Best Pawn Shops in Houston

Our good old pawn shops have been saving lives since forever. If you’re familiar with pawn shops, you’ll know that they are one of the cheapest options for fast loans using valuable collateral.

However, it’s hard to predetermine a good pawn shop. There are so many options available. And it’s hard not to think about the bad rep that pawnshops are receiving in some quarters. 

Yet there are awesome pawn shops that you’ll gladly patronize if you knew their back story or even had any idea how they operate. We are talking about pawn shops with loan interest rates and services that will make your heart race with excitement.

And guess what? We have 5 of the best pawn shops out of Houston for you

We Analyzed 1811 Pawn Shops in Houston, Texas, and Picked the Top 4

Houston Pawn Shop

Houston Pawn Shop is a family-owned setup. That alone might endear you to patronize them but there’s more. They’ve got an experienced staff that is customer-friendly and knows their onions concerning pawnshop loans. 

Their pawnshop service is available every day of the week except Sundays. Precisely they are open from 9 AM to 6 PM.

Royal Pawn

Royal Pawn is one of the most trusted services in Houston. And they’ve strategically spread their roots in the city, having four convenient locations for you to visit. The loan services are breezy and you can sell your scrap gold for good money.

Sometime in 2019, Eric Rizer, the owner of the pawnshop disclosed that had two super bowl rings and trophies up for sale. The trophies were replicas verified and made by Tiffany & Co.

Sam Houston Pawn

Pawnbrokers are usually governed by major federal laws which make them certified. And you would find it easier to deal with a certified pawnshop. Well, Good news. Sam Houston Pawn is certified and abides by the regulations — these include USA Patriot Act, Truth-in-Lending Act.

In 1995 Kevin M. McCarty and Terry E. Wieland decided to own their Pawnshop. They are members of the Texas Association of Pawnbrokers (TAP) and the National Pawnbrokers Association. 

The owners are also recognized for their charitable services in the community. Some of the recipients of these voluntary services include Faith Family Church, Trinity Episcopal School, and Ducks Unlimited

Shaws R&R

This is another family-owned business. And the R & R you see has a true meaning — Rodney and Rhonda. They’ve been operating since 1993. If they have been operating this long, they’ve been offering these jewelry and loan services for over 27 years. This pawn shop is a member of Cy-Fair Chamber of Commerce, Houston Better Business Bureau, and Dun and Bradstreet. The staff is also well trained to provide excellent customer service.

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