Best Real Estate Attorneys in Houston

Are you looking for a good real estate attorney? 

While dealing with any real estate issue, you need to prepare and review documents and other contracts. In most Commonwealth countries -including America, real estate attorneys are professionals in this sector. They are both legally authorized and knowledgeable. 

Many real estate attorneys are serving in the Houston area. As buying or selling a home is a huge decision, you must be very careful about choosing any real estate attorney or conveyancer. 

We Analyzed 1289 Real Estate Attorneys in Houston, Texas, and Picked the Top 5

A good real estate attorney will save you from fraud and also from making bad decisions. But, how will you find a ‘good’ real estate attorney? It is a tough question, and to help you here. I will list down 5 highly recommended real estate attorneys based in Houston. 

Guerra | Days Law Group

Guerra | Days Law Group is a law firm headquartered in Houston, Texas. This firm was founded in 2009. 

They promise to give each client enough time and build a long-lasting relationship. They also claim that their attorneys are experienced in every facet of real estate law. Their services include foreclosure prevention to multimillion-dollar transactions. They know the documents, can negotiate, and provide a fair fight if needed.

Guerra | Days Law Group handles both litigation and transactional matters. This group is well-recognized for its professionalism. If you ever need their service, contact one of their offices.

Hoover Slovacek

Hoover Slovacek law firm has been providing legal services in Houston for more than 40 years. Their attorneys are working in many areas of law, but their main focus is- real estate and commercial litigation. 

This group’s clients are- individuals, businesses, investors,  community groups, management companies, and financial institutions. They claim to provide practical and cost-effective representations. 

People have trusted Hoover Slovacek for years. They have a good reputation for delivering quality service. 

Orlando & Orlando, LLP

Orlando & Orlando, LLP has been serving for over 45 years throughout Texas. They assist clients in various civil law matters. Their service covers business and commercial transactions and litigation, as well as many other matters.

These attorneys have a great collective experience, as they have been in this field for a very long period. They are skilled, knowledgeable, and capable of negotiating or fighting for the client. They promise to give every client individualized attention, along with direct attorney access.

You can contact them online or via phone call to get attached.

The Weaver Law Firm

The Weaver Law Firm is providing real estate and legal services to the residents of Houston, Texas.

Their attorneys practice real estate litigation and complex business. They also handle real estate and business transactions. One of their real estate attorneys, Richard Weaver, was included in ‘Super Lawyers’ and was mentioned in Texas Monthly. This firm claims that all their real estate lawyers are very much experienced. They offer professional legal services in the fields of real estate, litigation, and business law.

People who have taken their services before talk very highly of them.

The Womack

The Womack is a Houston-headquartered business law firm, which also handles real estate disputes. Their former advocate, Mark Womack, has been serving in this area for more than 30 years. Womack’s clients include both individuals and businesses. 

This firm serves real estate matters like- foreclosure, transaction, commercial leases, and title insurance. They claim to be known for skilled and aggressive advocacy. They also claim to be eligible for delivering quality service both inside and outside of the court.

To book a consultation with their expert litigation attorneys, you can either contact them online or give them a phone call. 

Hopefully, this article will help you in the process of choosing real estate attorneys.

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