Best Realtors in Chicago

Are you thinking about buying or selling a home in Chicago? Then you must be looking for a good realtor. Because they can help you to get the best possible deal.

Real estate isn’t that easy, you have to take help from someone professional. Nowadays real estate agents are available everywhere and they are licensed, trustworthy, and experienced. 

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We Analyzed 1597 Realtors in Chicago, Illinois, and Picked the Top 13

Real Estate Agents are always there to serve you. But not all the agents are equally reliable. You must do some checking before hiring an agent. Here is a list of 10 highly recommended realtors of Chicago, to make your work a little easier.

Americorp Real Estate

Matt Lacy is the Managing Broker for Laricy, a division of Americorp Real Estate formed in 2013. Laricy is in the top 1% sales for Chicago, recognized as the National Association of Realtors Magazine 30 Under 30 Realtors in the United States, and recently finished at #2 out of 14,000+ agents in Chicago.

Laricy is one of the top boutique real estate agencies in Chicago with the primary goal of providing fantastic customer service to every client. That work ethic has allowed Laricy to grow exponentially over the last few years, with the agency on track to break $300M in sales this year alone. Whether it be a first-time buyer or seller, investor opportunity, or luxury transaction, Laricy handles it all with ease using cutting-edge technology and trends to provide 24/7 availability and unparalleled customer service to their clients.

BJ Tregoning

BJ Tregoning is a real estate broker, serving in the Chicago metro area. He has been in this business for 25 years. 

He is both a selling and buying agent. That means, no matter whether you are a seller or a buyer, you can hire him. His expertise is in buying, consulting, listing, and appraisal. He can provide you with detailed property analysis by using market data. He offers visual elements like a 3-D video tour. He is also a lifetime resident in Chicago, so he knows this area pretty well.

He has a good reputation in Chicago. All his previous clients are satisfied by his professionalism. As he is running this business for a long time, there is no scope of doubt about his experience and trustworthiness. 

Bruce Glazer

Bruce Glazer is a Chicago real estate broker. 

He is very professional and available 24/7. He specializes in buying and selling luxury homes. He can properly analyze market data and make that easily understandable to his clients. He is knowledgeable and believes in the philosophy of honesty. He has a friendly, easy-going approach that makes customers very comfortable while working with him.

Bruce is rated well by his previous clients. Most of them seem happy about choosing Bruce as their real estate agent.

Crystal Tran Team

Crystal Ly Tran Jerbich is highly recognized as a top producer at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Chicago. From there, Michigan Avenue office. She leads a team of 6 brokers, including Nitasha Kassam, Salma Torres, Armando Zires, Kimberly Trefilek, Isabelle Wilkes, and Christopher Saucedo.

Crystal is recognized for her hard work, trust, and attention to detail in every deal. Unlike most realtors, she can embrace technology to simplify and advance the home buying and selling process. Currently, Crystal is working on completing an app called AgentDuty.

Crystal represented The International College of Surgeons selling one of their prized assets, 1516 N. Lake Shore Drive in Chicago’s Gold Coast Historic District, a property known as “One of Seven Mansions on Lake Shore Drive.” Chicago Agent Magazine has recognized Crystal and her team, Crain’s Chicago Business Notable Real Estate Agents, Chicago Magazine, 2021 Five Star Real Estate Professional, and Best of Zillow.

Debra Dobbs

Debra Dobbs has been working as a real estate broker for over 30 years in Chicago, Illinois.

Debra can analyze the market data properly and give you an exact vision of it. She is good at advising and consulting about real estate. She works both for buyers and sellers. She is professional, responsive, and provides quality service.

She is well-reviewed by all of her previous clients. She has proved her capability and expertise in handling property sales. She also has gained the trust of people, otherwise who can survive in this super-competitive environment for 3 decades!

Dominic Irpino

Dominic Irpino is a broker himself and also the founder of Irpino Real Estate. This is a family-operated brokerage located in Chicago and was founded in 2000.

