Best Pet Sitters in Chicago

The top Pet sitters in Chicago use advanced technologies to track the movements of Pets and the Pet sitters, they have shifted to online methods of payments and they offer skilled professionals who are first aid trained and have Pet sitter international certifications. To discover the best pet sitters in Chicago, continue reading the article and hire the best pet sitters for your adorable pets. 

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We Analyzed 1397 Pet Sitters in Chicago, Illinois, and Picked the Top 16

At Your Home Pet Sitting

At your home, pet sitter services are a reliable pet service company that caters to the needs of its customers all over Chicago. The pet sitters staff “At Your home pet sitting” have special animal emergency and critical veterinary training, making them the most skilled professionals. 

The company offers a broad spectrum of services for dogs, cats, and caged animals. These services include post-surgical care, exotic care, house sitting, animal stress release, socialization, elimination clean up, basic litter training, and professional animal workout to maintain the health and fitness of your pets. 

The company also arranged small animal parties and animal gift packages to keep a healthy environment for the animals. At your home, pet service is a PSI-certified and bonded company.

Bronzeville Petsitters

Bronzeville Petsitters is a Chicago-based pet-sitting service. They are qualified, and they maintain a knowledge base in pet care, health, and nutrition to keep their accreditation.

An individual walk during normal business hours is included in the dog walking service. Group walks are frequently possible, although permission from the owner is necessary if one is available. Feeding, litter box cleaning, and treats are all included in a cat visit. 

These visits are ideal if your new pet is still being crate-trained and requires some time away from it while you are gone. There’s no need to utilize an app to find a pet sitter because booking with my app service, where you can plan, cancel, and pay your bills, is simple and worry-free.

Care Care, LLC.

Care, LLC is a renowned pet care company that operates all over Chicago and offers the best pet care services for all kinds of animals.  Care, LLC is best known for providing completely customized in-home pet care services to all sorts of animals, including dogs, cats, birds, fish, rabbits, special needs animals, as well as reptiles and amphibians. 

Care, LLC provides medication services for special needs animals suffering from asthma and diabetes. Other services include animal transportation, animal walks and exercises, and pets playing and entertainment services. 

Care LLC stands out compared to its competitor pet care organizations as it is a recipient of the “Best of 2015 Award” and “People Love us award.” Care LLC is an insured and bonded organization, which holds both CPR and PSI certifications. 

Chicago Urban Pets

Chicago Urban Pets, LLC (CUP) was established in 2013 by Stephanie Fumanelli, a young woman who sought to create a pet care service that focused on better communication between the pet sitters and the pet families. Services include daily dog walking, cat sitting and vacation care. In the past 9+ years over 600 families in the downtown area of Chicago have enjoyed their services.

Pet care providers at CUP are thoroughly vetted and trained. Communication after visits include beautiful images of the pets and detailed email reports sent in real time via the pet sitting platform Pet Sitter Plus.

House Sitters America

House Sitter is an American online firm located in New York. Hundreds of thousands of house sitters and pet owners in the United States have trusted them for over a decade. 

They offer a secure and efficient service, as well as award-winning customer service.  While the homeowner is gone, house sitters and pet sitters tend after the pets, home, and garden. It’s the pinnacle of pet care, home security, and complete peace of mind.

To establish a secure community, they place a high priority on security. Their website is open, with industry-leading member features, multi-layered security, and much more. Over 10 years of expertise, they have established secure communications and 24/7 security standards.

Let’s Walk Chicago

Let’s Walk Chicago, founded in 2008, operates in the north and west side of Chicago. They offer the best customer care service. It manages online scheduling and booking for all its customers. Customers can also pay the bills and directly contact their pet sitters online. 

Let’s walk Chicago offers pet services for cats and dogs and uses the latest technology to take care of the animals to ensure their well-being. They offer a wide variety of pet services for cats and dogs.

In addition to essential pet services, they offer daily cat and dog walks, house pet sitting, medical and therapeutic administration, animal exercises, and litter box cleaning and training services. Let’s Walk Chicago is a bonded and insured company and has been officially certified by Pet Sitter International as a professional pet care organization. 

Majestic Paws Chicago

Nancy and Owen own and manage Majestic Paws, a family-run business. Nancy is the founder of Majestic Paws, which she founded while still in college in 2008.

They ensure that your dog or cat receives the individual care they require. Every day, they can see where your dog went on their excursion. Walkers are self-employed individuals who establish their own hours. At the owners’ request, they meet with the walker before the first walk.

You may be notified when your walk or visit begins and finishes, as well as receive individualised updates from your walker or sitter. They charge your card automatically every week, so you never have to remember to pay.

Marcia’s Fur and Features Service

Marcia’s fur and features are the most trusted and best known personal pet sitter all over Chicago. She is an insured and licensed pet sitter who offers dedicated pet services like daily mid-day animal walks, house sitting, entertainment activities, animal exercise, and overnight stays for dogs, cats, birds, caged animals, and backyard chickens. Marcia’s fur also offers exceptional training and focused services for kittens and special needs animals. 

