Best Neurologists in Chicago

A neurologist is a clinician who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders, which include the brain, spinal cord, and nerves. Headaches, strokes, dementia, seizures, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, sleep problems, and neuromuscular illnesses are all treated by neurologists.

Neurologists may also work in clinical research, clinical trials, fundamental or translational research, or both. These doctors do not conduct surgery; instead, they refer patients to neurosurgeons if they believe surgery is required.

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We Analyzed 1649 Neurologists in Chicago, Illinois, and Picked the Top 10

The following is a list of the best and most well-known neurologists in Chicago. I have developed my ranking based on this rating points list to assist you in finding the finest Neurologists in Chicago.

Dr. Alan G. Shepard

Dr. Alan G. Shepard is a neurologist who works at Northwestern Medicine in Chicago. Dr. Shepard, who now operates in Chicago, Illinois, is well-known for his treatment of Parkinson’s disease and sleep disturbances. He specializes in endocrinology, stroke, epilepsy, nerve conduction investigations, headache, and other fields. 

In 1988, he graduated from Loyola University/Stritch School of Medicine with his medical degree. In 1989, he interned at Louis A. Weiss Memorial Hospital, and in 1993, he finished his fellowship in the Neurophysiology department at Rush Presbyterian Saint Luke’s Medical Center.                     

He sees a lot of people who have headaches, concussions, neck and back pain, neuropathy, and multiple sclerosis. His credo is to respectfully and competently advise and guide patients through their health challenges.

Dr. Barry Arnason 

Dr. Barry Arnason specializes in multiple sclerosis, autoimmune neuropathies, and myasthenia gravis diagnosis and treatment. Facial nerve issues, Guillain-Barre syndrome, trigeminal neuralgia, and Bell’s palsy are among his clinical interests. 

Every year, Dr. Arnason treats thousands of patients; many of them are national and international referrals. Dr. Arnason’s study is focused on the function of immune cells in multiple sclerosis. 

His lab is investigating the function of immune cells such as T suppressor cells, IFN-secreting cells, and NK cells. He’s also looking at how pregnancy can help those with multiple sclerosis. Dr. Arnason is interested in the connection between the neurological and immunological systems, as is Dr. Ewa Chelmicka-Schorr.

Dr. Julie Rowin

Dr. Julie Rowin is neurology, neuromuscular treatment, and integrative medicine specialist. She is one of just a few neurologists who has also studied Medical Acupuncture, Yoga, and Ayurvedic Medicine.

Her integrative therapy approach to adult neurological diseases incorporates nutrition, acupuncture, and mind-body energetics in addition to standard medical care. Her methods are designed to help you restore your body’s balance in the gentlest way possible. To assist you on your journey to wellbeing, Dr. Rowin combines traditional diagnostic and therapeutic procedures with integrative, functional, and holistic approaches.

Dr. Rowin will employ cutting-edge testing to identify underlying triggers that contribute to your condition and tailor the treatment to your specific needs. Her approach is tailored and adapted to each patient’s specific needs.

Dr. Kenneth Holmes 

Dr. Kenneth Holmes is a board-certified neurologist with over 0 years of diversified expertise in neurology at Neurology Consultants/EMG Centers of Chicagoland in Chicago. He graduated from the University of Chicago with a bachelor’s degree and a medical degree.

He did his neurology residency and two fellowships at Duke University, one in Electromyography/Nerve Conduction Studies/Neuromuscular Disorders and the other in Electroencephalography/Epilepsy. He specializes in treating patients with complex neurological issues. 

His devoted and well-trained staff is dedicated to providing the best neurological treatment possible to their patients. Dr. KH is also board-certified in electrodiagnostic medicine and clinical neurophysiology by the American Board of Electrodiagnostic Medicine and Clinical Neurophysiology. 

Dr. Lenny Cohen

Dr. Lenny Cohen is a well-known neurologist who now serves at Chicago Neurological Services, with offices in Chicago and Oak Park, Illinois.Illinois. He is an American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology psychometrician who completed his neurology fellowship at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia.

Dr. Cohen’s medical training began in Russia, where he was born and nurtured. He came to New York City at the age of 20 to pursue his love for medicine. He graduated from the American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine in Sint Maarten with a medical degree.

