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Finding a job, switching careers or moving into another city, and finding a job all have one thing in common. They are all stressful, confusing, and unpredictable. I’ve felt all those three at a very insane intensity. Until I decided to not suffer in silence and get the help of recruiting companies. To save you the hassle, I put together this list of ten helpful recruitment companies in Chicago.

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We Analyzed 1629 Recruitment Companies in Chicago, Illinois, and Picked the Top 19

24 seven Talent 

Exactly what the name suggests, it’s a global talent recruitment agency based in Chicago. Its specializes in creative, marketing and technology section. They not only help in permanent jobs; they also help freelancers in the industry. Freelancers from all over the world which means they have the best pool of employees and employers as well. Click here to find their website. 


Aerotek is one of the recruiting companies in Chicago that has fast results and is very responsive when you reach out. They are quite professional and focus on the specifications you give as a job seeker. They take their time to understand you so as to bring the best job offers to you. Excellent communicators and also help prep you for interviews.

If you have issues with your resume or you are not confident in it, Aerotek recruitment company takes a special interest in your resume and helps you make much-needed adjustments. Aerotek will always guide you through the whole process of finding a job.  You can always reach out through their website.

Aldebaran Recruiting

Aldebaran Recruiting is a recruiting firm based in San Diego, California, that was formed in 2001. It is a top-tier headhunting and recruiting business.

They fill their client’s vacant positions with 5-10 candidates on average, focusing on quality over quantity. They are an important asset in today’s competitive market, with a 95% success rate on their VIP searches. Their unique headhunting technique is meant to provide you with unrivaled access to the passive talent pool.

Marketing, advertising, media, public relations, sales, business development, and operations are some of their specialties. Their clients include advertising agencies, technology companies, retail and consumer brands, and anybody wanting to hire top-tier marketing or sales personnel.

Apollo Technical

Apollo Technical is a Chicago-based recruitment firm that was formed in 2010. It is a prominent employment firm that specializes in temp-to-hire, contract-to-hire, and direct hire positions. 

Their main focus is on placing engineers, designers, and IT professionals around the United States. Their technical recruiting division matches individuals with companies across the United States on a contract/temp, contract-to-hire, and direct-hire basis.

You may benefit from Apollo Technical’s hiring and recruitment experience by using their understanding of the talent market for better outcomes in less time – and with fewer difficulties. Apollo can assist you in developing a winning compensation package, making a timely offer, and persuading your perfect candidate to accept.

Artisan Talent 

It’s well known for offering a pool of high-paying jobs. It focuses more on the digital and creative world. Apart from being a top-rated digital creative and marketing talent agency, it’s the best at matching talent with success. For the creative world, there is a lot of competition, and need to stay on top of your game always.

Well, Artisan goes the extra mile to coach and help you horn your talents. You can either hire or find jobs through their website. They have worked with some of the talent giants in the world, HBO and Bank of America.  They are also an award-winning agency. 

Betts Recruiting 

They take a very unique interest in clients. Finding out about your likes and dislikes, since most of the time these play a huge role in what industry prefers to work in. Betts recruiting company also offers their clients useful and most needed insights about companies and the industry one wants to work in.

All this helps in finding you a job as soon as possible and to also narrow down on the job options or rather help you be precise and confident in the jobs.  You can also easily you’re their online hiring platform on their website. 

Chicago Hire Company 

Some industries have a no drug policy and guess what, Chicago hires company also offers drug test services just to be on the safe side. Apart from being organized and professional, they go an extra mile for their job seekers and prep them for their interviews.

They work with anyone from entry-level to corporate fields. From not helping you transition from temporary jobs to more permanent ones, they also give great advice on what jobs to settle in when multiple offers come rushing in. It’s one of the few companies that do follow up to make sure the job offer you choose is the right one after you start working. Click here to access their website. 

City Staffing 

Sometimes we need temporary or part-time employment and other times permanent. Well. Whatever your needs are, leave it to city staffing to find you the perfect match. They have self-motivated employees that make an effort to get to know your needs and offer coaching to enable you to make the right choices in terms of employment.

Their website lists a countless number of jobs and you can easily access them. Their blog offers tips for interviews and general insights on job applications and searches. It’s one of the award-winning recruitment companies in Chicago. They also possess an extensive network of top-rated professionals. 

Cowen Partners

Cowen Partners is a Chicago-based executive search business that leads the nation’s top executive search firms in assisting organizations in accelerating development, revenue, and market share by putting top people in leadership positions.

Their executive recruiters have worked with big and small businesses, public and private firms, pre-IPOs, and charities. Their system links organizations searching for the top 1% of executive talent with selected individuals who are ready to lead. They use due diligence-driven, senior partner-backed search procedures to install executives in less than six weeks.

When you engage with Cowen Partners, you can expect senior partner-led searches, due diligence-driven networking, applicant vetting, critical evaluation, and high-level teamwork, all aimed at one goal: finding excellent talent for your job as soon as possible.

Culture Fit Technology Staffing

CultureFit Technology Staffing is a boutique recruiting firm that specializes in hard-to-find technology and marketing talent.  From developers to marketing strategists and product managers to analysts, the team is adept at finding the right talent for their clients.  They know that aligning by both technical skills and personal values ensures a true match.

