Best Recruiting Agencies in Houston

Are you having a hard time getting a suitable job? Or, are you looking for an eligible person to hire for your company? This total job getting and hiring procedure can be quite tricky, no matter which side you are on. Here you can get help from a ”recruiting agency.”

Recruiting agencies are like external firms, which help employers to find suitable candidates. They can save time and money, and most importantly, give the best solution. 

We Analyzed 1233 Recruiting Agencies in Houston, Texas, and Picked the Top 10

There are so many recruiting agencies available in Houston, Texas, to serve you. But not every recruiting agency has enough experience or reputation. So, before contacting any of them, you have to do some digging. Otherwise, the final result may disappoint you. 

Here we will list down ten highly recommended recruiting agencies of Houston to make your work a little easier.

Certified Customized Staffing 

Formed in 2000, Certified Customized Staffing is a recognized employment firm. It is 100% female-owned and operated.

They provide manpower solutions and take charge of the hiring process. Offering temporary, direct-hire, and temp-to-hire services, they serve energy, petrochemical, and refining organizations. They have space available on-site or off to test candidates and be rented out for training purposes. 

This firm is certified by the Women’sWomen’s Business Enterprise National Council and is an affiliate of the Society for Human Resource Management. They have been in this business for a remarkable period and have gained a reputation by working professionally. 

Clayton Services 

Clayton Services is a locally-owned and operated recruiting agency in Houston, Texas. This agency was formed in 1984 and serving Houston clients successfully till then. 

Their service includes- temporary staffing, temp-to-hire staffing, and direct hire recruiting, especially for management-level positions. This firm is also experienced in payroll services. They claim to place qualified professionals invaluable positions. They work with multiple renowned companies in Houston. 

If you are looking for a job and think yourself qualified enough, you can go to their website to apply for many interesting jobs.

Cypress Creek Personnel

Cypress Creek Personnel is a premier staffing agency in Houston, Texas. This privately held business was established in 1977.

They offer- contract hire, temporary hire, temp-to-hire, and direct hire staffing options and provide placement for accounting, legal, engineering, IT, marketing, logistics, and some other fields. 

They belong to various industry organizations, like- National Association of Personnel Service and the Houston Area Association of Personnel Consultants. Cypress Creek Personnel is reputed in this locality for providing professional service. 

You can look through their website if you require any recruiting service.

Decide Consulting 

Established in 2002, Decide Consulting is a Houston-based recruited firm. A team of software developers runs it, and it provides services like- employment staffing and consulting.

This agency has a good reputation for being very professional. They help recruit staff for IT, cyber security, software exploration, business process mobilization, and environmental safety software.

If you are interested in technology-related jobs, this can be a good choice to apply through Decide Consulting. 

ExecuTeam Staffing

ExecuTeam Staffing is an award-winning recruiting agency, which has a branch in Houston, Texas. They have been in this business for 30+ years and have thousands of success stories. They provide direct-hire, temporary-to-hire, temporary placements, and payrolling services. 

They claim to believe people are the greatest asset in any organization. Their mission is to create a lifetime partnership between an employer and an employee. They always try their best to deliver individualized service to each applicant and client.

They specialize in staffing in the following areas- accounting, administrative support, real estate, customer service, executive research, health care, events, human resources, and management. 


FiStaff is another employment agency located in Houston. This company has been serving since 1992. If you are looking for an eligible employee or a candidate searching for a fine career, the FiStaff team is ready to serve you. 

They mainly provide suitable candidates for financial services. Their service includes- banking, mortgage, and credit union professionals. Their testing capability is to use the latest in testing for all of their candidates. 

They claim to have more than 800 validated skill assessments, and they can assess the behavioral characteristics of candidates for various positions. This agency has a good reputation in Houston. 

L.K. Jordan and Associates

L.K. Jordan and Associates is a recruiting and staffing firm, which has a branch in Houston. This agency was founded in 1990. 

It is a privately-owned professional staffing agency. Their team strives for results by utilizing state-of-the-art technology and the power of the internet to recruit and place job seekers. Their service includes- direct hire placement, temporary placement, temp-to-hire placement. They mainly provide staff for management-level positions. 

This agency offers full-service staffing services for light industrial, administrative, finance and accounting, oil and gas, professional and technical personnel. They are known for a good reputation for giving quality service successfully for almost 30 years.

Murray Resources 

Murray Resources is a recruitment agency that operates in Houston, Texas, and its nearby areas. This company was founded in 1988. 

They provide direct-hire, temporary or contract staffing, temporary-to-hire, and payroll services. 

This firm specializes in placing quality candidates in the following areas- administration, accounting, customer service, engineering, finance, HR, marketing, light industrial, operations, and sales. 

This well-recognized team has won a magnificent number of awards like- Top 12 Largest Temporary Staffing Firms, Top 5 Largest Direct Hire Firms, Cougar 100, Economic Development Star Award, National Association of Woman Business, and many more. 

Professional Alternatives

Professional Alternatives is a well-known staffing agency located in Houston, Texas. This company was founded in 1998. 

They utilize technology to find the perfect placement for any post. They provide both direct hire and temporary staffing services. They have expertise in delivering eligible staff for credit and risk, financial services, sales, customer service, accounting, information technology, mortgage, corporate lending, and credit management. 

They have won an enviable number of awards throughout the years for providing top-notch service. Even last year, they won the ”Best Employment Agencies in Houston” award.


Founded in Team1Medical is a medical recruiting agency that serves in the greater Houston area. It’sIt’s a division of ExecuTeam Staffing and is a privately held business. 

They serve staffing solutions to healthcare organizations. Having direct-hire, temporary hire, and per-diem options available, they provide nursing, allied health, administrative support, diagnostic imaging, and medical finance. 

They use modern technology for their recruitment process. This team has won multiple awards for serving well. In Texas Monthly Magazine, they were featured as the Most Dependable Staffing Company.

Hopefully, this little piece of article will help you to know which recruiting agency will be worth contacting. 

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