Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles

I have seen numerous people falling prey to personal injuries in Los Angeles. Such incidents can change your life forever. Fighting against the infliction of emotional injury requires the support of a good lawyer.

When such traumatic events occur, you need an attorney to get justice and protect your rights. I have carved out a list to find the top 10 personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles. Keep reading to find the best one near you! 

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We Analyzed 1371 Personal Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles, California, and Picked the Top 11

Arash Law Injury Lawyers

Attorneys from Arash Law firm are ardent representatives of the personal injury victims and defend their legal rights to get the right benefits. They provide a free consultation with personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles and help you to unlock a fair sum of money from the negligent party. 

The firm has won $200 million for over 3000 clients in these years. Further, the law firm represents 50 legal professionals and has successfully served clients for the past three decades. They offer premium client support and assign client managers to each of their clients.

Citywide Law Group 

Citywide Law Group has been on the legal platform since 2005. They have developed an aggressive approach that helped them to win multiple cases and secure compensations. If you desire a reasonable settlement offer from your insurance company, this law firm helps you secure it painlessly. Instead of selling your rights to the insurance company, these personal injury attorneys can properly value your claim. 

They provide comprehensive legal diagnostics throughout the recovery period. This firm backs its clients with no fees until settlement policy and caters actionable advice on automobile accidents. Further, they also assist clients with same-day appointments once you contact them.  

Downtown LA Law Group

Downtown LA Law Group outperforms its competitors with unparalleled legal guidance and assistance. To reach out to more clients, they have created free online case review facilities and successfully litigate any claims against their clients. They ensure personally injured parties receive immediate medical attention without causing out-of-pocket expenses. 

Besides, the firm got ranked as the #1 Uber & Lyft Accident Law Firm in the country. Their impeccable rideshare victory rates make them an exceptional representative of the rideshare accident victim. Over 100 years of combined services, they have recovered more than $350 million for their clients.

Fisher & Talwar 

To get time-sensitive advice and mitigate risks, you need the best-in-class legal professionals by your side. Fisher & Talwar help personal injury victims to recover maximum benefits from the negligent group. They lend a hand with paying medical expenses and bills by standing for the legal rights of their clients. 

While you recover from your unfortunate injuries, these law professionals can fight for you to make the prosecution faster and the compensation easily attainable. Further, they provide direct communication with the attorneys and seamless client service throughout the day. Despite how powerful the wrongdoer is, the attorneys of Fisher & Talwar are committed to bringing justice to the light. 

Harris Personal Injury Lawyers, LLC 

With more than 5,000 trusted clients worldwide, Harris Personal Injury Lawyers is an award-winning law firm in Los Angeles. They provide free consultation services and support clients with documentation and preservation of evidence when the case is still fresh. 

Additionally, they have designed a holistic approach of legal handlings and work for fetching the best benefits for the victims of other’s negligence. They also support unfortunate clients with a medical lien that prevents them from paying medical bills upfront. The firm strives to optimize the damaged pack to cover all the expenses. 

Michels & Lew 

Michels & Lew boasts of a fine legacy and ranks among the top law firms in the country as per the American Trial Lawyers Association. Their law practitioners focus on severe and catastrophically injured victims. They have consistently provided successful legal solutions for more than three decades and have won $1.5 billion for their clients. 

This law firm is known for accepting cases on a contingency basis. The impressive success rate and wide availability of ample resources for your personal injury investigation make them a premier choice. The firm also has certified quality assurance and emergency room medical specialists for better support to their clients. 

Panish Shea & Boyle LLP

The US News & World Report and Best Lawyers have graded Panish Shea & Boyle LLP as a ‘Tier 1’ Firm for Plaintiffs Personal Injury Litigation. With this highest recognition in the US, the venture has also made its place in the country’s top 12 plaintiff law firms. The firm has secured more than $10 billion verdicts and settlements over the years. 

They cater excellent personal guidance and support throughout the legal terms and help you get your deserving compensation. What makes them stand out is their peculiarities in selecting cases. Typically, they represent clients against large business entities or government agencies.

Rose, Klein & Marias LLP 

Rose, Klein & Maris LLP was established in 1936 and helped clients get excellent financial benefits in case of accidents, injury, or wrongful deaths of loved ones. The firm has 10 law offices throughout Southern California and only accepts fees on a contingency basis. Their experienced law attorneys navigate clients right through the procedure and provide free legal consultancy services. 

They have recovered over 5 billion dollars for their clients and display a 100% success rate. Additionally, they are willing to correspond with clients against large corporations and insurance companies. You can make use of their vast experience to find justice. 

The Barnes Firm

The law experts from the Barnes Firm give you free legal strategy sessions and 24/7 client assistance. With proven results and a wide array of clientele, the firm’s goal is to secure personal injury benefits for the sufferers. The 40+ years Branes’ legacy has preceded its reputation and has won millions for its clients. 

The firm aims to deliver maximum financial aid that the injured and their families are entitled to in legal cases. They remain equipped to be at your disposal at a moment’s notice. The team focuses exclusively on accident cases and provides the best lawyers in Los Angeles for your aid.

West Coast Trial Lawyers

This law firm is more inclined to injuries caused by car accidents and secures the compensatory benefits within a stipulated time. “No fee until we win” is a unique policy that makes West Coast Trial Lawyers different from other competitors. With 100 years of experience, this law entity provides full-service support to their personal injury victims. 

They have 20 attorneys and 80 staff who handle accident cases from the beginning till the end. The law firm is also famous for its celebrity clientele and has won over 5000 cases over the years. Moreover, they have got ranked as the #1 personal injury law firm in Los Angeles.

Winer, Burritt & Scott, LLP

Winer, Burritt & Scott, LLP is a small but powerful 8-attorney law firm specializing in personal injury, employment law (sexual harassment, discrimination, retaliation, wrongful termination), clergy, and therapist sexual abuse.

Their mission is to represent victims of severe accidents and obtain just compensation for all damages incurred, including the mental anguish of an accident. They are well-respected by their peers and adversaries and known to be conscientious and tenacious. The firm handles cases throughout California.

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