Marcia Fleischer, the company owner, has a professional experience of 15 years in active animal training and pet sitting, which makes her reliable. She is also first aid trained, a CPR and PSI certified practitioner.


Meowtel is the nation’s #1 cat sitting app and has been operating in Chicago for over 3 years. They specialize in bringing their purrfect hospitality to clients through their in-home visits and overnight stays since cat parents all know that kitties prefer to stay in the comforts of their own environment! Meowtel’s sitters are all 5-step vetted and fully-insured and many of their Chicago cat sitters have experience with medication administration and even insulin shots for kitties with special needs.

Seamlessly search for a cat sitter, read their reviews, and book through or the Meowtel iOS or Android App. Every reservation comes with a free Meet & Greet so you can meet your sitter before you leave and feel fully confident in your care provider’s cat whispering skills. Every Meowtel visit will include feeding/water refreshing, litter cleaning, playtime, and lots of photo and video updates provided by your sitter. Confidently book through Meowtel with their 100% satisfaction guarantee. They can’t wait to serve you and your kitties!

North Shore Pet Sitters

North Shore Pet sitters is a professional in-home pet sitter company operating since 1960 all over Chicago. North Shore Pet Sitter is a bonded, insured, and licensed organization that provides high-quality pet services at reasonable and affordable rates for dogs, cats, birds, fishes, and other small animals. 

North Shore offers skilled professionals who are CPR certified and first aid trained to provide diet services, medication and animal exercise services, pet taxi and walk service, in-house petting, and socialization and stimulation services for your pet. 


Out-U-Go has been an excellent pet care service since 1996. Along with the best service, they have experienced working, trained pet sitters, and flexible schedules. Since strolling 2,000,000 dog walks, they have grown to be the most reliable pet service in Chicago. 

Out-U-Go also uses advanced technologies such as Pet cloud online softwares so that all anima walks can be tracked. With the help of the software, customers can book meetings any time they want. 

Out-U-Go provide services seven days a week from 7 AM to 9 PM of dog walking and vacation care, cat sitting, house sitting, puppy care, and critter care, pet sitting along with belly rubs. 

Prairie Path Pet Care

Praire Path pet care company was founded in 2011 and is a local pet service company located in Chicago. The company is recognized explicitly for its use of advanced services for animal care. The company uses GPS locators and live email notifications on every pet visit, giving them a better idea of the needs of the animals. 

Prairie path care ensure the  best care for your pets and only assigns those professionals who have qualified human behavior and first aid courses. Also the company carries out professional background check and in-person interviews to verify the credentials of each worker.

Path pet offers essential pet services like animal walks, feeding, litter training, and medical services to cats, dogs, birds, and fishes. The company is a licensed and PSI-certified pet services provider. 

Purrfect Paws, LLC. 

Purrfect Paws is a pet care service company that operates in the north and northwest sides of Chicago. Purrfect paws offer pet care services for birds, cats, dogs, and special needs animals. In cases of special needs animals, the company provides very focused and dedicated services with specially trained professionals. 

The pet sitting services offered by Purrfect Paws include pets massage, daily pet walks, pet transportation services, overnight pet look after services, and errand services. 

The owner of the organization, Faith Korey, has volunteered in numerous cat adoptions and cat socialization at the Anti-cruelty society. She is also CPR certified and a professional pet sitter approved by Pet Sitter International.

Sparky Steps

Sparky Steps is a consumer services company based in Chicago that was formed in 2015. While offering pet care services in Chicago, they assist in finding permanent homes for shelter animals.

Their objective at Sparky Steps is to inspire, share cute images, make an effect, give back, and build a community of animal lovers. Their social goal is to provide everlasting homes for animals. They inspire others to become involved by volunteering, donating, educating, and making a difference.

They regard pets to be family members. They have all of the necessary licenses, bonds, and insurance. Their first focus is on your well-being.

Sunshine Pet and Home Care

Sunshine pet and home care stand as one of the most reputed pet care organizations in Chicago. Which not only provides pet care services but also donates to pet care organizations to promote the best pet care environment. 

The company donates a generous amount of money to no-kill shelter Chicago every time it offers pet care services. Sunshine pet care offers mid-day walks, animal training, and exercise at affordable rates with discounts as well for all customers. 

They treat animals with great care and affection to groom them to be disciplined animals. The company is also certified by Pet Sitter International and has trained professionals who are CPR qualified.

Urban Tailz 

Urban Tailz was founded in 2000 and is a member of the National association of Professional Petsitters. Urban tailz operates on the northwest side of Chicago and offers basic pet services like dog walks and pet exercises. 

Urban tailz even offers additional time services free of cost to facilitate customer care. They use GPS locators to actively track the movements of the animals.  Urban tailz also arranges weekly grooming and entertainment trips for pet animals, they also arrange adventure trips for cats and dogs to different areas like forests preserves and lakefronts. Urban tailz is also a bonded and licensed organization.

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