Best Restaurants in Chicago

Are you looking for a delicious meal and a very nice place to eat in Chicago? Obviously, we all love food, and good food is meant to be enjoyed in a good environment. This is also the reason behind the invention of restaurants. 

A restaurant is usually run by a team of professionals who can serve you the food you desire along with the desired atmosphere. There are a lot of restaurants with various kinds of food and services available nowadays, so you have got too many options to choose among.

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We Analyzed 1711 Restaurants in Chicago, Illinois, and Picked the Top 11

To serve you a great meal, restaurants are always ready. But neither every restaurant is equally good, nor do all of them go with your vibe. So before going to a restaurant, you have to do some checking. For example, you must know- what kind of cuisine they serve, the quality of food, the theme and many more. Here I am going to help you to find the most suitable one, located in Chicago.


Galit is a Middle Eastern restaurant in the Lincoln Park neighborhood, Chicago, Illinois. They open at 5 PM, from Tuesday-Friday.

 Their food is very popular and loved by most people. Their chef and co-owner Engel Zachary had won the James Beard Award before. They mainly serve dishes of Turkish, Iraqi, Greek, and Tunisian origin. Galit is also decorated in a Middle Eastern manner. This place has a huge open kitchen, with a handful of seats that belly up to it like a bar.

This should be your first choice if you want to have a royal dinner with fancy foods on large serving plates.

HaiSous Vietnamese Kitchen

HaiSous Vietnamese Kitchen is on Carpenter Street, Chicago, Illinois. They open at 4 PM, from Thursday-Sunday. They have dine-in and take-out services.

They serve family recipes, urban street food, and modern cocktails, all according to Vietnamese cuisine. Their food looks and tastes good and is also highly recommended by their customers. They provide good quality at a pretty decent price. The place is also decorated well with modern, minimal furniture and lights.

To have a good dinner in a soothing ambiance, you can visit this place.

JT’s Genuine Sandwich Shop

JT’s Genuine Sandwich Shop is situated in Irving Park, Chicago, and remains open from Tuesday-Saturday (11 AM-8 PM)

This is a family-owned and operated small business. They serve subs, grinders, melts, burgers, hot dogs, and more. All their foods taste good. This is a tiny, minimal restaurant with few seats. You can either sit there or have a take-out / delivery service. They serve well in a quite cheap price range.

If you want to have some protein served between bread or bun, then this place can make you happy.


Located in the East Ukrainian Village neighborhood of Chicago, Kasama is a modern Filipino-American restaurant. They open Wednesday-Sunday from 9 AM-4 PM.

This is a small family business. Their menu is tempting. They serve healthy, lite, delicious, savory, and sweet food. Their food seems very fresh and hygienic. Almost all of their customers highly recommend them. Everyone praises their good service and behavior. This is an open place restaurant with basic, minimal decoration.

If you want to have something nice and fresh both for your stomach and mind, you can check in this place.

Hopefully, this little piece of writing will help you to choose the right restaurant.

Lula Cafe

Lula Cafe is an American restaurant located in  Logan Square Auditorium. They are open from Thursday to Sunday every week, from 9 AM-3 PM and 5-10 PM.

This humble place is artfully distressed with gramophone speakers on the walls, warm pendant lights, and succulents on tabletops. Their foods are delightful according to all their customers. They claim that they value sharing art, food, and friendship. Their staff is knowledgeable and believes in the philosophy of good eating.

If you want a relaxed, civilized meal, you may go there.


West Town’s Porto is a Michelin-starred love letter to the fishing villages and farmsteads along the Atlantic Coast of Portugal and Spain’s Galicia, showcasing wild-caught imported seafood, conserves, and exclusive wines from this delicious corner of the world.

The envelope-pushing creativity of Executive Chef Marcos Campos, Chef de Cuisine Erwin Mallet, and Executive Pastry Chef Shannah Primiano take center stage at Porto’s expansive chef’s island and chef’s counter, eliminating the wall that usually exists between those who make food and those who consume it.

Open-flame cooking was specifically chosen for its ability to impart a sublime range of flavors, trigger nostalgia, and tap into smoke-scented memories. Porto’s 400-bottle wine list focuses on Iberian varietals, including many that inherently adhere to natural wine-making techniques.

The culinary-focused cocktail program from Beverage Director Jesse Filkins explores Porto’s emphasis on the sea and live-fire cooking. Concepted and designed by Maison Bonhomme, Porto’s interiors create a heightened intimacy between guests, chefs, food, wine, and the stories that connect them. Woven harmoniously throughout every surface are artistic elements drawn from Europe’s visual arts legacy and physical characteristics that romanticize the sea. Open Wed.-Sat. From 4-11 p.m., and Sun. 2-10 p.m.

Rose Mary 

Rose Mary is a Croatian restaurant located in Fulton Market, Chicago, Illinois. This is the debut restaurant of ‘Top Chef’ winner Joe Flamm. They open every day at 5 PM.

They serve Italian-Croatian cuisine. Their food looks Instagram-worthy from the outside and feels super tasty inside the mouth. They are one of the highest-rated restaurants in this locality. Their decoration is minimal and neat, with all well-furnished wooden furniture and hanging plants. They also provide good service.

You can have dinner here any day if you want.

The Hot Dog Box

The Hot Dog Box is a unique restaurant in Chicago. It is located on 51st street. The unique part is the restaurant is in a 400-square feet shipping container! 

This is a family business run by a father-daughter duo. By the name, you can easily assume that they serve hotdogs. Their hotdogs are pretty famous in Chicagoland. It is definitely a street food restaurant. They use the shipping container as their kitchen and serve the food outside of it. The shipping container or the restaurant is painted nicely with a combination of red and yellow, which is very eye-catching.

If you want to spend an amazing afternoon grabbing a tasty hotdog, you can go there on a very regular day.


Tzuco serves Mexican food. This restaurant is situated in One Superior Place Apartments. They are open every day. They provide dine-in, pick-up, and delivery services.

Their food is very rich in flavors and incredible in taste, according to their customer reviews. The place is also very charming and eye-soothing; properly decorated with pretty plants and warm lights. Another interesting thing is, they do theme decorations on every Mexican or international holiday. 

If you are thinking of having a real Mexican dinner with proper service, you can go there.


Venteux is a French restaurant situated on Michigan Ave. This is a brasserie, cafe, and oyster bar. They are open every day from 7 AM-3 PM and 4-10 PM. 

Their menu includes dinner, brunch, and beverages. They serve original french recipes. They are well-reviewed by their customers. Venteux’s decoration is very neat. This place totally has that vintage french look with wooden ceilings, warm lights, and all that dark, smooth colors.

If you are fond of French cuisine and French culture, then you might visit this restaurant sometime.

Vito and Nick’s Pizzeria

Vito and Nick’s Pizzeria is a family-owned Italian restaurant situated on Pulaski Road, Chicago, Illinois. This place is open every day. They provide dine-in and pick-up but no delivery service.

They have been specializing in crust pizza and fine Italian dining for almost 90 years. Their pizza is well-cooked with a thin crust and extra crunch. All the customers highly recommend it. Their decoration has an old-school retro vibe. This place is good for friends and family meetings.

If you are looking to have a fun, casual time with your friends or family, you are welcomed there.

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