Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Houston

Are you in Houston or its environs and suffering from an injury that isn’t a result of your own doing? Take it easy. Houston has some of the best personal injury lawyers. Most of them have been in the legal domain for over 20 years. Thus, they have proven track records of success. They are licensed and have the necessary certifications to help you in your claims. They have unique tailored services to meet your needs. So, don’t suffer for something that you didn’t cause. The best personal injury lawyers are at your service to ease your burden.

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We Analyzed 1687 Personal Injury Lawyers in Houston, Texas, and Picked the Top 10

Abraham, Watkins, Nichol, Agosto, Aziz & Stogner

Since its inception in 1951, they have been at the forefront in handling; death caused by negligence, business disputes, and serious injuries as a result of pure negligence. They have proven success records including $22 million in worksite accidents and over $48 million in catastrophic burns, among other claims. 

They are not concerned with upfront remuneration for their clients despite representing them at their best. They believe that asking for the fees upfront makes people shy away from pursuing justice, and they work with referring attorneys too. You can schedule a free consultation with them, they are just a call away.

Arnold and Litkin LLP

Arnold and Litkin LLP prides themselves in winning over $10 billion, setting a great record of their victory across the country. They have been recognized several times as one of the top best personal injury lawyers in Houston.  They have not been intimidated by challenges at any given point because they are always at their best even when things get tough. 

Their zeal in outsmarting the opposition is on another level and they are the best lawyers who show up when you are in the fight of your life. They take every case personally, giving them family-like status. Beat that? Call the experts in the courtroom because they rarely back down and have no exceptions in their services.

Attorney Brian White & Associates, P.C

Attorney Brian White & Associates has been in existence for 45 years with a proven success record. They have Personal Injury Trial Law board certification and only 3% of the entire attorneys in Texas have achieved this. Brian earned a great reputation as a trial attorney – something that gives their service an advantage over the other firms in Houston. Insurance companies always strive to settle on a reasonable offer so that their case doesn’t go to trial. They are a real nightmare to the insurance firms. They have been given accolades and attention throughout the year including their 10 ratings on AVVO. They also have 160 5-star reviews by their former clients, that’s pretty good. Right?

Bivona Law

Do you want a caring partner who will help you handle the insurance negotiations? Then you have Bivona Law. They will coordinate your medical treatment and help you get back your lost wages and whatever you spent out of pocket. You won’t deal with your insurance because they readily offer to do that for you. Hence, save you the hassle that comes with the process. They are dedicated to ensuring personal injury lawyer is right for you. Thus, making them unique from the rest. They are the care that you need when something happens to you. It is just you, and they will be there for you to the end.

Blizzard Law PLLC

With experience running over forty years, you will be w for the negligent acts that caused you or your loved one injuries. Their practice that runs nationwide has resulted in the recovery of verdicts for an incredible number of people. They have also represented some of the largest corporations globally, such as Bristol Myers. Their excellence both in the courtroom and outside had been recognized by the Federal courts and the State. Now you know who will represent you best in a drug-related injury. These lawyers boast of achieving substantial ruling and settlement for their clients.

Daspit Law Firm

Daspit Law firm is well-known for obtaining fairness in compensation. They will provide you with guidelines that you can use to measure how worthy an accident claim can amount to. You are also guaranteed to be treated with compassion and receive perfect guidance. They also give an option of settling free case reviews. One of the pipeline companies they were representing settled for $20.2 million. That’s huge! The employees will also go an extra step to help you. They are experienced in handling high-profile litigation, which includes complex cases. They take advantage of their experience in extensive trials and who wouldn’t ride on that?

Emerson Firm PLLC

Despite recognition by National Trial Lawyers, Emerson firm is also a member of Texas State Bar, The America Association of Justice, and The America Bar Association. Apart from being rated “AV Preeminent” Mr. Emerson has since 2013 been recognized by the National Trial Lawyers. When you are in a group of large employees that have been harmed by your company, they will represent you well. 

They have also been international consultants abroad for action cases. They have been awarded for maintaining high ethical standards, something that has significantly increased their ratings further. It is a great achievement that they have made in the last 35 years.

Fleming Law, PC

Fleming, a Houston lawyer, maintains Board Certification through the Texas State Bar. He has received higher ratings in commitment and communication from his vast clientele base and peers. He has argued successfully and won in the USA Supreme court. Why Fleming? Because you will be dealing directly with your lawyer who will keep you involved and informed and also know your expectations. You will be working with your attorney all through the case and they will always be available to answer your questions. They have good records of achieving great results for their clients through settlement negotiations and trials.

Gordon, Elias, and Seely, LLP

What makes these lawyers stand out? It’s the fact that they limit the number of cases that they handle at a go so that they can give you maximum attention. They don’t categorize themselves as ”settlement mills” that heavily rely on case managers and paralegals. They also advance you interest-free money to cover your out-of-pocket expenses. This is great, isn’t it? 

They have combined experience in working with accident victims resulting in substantial recoveries. This is a guarantee that they will represent you well. They also tailor their representation to meet your individual needs. They have a philosophy that is result-oriented and client-centered. It makes their process more effective. So stress no more!

John Zgourides

John is certified by the board of Texas legal specialization having been recertified in 2014 on top of his gleaming disciplinary record. He has been a licensed attorney for over 20 years. He has also been given a high rate of 10 by AVVO- a top online marketplace for legal services. On top of that, he has also been rated high on preeminent by his peers. His expertise in helping people with insurance coverage disputes is a notch higher. He is a true definition of a trial lawyer and not a mere “litigator”. He has tried over 50 cases up to the verdict level and has other cases surpassing hundreds that ended up being settled before trial. Quite a genius, Huh!

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