He works as a seller agent and buyer agent. So, you can hire him for selling and also for buying property. He is quite experienced in this business. He is smart, knowledgeable and claims to know his work properly. He has experience in the purchase and sale of- residential homes, townhouses, investment properties, and foreclosures. Another plus point is, Mr. Irpino is bilingual in English and Spanish.

Dominic Irpino is highly recommended by most of his previous customers. He has a good reputation for being professional. He has proved his capability and gained the trust of people by providing quality service. 

Greg Nagel

Greg Nagel is another buyer and seller agent in Chicago, Illinois. He is also the managing broker and owner of Ask Nagel Realty LLC, which is a team of 10 brokers.

He is experienced as a general contractor and developer. He claims to provide his clients detailed analysis of the property to help them find their best fit. He is fully licensed and professional. He is in the top 1% of all brokers in Chicago.

Greg Nagel is a reputed person in this business. He has the ability to achieve customer satisfaction. He believes in making good relationships with customers, based on trust.

Hayley Westhoff

Hayley Westhoff is an award-winning real estate broker. 

She is considered one of the best real estate agents available in Chicago. She is both a seller and buyer agent. She is an expert in this business. She is knowledgeable and experienced enough. She claims to be capable of providing an effective and innovative market plan. 

Her customers are highly satisfied and amazed by her expertise. Haley ensures being 100% honest with clients. Her experience, professionalism, and truthfulness are now approved by a lot of happy clients.

Jason Webb

Jason Webb is a licensed real estate broker in Chicago, Illinois. He started his career in 2001.

Jason is a seller agent. He works all over the city as a residential broker. He is capable of explaining properly the property analysis and real estate market details to his customers. He claims this to be his greatest strength. His consultation is great to find a good place in the city.

He is quite reputed in the Chicagoland area. According to his previous clients, he is not just a broker but also a caring, friendly person. He knows his business well and is a nice man to collaborate with.

Natan Kaplunskiy

Natan Kaplunskiy is another good-reviewed real estate broker from Chicago. 

Natan is both a buying and selling agent. He can help you to sell or buy a home in Chicago or the surrounding suburbs. He also works for commercial properties. He claims to know analyzing the market and property perfectly. He is capable of understanding client’s requirements too.

Natan is highly recommended by his old clients. According to them, he is client-friendly and understanding. 

Ryan Hardy

Ryan Hardy is a well-known real estate broker, working in Chicago, Illinois.

He represents both buyers and sellers. He claims to be one of the best brokers in the Chicagoland area. His expertise in luxury residential homes. He is good at his work and knows the market properly. He is also capable of communicating with the customers properly and understanding their preferences.

Ryan is highly recommended for being super helpful to first-time buyers. He is reputed for providing quality service. He seems trustworthy according to the reviews from his previous clients.

Sam Shaffer

Sam Shaffer is the owner and managing broker of a company named Chicago Properties, which is located in Chicago, Illinois.

Sam is a buyer agent. He has 17 years of experience in this arena. His approach is consultative and he always tries to make the customer understand the complex details of the market properly. Mr. Shaffer is used to working with a wide range of clients. He claims to know every sort of client properly and can find out the best match for each of them.

He is highly recommended by most of his previous clients. He also has a lot of regular customers, who are usually seasoned investors. He is reputed for being experienced and professional.

Tenant Advisory Group

Tenant Advisory Group, LLC (TAG) is a tenant and buy/sell-side commercial real estate brokerage firm focused on helping businesses get the most out of their space while spending the least. TAG was first started in 2008 by William “Bill” Himmelstein, CCIM, CNE, after gaining experience at several other real estate firms in Chicago.

In just over ten years after inception, TAG surpassed $1 Billion in commercial transaction volume, including an impressive $200 Million in client savings. TAG has a diverse client base, from national corporations to private single location operations. Its most frequent clients include professional service firms, technology-based businesses, manufacturers, and private practice physicians.

Hopefully, this article will help you to appoint a reliable and professional agent for your real estate project.

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