Best Personal Injury Lawyers in NYC

The personal injury law protects those who get harmed, either physically or emotionally, through someone else’s fault. Since it’s hard to claim compensation, you need the help of reputable lawyers to fight for you. 

In New York, we have lawyers that will help you keep up with the fight. We decided to research the best New York personal injury lawyer to get you the compensation you deserve while observing the law at the same time. 

Keep reading to see the five lawyers or law firms to get you justice when that personal injury comes your way. 

We Analyzed 1441 Personal Injury Lawyers in NYC, New York and Picked the Top 5

Gair Gair Conason Rubinowitz, Bloom, Hershenhorn, Steigman & Mackauf 

There is a law firm that has been fighting personal injury cases since 1919 in New York. The Gair, Gair, Conason, Rubinowitz, Bloom, Hershenhorn, Steigman & Mackauf also include general negligence disputes. 

If you have a car accident, sexual abuse, medical malpractice, and brain injuries case, among others, they are always ready to listen. The firm is based in Manhattan, but they will handle issues in the whole New York state. 

The firm has helped settle more than 400 cases in the last ten years, and the compensation exceeds $1 million. One notable case was in 2019, where a student burned alive in school in a Chemistry lab had a $59.2 million verdict. 

Hach & Rose 

Hach & Rose is another firm that will help settle your injury case. Their dedication and vigorous fight towards protecting their clients’ rights have not gone unnoticed. In 2010 and 2011, they appeared fourth in the top 100 results for claims regarding personal injury. 

By 2019, they have recovered more than $400 million in settlements and verdicts. Such an achievement is brought by their pursuit for compensation to cover lost wages and any incoming medical bills resulting from the injury. 

Their realm is quite comprehensive since it covers car accidents and the support required after medical malpractice. It may be impossible to return a victim to the state they were before the injury, but the firm ensures you have the compensation that will make your life easier.


The abbreviation above represents a law firm where every letter in the acronym represents the advocates. You will meet Sullivan, Papain Block, McGrath, Coffinas, and Cannavo P.C. as the members. The firm has offices in Garden City, NYC, and Cutchogue. 

Having offices in all these places assists them in serving the clients in New York state and New Jersey via their Hackensack office. The firm is well known for aiding in compensating the 9/11 victims and the World Trade bombing in 1993. 

You get charged for legal fees only when the firm secures a recovery on your behalf. Otherwise, it’s all about a contingency-fee-basis. Suppose you have faced a maritime accident, fire explosion resulting to burn injuries, construction accident, or auto accidents. In that case, they will ensure that you get compensated the right way as they educate you on the rule of law surrounding personal injury compensation. 

The Perecman Firm 

David Perecman is a well-known layer in New York, and he is the founder and head of his firm. In his office, he will handle personal injury matters for those living in Brooklyn, Manhattan, The Bronx, and Long Island, among other New York environs. 

The firm specializes in all types of catastrophic injuries, and they have majored in construction, motor vehicle accidents, and even wrongful death. The firm has aided in recovering more than half a billion dollars in compensation, with $40 million being one of the enormous compensations one of their clients got. 

Such success comes from the daily dedication and the will to fight for what is right. That’s why David Perecman appears on the news once in a while. He also has the award of being the best lawyer in New York in 2021.


Lastly, we have the WRSMH firm, which has acquired over $1 billion in compensation. You will meet Wingate, Russotti, Shapiro, Moses & Halperin, who will fight for the settlement. Just like an incredible law firm, they always look into the laws surrounding your claim, educate you accordingly and ensure you get paid.

They have fifty years of experience on personal injury matters in New York. Giving a closer look into your case ensures that they don’t just do it for the ride. After that, they will head to the courtroom with suitable material and confidence. 

With years of service in the industry, they know how to approach personal injury cases because they have seen it all. Some of the matters they handle include medical malpractice, truck accidents, product liability, birth and brain injuries, and wrongful death.

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