring to life the best result. “We love exposing our clients to materials and options they never dreamed of.” SKIN works with top contractors and suppliers that help bring our projects to fruition.

SKIN also educates its clients on Furniture and Art history and scale, which is essential to having a cohesive design throughout the home. Fabrics, wallpaper, and thoughtful flowing details are what make SKIN stand out.

Stephanie Wohlner Design

Stephanie Wohlner is an Interior designer in Chicago with 25 years of experience behind her belt. If you want the interior of your home to have a timeless vibe gorgeously mixed in with classy modernity, Stephanie Wohlner Design will help you out.

Stephanie’s use of color, texture, and pattern blends an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary. Thus they personalize your home according to your unique taste while upholding their own unique blend as well.

You will also love her strong sense of proportion. This interior designing firm has projects throughout the country, with a primary base in Chicago. You can check their portfolio and make the decision yourself.  

Summer Thornton Design

All of you may desire a fearless, bold, and colorful design for your home to bring it to life. Then Summer Thornton Design is your place. With them, you can find your soul, passions, and personality on the walls and in the furniture.

The lead designer Summer Thornton has been named one of the top 50 interior designers in the world by 1stDibs! Not to mention how Architectural Digest, Traditional Home, and many other famous magazines have featured her work.

Their staff of 12 talented individuals will come together to fulfill your needs and wishes. That’s why no two projects ever look-alike for this team of interior designers in Chicago.

Tiffany Brooks Interiors Inc

This HGTV Host is the lead interior designer of her own residential firm. Over the years, Tiffany Brooks Interiors Inc has expanded its portfolio to a celebrity clientele as well.

Clients praise Tiffany and the team’s unique eye for color, texture, layer, and style. And if you’re in the Chicago area, you can also get the chance to be cast for Tiffany’s Hit Show, 50K Three Ways.

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