They have an unparalleled pulse of the market that has led to better candidates, shorter times to hire, and longer tenures for our clients. CultureFit works with a variety of industry leaders and pioneers nationally. In addition to CultureFit’s exquisite work in permanent roles, they are accomplished in the area of contract recruiting.  Simply, CultureFit knows talent.

DHR International

DHR is a recruiting firm based in Chicago, Illinois, that was formed in 1989. It is a privately-held executive search firm with 50 wholly-owned offices throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

DHR’s recognized experts deliver exceptional senior-level executive search, management evaluation, and succession planning services across all sectors and functions. We have more access to a wider pool of applicants thanks to their worldwide network and the smallest off-limits list of any major executive search company.

Advanced Technology, Financial Services, Private Equity, Human Resources, Industrial, Retail, and Sports are just a few of the industries and functional areas where DHR International has executive talent. The keystones of DHR International’s position as a chosen worldwide supplier and value-add service provider are their extensive global network and expanded intellectual assets.

Empowered Staffing

Empowered Staffing is a recruiting firm based in Evanston, Illinois, that was formed in 2012. Their recruitment staff focuses on the following industries: digital marketing, eCommerce/retail, software and technology, manufacturing, and healthcare.

They specialize in hiring mid to senior-level talent and have worked with some of the world’s top corporations. They understand what it takes to assemble an all-star squad. Empowered Staffing has risen to the top of the recruiting and staffing business by treating its candidates and clients with the utmost respect, strategy, and transparency.

Corporate Contingency Recruiting, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, and Contract Staffing are all services they provide. They make it a point to have in-depth and lengthy talks with each candidate to comprehend their professional and personal goals in life fully.


Energists is a recruitment firm based in Houston, Texas, that was formed in 1979. They are a niche executive search agency that focuses solely on the energy sector.

They specialize in filling difficult-to-fill, high-impact roles across the energy value chain. The Energists try to have a good impact in the areas where they live and work, and the business regularly gives both time and money to a variety of organizations.

Since the end of 2018, two non-profits that the company sponsors have stood out in their efforts to improve the lives of young people. They’ve witnessed numerous business cycles and changes throughout the years. Their services assist companies in meeting their talent and knowledge requirements, allowing them to achieve important business objectives.

First Recruiting 

They understand how stressful seeking a new career can be and they do their best to make it manageable to you. First recruiting is a highly competitive company, has someone the best recruiters who are excellent communicators.

They have your best interests at heart and focus mostly on permanent employment for candidates. First recruiting has 60+ years in the recruitment industry. Over the years they have focus on banking, financial/brokerage, legal, accounting, and IT industries. Their many years in the industry put them at the top of the industry. Find out more on their website. 

General Search and Recruitment 

General search and recruitment are open for 24 hours hence accessible any time of the day. You can also make online appointments on their website, for those who are not available to make physical appointments. They also do a nationwide search for the top talents for companies.

Appointments are required before setting a meeting with them. They specialize in claims jobs, underwriting jobs, insurance jobs, and worker compensation hence extensive knowledge in these areas.


Hirewell is a Chicago-based recruitment firm that was formed in 2001. They’ve been partnering with rising organizations in a variety of sectors for over 15 years to create world-class workforces strategically.

Their dedicated consultants use their extensive experience, an outstanding network of experts, and expertise in retained search, corporate recruitment, and staffing to match the right people with the right opportunities. They assist by utilizing their one-of-a-kind combination of recruitment services and a vast network of top-rated specialists.

Their team is made up of industry professionals that are enthusiastic about what they do. They foster an inclusive culture within the company, where employees are welcomed, empowered, and pushed to realize their greatest potential so that they may best assist our clients and positively influence our community on the outside.

KAS Placement

For nearly 20 years, the award-winning executive sales and marketing recruiters at KAS Placement have assisted firms from around the world upgrade their recruiting efforts. CEO Ken Sundheim started it; the organization assists with staffing all levels of roles for positions in all major U.S. metropolitan areas.

Clients include top companies in over 100 industries ranging from technology to consumer goods to food and beverage and everything in-between. Among other awards, KAS Placement has been honored with Forbes’ America’s Most Promising Companies, Top Executive Search Firms, TimeOut New York Critics Pick, and many others.

Lucas Group 

Lucas Group recruiters is an executive recruiting company. It was ranked on two prestigious Forbes lists for 2021. It’s one of the recruitment companies that also deal in military talent recruitment.  If you are looking to advance your career, Lucas Group is the recruiting firm to go for. In cases where one wants to build a team of professionals, they offer top-tier talent in the industries. Worry not, click here to visit their website. 

Next Step Systems

The recruiters at Next Step Systems work tirelessly for our corporate clients and job seeker candidates. Since 1995, Next Step Systems has found rewarding career advancement opportunities for information technology specialists across the United States. Next Step Systems specializes in placing IT professionals of all levels and technical specialties in full-time permanent and contract positions.

The recruiters at Next Step Systems have the in-depth tech industry experience and the know-how to quickly find quality candidates for all roles, levels, and skills. Next Step Systems is committed to staying ahead of the curve in one of the world’s fastest-moving industries.

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