Dr. Cohen is a board-certified physician who has spent more than a decade assisting his Chicagoland clients in improving their health, feeling their best, and enjoying each day. He employs cutting-edge treatment technology and stays current on the latest research.

Dr. Michael Chen

Dr. Micheal P. Macken is a neurologist at Chicago’s Northwestern Memorial Hospital. He earned his bachelor’s degree from the John A. Burns School of Business at the University of Hawaii. Burns School of Medicine with a medical degree and has been practicing for over 10 years.

At Yale, Harvard, and Columbia, he completed a neurology residency, a stroke fellowship, and a neuroendovascular surgery fellowship, respectively. He is especially interested in cerebral aneurysms, arteriovenous malformations of the brain and spine, intracranial atherosclerosis, carotid artery stenosis, acute stroke thrombolysis, and preoperative tumor embolization of the brain and spine for research and development reasons.

Chen’s work focuses on endovascular treatments for vascular diseases of the brain and spinal cord that are minimally invasive. He is a superb neurologist with a kind and friendly demeanor.

Dr. Raina Gupta 

Dr. Raina Gupta is a neurologist in Chicago, Illinois, who diagnoses and treats patients with nervous system illnesses such as Parkinson’s disease. She holds board certifications in Neurology and Sleep Medicine.

Dr. Raina Gupta graduated from the University of Louisville School of Medicine in 2006 and has been in practice for 11 to 20 years. Dr. Raina Gupta’s therapies include CPAP therapy, sleep device implantation, psychotherapy, lifestyle modifications, and others to eradicate or alleviate the symptoms of sleep disorders.

Dr. Gupta utilizes a variety of diagnostic methods, including screening devices, nightly sleep tests, and oximeters. Dr. Raina Gupta diagnoses and treats neurological diseases caused by central and peripheral nervous system abnormalities.

Dr. Raymond P. Roos 

Dr. Raymond P. Roos is a board-certified neurologist with expertise in neurodegenerative diseases (such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and prion diseases (e.g., Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease), multiple sclerosis (MS), inflammatory central nervous system diseases (e.g., Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease), and neuropathy. 

He is the clinic’s director for ALS/Motor Neuron Disease. Dr. Roos’ research projects aim to understand the etiology of MS and ALS better using molecular methods.

In one study, he and his colleagues looked for genes and gene products that were important in the death and survival of motor neurons, especially in the context of neurodegenerative disorders like ALS. To better understand how mutant genes destroy target neurons, the team utilizes viruses and transgenic mice models.

Dr. Roberto P. Segura

Dr. Roberto P. Segura is committed to assisting individuals suffering from nerve discomfort. He specializes in diagnosing and treating upper and lower limb spinal and peripheral nerve problems and general neuromuscular illnesses.

Dr. Segura’s mission is to counsel and help people through their health difficulties politely and professionally. Dr. Segura focuses on the neurologic consequences of diabetes in his research and continuous education. He has created distinct and unique procedures for diagnosing entrapment neuropathies in the lower limbs. 

For the most accurate diagnosis of peripheral nerve diseases, Dr. Segura uses a combination of neurophysiological tests and neuromuscular diagnostic ultrasonography. He is a superb neurologist with a kind and friendly demeanor.

Dr. Roumen Balabanov

Roumen Balabanov is a board-certified neurologist who specializes in autoimmune nervous system disorders such as multiple sclerosis and neuromyelitis optic. Dr. Roumen Balabanov works at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. He practices Neurology in Chicago, IL.

He received his medical degree at Sofia’s Medical Academy and his neurological study at The University of Chicago. Dr. Balabanov is presently an Associate Professor of Neurology and Senior Attending at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, Illinois, and also the Associate Director of the University’s Multiple Sclerosis Center.

He is an excellent neurologist with a warm and cheerful personality who has been working in Chicago, IL, for nearly 15 years. He is active in clinical research trials, experimental neuroimmunology, and glial biology, in addition to patient treatment.

These neurologists provide hope for individuals with complicated situations and have demonstrated skill in treating patients that other physicians may consider untreatable. They routinely care for patients of all ages with uncommon and chronic illnesses,  providing a holistic approach that takes into consideration the physical and emotional problems of nervous system disorders.

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