Best Property Management Companies in Chicago

If you have a few houses to rent in Chicago, you may be in a position to handle the tenancy business yourself. However, if you are away most of the time or blessed with more property in the city, you need to involve someone else in the management affairs. 

There are excellent property management companies in Chicago to help you maintain your real estate investments. So, sit back and look at what will help you manage the property if you have it in Chicago or plan to invest in the city and its environs. 

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We Analyzed 1165 Property Management Companies in Chicago, Illinois, & Picked the Top 11

ALPS Property Management 

At ALPS property management, they believe that your real estate investments should meet their solutions. You get a level of experience collected across the country since they manage in Chicago and cities in other states. 

If you are an HOA member, they will handle the property for you with ease and deliver the day-to-day operations as required. Property management here includes residential, commercial and industrial, and other types of real estate investments. 

If you want to buy or sell property, they will offer that too, involving land development. They mind about social welfare, and that is why always consider healthy family living by setting up an environment that suits those dwelling. 

Baird & Warner 

Do you want a history of property management in Chicago and what you may expect in the future? Baird & Warner property management company has been in Chicago since 1855. They, therefore, know what might happen with what you currently own. 

They will help in managing homes, condos, apartments, and more throughout Chicago. They are also associated with several organizations, including NARPM (National Association of Residential Property Managers) and Realtor Associations. 

To give you a better service, you will find the company representatives in various forums and sessions that involve property management and rules that govern the same. With COVID-19 pandemic to deal with, Baird & Warner now enables tenants to pay online via secure means. 

Bundled MGMT 

Bundled MGMT will handle your renting worries and advertisements as long as you own property in Chicago. They heavily engage with customers of different levels, from HOAs to individual rental property owners. 

What you get from them includes rental marketing to ensure that your houses don’t stay empty for long. They also enforce rent collection measures. So, your only worry will be the numbers reflecting in your bank account.

Have you been dealing with bad tenants in the past? Bundled consistently screens those joining through background checks and collecting the necessary information from them. So, there is more done here in the name of keeping your real estate investment secure. 

CPG Management

CPG Management is well known for tailoring its services to suit your needs. So, their accessibility, accountability, and approach have won the hearts of many in Chicago and the surrounding areas. 

The services are grouped into two major categories. The first one is management, where they handle the tenant placement and any issues that may arise after. Rent collection is optimized, and you get a check from them every month after accounting for everything. 

The second category involves leasing, and they always get the right clients for you. They depend on essential property details to determine the listing price, engage you in the agreement, and photograph your property for advertisement. 

GC Realty and Development 

GC Realty and Development is known for being responsive on both internal and external matters. That has propagated the property management company in Chicago to offer more services than what you expect. 

There is property management here that involves both residential and commercial aspects. They will also help you in referring the right agent, but you get that at a fee. There is also advice on what you should know before hiring a property agent, and several blogs address that on their website. 

More services include hacking and ROI calculation. Do you want to know if it’s proper to rent or sell your property? They have that calculator as well. GC Realty and Development company poses as the entity to ask all your property handling questions. 

Hales Property Management 

Hales has been in the real estate business for the last 16 years. They have something to show out of the experience gathered over the years. That includes various awards and better ratings on BBB and other authoritative sites in the business. 

The customers have also approved of the management’s no-nonsense approach towards buildings and their maintenance. That also means they are good listeners, which is great for customers who need proper care from the agency. 

At Hales Property Management, they will help you with association management which includes running day-to-day activities. There is also rental management and sales listing if you have a space you would like to sell. 

HomeRiver Group 

HomeRiver Group has been in Chicago since 2006. Since then, the clients there have heavily depended on them for brokerage, which has borne tremendous results. So, if you are looking to earn more from your property, whether it’s selling or renting, they have the correct answers. 

That tells you they offer property marketing, and they always explain what you are going to encounter. Tenants joining your property are constantly screened before, and they will also handle the repair and maintenance schedule. 

More the services include collecting the rent and reporting your financial status. HomeGroup is quite a large company that partners with agencies viable to bring benefits closer to the property owners and tenants.

Kettle & Oak

Kettle & Oak is a Chicago-based property management company specializing in Section 8, affordable housing, HUD, and low-income housing.

They manage apartments, houses, retail plazas, condominium buildings, and associations, including Airbnb and senior housing.

They offer leasing, tenant screening, rent collection, service request management, CHA/city inspections to 5-day notices, gut rehabs, and evictions. Kettle & Oak is a proptech (property + tech) startup connecting governments, investors, and families via technology and data to create adequate housing solutions and reduce homelessness.

Keyrenter Property Management 

Keyrenter property management has been in the business for the last ten years, and they have managed to scoop 86 properties. There is better leadership, which has led to better profits for landlords who have joined the company. 

Most of the properties they manage are never vacant since proper care and maintenance are rendered. There are property management services offered, of course, but they like tailoring what suits you. The fee charged here is between 5 and 10 %. 

However, the fee is discussed if you have a project to manage since it’s not publicly available. The company pays attention to details even after the business has kick-started. That is why they perform random inspections to ensure everything is in good shape. 

Parker Holsman Management 

We have Parker Holsman, who has been in the property management game since 1930. That should tell you that they already manage property built during that era and help maintain what they acquired since then. 

So, in addition to managing your property, they are also the best when it comes to home renovations. They maintain the classic look, but you get renovations that concur with modern times. 

There may be no much to say about the company, but the experience here is vast. It’s also another property management entity that can share a lot of history and what may happen in the future regarding the property. 

Westward 360 

Westward 360 is a company that receives many calls in a day, and there is more to be done on the same day. That is why they involve strategy and automation in making the best deals for tenants and property owners. 

There is always good communication with everyone involved, and preventive measures are always in place for better property maintenance. In addition to property management, there is also help in sales and listing. 

They have been in business for more than ten years now, and your agreement with them to manage the property runs for one year. That means they will give you a chance to evaluate their services yearly. 


We hope you have already found the best property management companies for vetting before deciding on the ultimate one. We chose the above ten based on what they offer and what customers have to say. Ratings from authoritative websites were also critical. 

Now, it’s time to become a landlord but leave the real estate matters to experts. That is what the future is dictating so, give yourself a chance to think about something else while others handle how your property should be. 

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