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Hello there? We heard you are moving, but where are you heading? Who is carrying the heavy furniture for you? In Chicago, we have analyzed more than 200 companies to get the ten best moving companies in Chicago. 

It’s stressful to pack and do it orderly, and hiring local guys to do the job for you may not end up being perfect. So, whether you are moving your office or home, here are the companies that will take care of that in Chi and its environs. 

We Analyzed 1779 Moving Companies in Chicago, Illinois, and Picked the Top 11

All Seasons Movers 

All Seasons Movers will help you move items within Chicago or out of state. They have been doing this since 1985, and the charges are hourly. The full service here includes packing and unpacking, loading the trucks and unloading. 

If you have fragile items and electronics in the midst, they will take care of that as well. They will always provide the full service for you. What varies the hourly rates is the number of persons assigned for your move. 

The lowest you can pay here is $75 per hour for two movers and a truck. If you want part of the moving service done, they can customize it to fit your needs. 

Alliance Moving & Storage 

Alliance Moving & Storage is a family-owned company, and they have been professional since the time they started the business. Apart from affordability and reliability, they tailor the services based on the category that you best fit. 

With that, you get affordable rates in residential moves, commercial ones or help in packing and unpacking. Do you have furniture to assemble or disassemble? They are also experts in that. Those who want to move out of Chicago or longer distances will also find a favorable moving partner. 

Do you need somewhere to pack your things as you find a new location? Alliance Moving & Storage will also cater for that and let you find a better place in peace. 

Ampol Moving 

Ampol Movers have been in Chicago since 2004, and they have always been moving ever since. You get services such as moving within the same building, switching apartments, and the effort also extends to commercial clients. 

They often do not do the packing unless you request it before they arrive. The company, however, participates in unpacking based on your directions. They offer competitive rates to ensure that you save your money. 

During the winter, they work seven days a week. Between March and November, they do not work on Sundays. They are always reachable, but the advice here is to always book in advance. 

Chicagoland Moving and Storage 

Chicagoland is another moving company that operates in Chi and its environs. They have already assisted many in the movement business in both commercial and residential realms. What’s special about them is that they will assist in moving fragile items. 

So, if you have a big, delicate piano, some expensive art or something that falls in that nature, they will professionally help you on that. They are available for both short and long-distance movements. 

Their services include packing and unpacking, assembling and disassembly, and crating. What they offer depends on the nature of your movement schedule. If you need storage services while you are between moves, they will offer that at an affordable fee. 

Dels Moving & Storage 

If you want a full service as you move, then Dels Moving & Storage should be your contact. They do not lure you with lower rates only to find out that you will be paying more at the end of the service. 

That is why their honesty has kept them in business since 1985. Dels offer moving services, packing and unpacking and storage if you don’t have somewhere to take your belongings yet. 

They are also specialized in piano moving in Chicago, military moves, moving the elderly and hoisting. Whether moving to a new building or out of Chicago, they always get the business done professionally and adorably. 

H2H Movers 

There is a full service to take advantage of when you hire H2H Movers for your relocation needs. They are mostly into residential moves, although they also help small offices relocate within the building or the next one nearby. 

H2H Movers have been moving folks for the last 20 years, and the owner is a Chicago dweller. It’s also inspiring to know that it’s female-owned. They have been involved in household moves and specialized movements that involve delicate items such as piano and fine art. 

The full service rendered involves loading and unloading, rearrangements, full or partial parking, and more. 

Kolovitz Movers 

Kolovitz Movers may have a funny name, but they have been around Chicago for 50 years. That means some of the residents have heard of it, making it a household name. 

They also offer full service, which starts with packing and ends with unpacking in the new location. The personnel will perform moving services for both commercial and residential clients. Occasionally, you will find them helping families strategize as a senior member moves to a new location. 

The offices are in Oak Park, and that allows them to serve a bigger Chicago area. If you also have delicate items such as glassware, fine art, or electronics, they will handle the movement of supplies for you at affordable prices. 

Moovers Chicago 

Moovers Chicago Inc is a Chicago-based moving company started by a hard-working immigrant family who came to the US in search of the American dream. Moovers strive to provide a fast and safe moving service, one home at a time.

They offer reliable service and the professional support our customers need in transition and moments of immense stress. To do that, Moovers hires some of the most hard-working people in the industry, and they take pride in the quality and excellence of their work.

The success of our company comes from the dedication and passion that our workers display every day with every job. All the aspects of our business are geared and dedicated towards customer satisfaction. We never missed an appointment in 7 years, and we plan on continuing to serve and support the residents and businesses of our city.

Pack-Men Movers 

This is another family-owned business that has also worked with businesses and individuals. At Pack-Men Movers, they offer the full service or let you do the packing and unpacking. They operate all over Chicago, and they have a habit of wrapping everything carefully before it’s on transit. 

More to moving include assembly in disassembly of furniture, and taking care of everything else involved in the moving process. You can request a quote on the website and the support team always gets back to you. 

The company operates from Monday to Saturday, from 9 am to 5 pm. 

Ready Movers 

Lastly, we have the Ready Movers based in Chicago, but they will help you move to your new location as long as it’s within the US. Whether you are moving to the same building or the next state, they will handle that with ease. 

You can hire them for the full service, including the movement of delicate items such as pianos. That is why they suit business, seniors and government moves. Since 2010, they have been in the moving business and served hundreds of clients in residential and commercial realms. 

Apart from the moving, they will also help you assemble the furniture and arrange it in the new location. 

Moving from one place to another is always hectic, and you have to get everything right. When you have more to carry, it’s good to involve the moving companies to relieve the transit stress. 

We have reviewed the above to include companies that can help you move within Chicago or out of the city. Now, it’s up to you to find who suits your moving needs before giving a call. 

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