Best Modeling Agencies in Houston

There is nothing as discouraging as when you plan an event that lacks energy, and the guests are bored due to lack of engagement. The best way to make and leave an impact on your guests is to hire people who can set the tone. Getting professional models is the best way to make sure you make an impact with your event.

Professional models will bring about a personal connection with your consumers as they will be articulate representatives of your brand or product. The models’ connection with your consumers will make a more lasting impression than media or print. The best place to source these models is the modeling agencies. Now let us look at the best modeling agencies in Houston. 

We Analyzed 1591 Modeling Agencies in Houston, Texas, and Picked the Top 5

First Models and Talent Agency

First Models and Talent Agency came into existence 29 years ago and has a physical office in Houston. The agency is known for its professional models, who have shown great strides in local and international arenas. They promise that you will have 24 hr access to their director.

Most of the models for the agency are featured on the faces of magazines, international and local television shows, as well as runaway shows. The agency has been represented by its models to companies like Nike, Walmart, Hyundai, Heb, and Academy. Promotional models are also available if you have a special event.

They offer both male and female models for their classic, commercial, and fashion projects. Should you prefer to work with children, they will provide you with a choice of male or female.

Neal Hamil Center

Neal Hamil center for modeling and talent first opened its doors in 1974 as a leader in developing and training people interested in becoming models. Initially, it was known as Mayo-Hill. 

It is famous for being the starting point for many talented models and actors. The center’s most famous face, among many others, is Crystle Stewart, who won Miss Texas in 2008, and Miss USA the same year. Their talent has been featured in local and international magazines like Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, and graced the runways for designers like Roberto Cavalli, Emporio Armani, and so many others.

The agency opens its doors on Mon-Thur from 12 pm-9 pm and Fri-Sat from 10. Am-6 pm.

Page Parkes Agency

Page Parkes Agency was started in 1981 by the duo of Rachel Duran and Pages Parkes- Eveleth. Page had a knack for identifying talent in the most unlikely people making the agency one of the best in discovering and developing new talent to reach stardom.

The agency has made a mark in the fashion industry by being the largest and most influential modeling and acting corporation. Indeed who could doubt this with their most famous talent being Angeline Jolie, Channing Tatum , Brooke Shields, and Hillary Duff, to name but a few.

They cast models for voiceovers, commercial print, TV/Film.

The Houston Agency

The Houston Agency provides services like runway shows, fashion modeling, fashion talent representation, and coordinating. They require their models to be committed to the Houston area for at least 18 months.

They cast female, male, and plus-size models for their agency.

TL Modeling Agency

The TL modeling agency started eight years ago and represents selected children (4+), teens, men, and women for roles like brand ambassador and actors. Though they have a professional physical office, the agency prefers to conduct its main business online. The agency has been able to recruit internationally.

One of their most outstanding achievements is becoming H&M print campaign managers in 2013, among many other great clients. They are on call 24Hrs, weekdays, and weekends to ensure that all their client’s expectations are met.

They derived their name TL from discovering T-A-L-E-N-T.

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