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While seeing nature on foot is beneficial and relaxing, the same benefits can be obtained by visiting nature underwater. Scuba diving is one of the best ways to do so and to connect with your inner aquaphile. However, the most important thing to remember when scuba diving is to stay safe. Purchasing diving equipment and diving headfirst into the sea is not the way to go; you must first receive proper training. But where?

It is never easy to find what best fits your needs without compromising comfort and safety. Explore this site further to uncover which centers in Houston offer all you need to know about scuba diving.

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We Analyzed 1099 Scuba Lessons in Houston, Texas, and Picked the Top 10

B&W Dive Company 

Located in Channelview, Texas, this 5-star dive center has scuba diving lessons, both traditional and online, which are organized according to the personal interests of clients from all across Beaumont, East Houston, Houston, and the neighboring areas. They also have instructions for expert scuba divers who want to improve their diving skills. 

B&W Dive Company specializes in beginner scuba lessons for customers as young as fifteen years old. The cost of this course is $475, and it is divided into three parts: home study and classroom, pool/confined water skills, and open water skills. This course allows you to study at your own speed and on your own timetable.

Divetech Inc.

Divetech, as an SSI-approved training center, offers small sessions in a big heated indoor pool so you may enjoy the thrill of diving without feeling crowded or overwhelmed, especially for a starter. They spend time getting to know you and recommending the ideal equipment for your skill level and dive objectives. Private and group classes are available, you just need to contact them beforehand.

Dolphin Travel, a Divetech partner, offers group or personalized diving destinations for vacations, honeymoons, and family trips. They also provide a choice of guided group trips to other destinations, such as Bonaire and Cozumel. Hurry and book your dream diving goals now!

Gigglin’ Marlin’ Divers 

Do you have difficulty speaking or comprehending English? Spanish, French, and Turkish language classes are available in this SDI-TDI, PADI 5-star Instruction Development Center. Plus, their cutting-edge facility features a 75-foot-long, 15-foot-deep, indoor, heated saltwater pool. Any dive center in the Houston area has the largest pool, but this facility offers you the best in safe and pleasurable recreation with changing facilities, deck showers, and outdoor deck seats. 

Moreover, if you are handling a business, and you wish to advertise it to divers and their families, or donate to your favorite dive club, become a Marlin Dive Team sponsor, and your advertisement will appear on the website and in monthly newsletters. A one-year sponsorship will set you back $100.00.

Gulf Coast Scuba

Gulf Coast Scuba trains in numerous local private pools and have an onsite classroom at the facility. They go to local lakes for their Open Water training, which varies based on the class requirements.

This center boast to have a consistent high rating for being service-oriented in all of Houston’s dive shops. They don’t entice you in with cheap quoted pricing only to force you to buy equipment you don’t need, which would significantly raise the price. This is the place to go if you want honest advice from specialists who genuinely want to help you achieve what you need rather than just attempting to sell you stuff.

Lake Longhorn

Houston’s best 49-acre multi-sport training freshwater lake featuring a variety of underwater structures and aquatic life to see. Located in the heart of League City, Lake Longhorn offers scuba diving, triathlon training, long-distance swimming, and kayaking, or anything that needs a large body of water. For your underwater enjoyment, there is a yacht, cabin cruiser, two 40″ pipes, and a suspended motorcycle, among other things.

Lake Longhorn offers the lowest entrance fee for scuba diving which is just $15 daily. They also have seasonal passes for only $150! Just keep in mind that all scuba divers must dive with a buddy, and no solo diving is permitted in the lake until confirmation of solo scuba diver certification is presented.

Maximum Scuba

Maximum Scuba Houston takes pride in having a safer, smaller scuba diving class size, almost to the point where the scuba diving certification sessions are private or semi-private. They don’t offer grouped scuba classes so the training is more individualized, with lower instructor-to-student ratios, wherein you can feel comfortable and have more fun while learning to scuba dive.

The advantages don’t stop there; they also provide an Open Water Diver course charge that is ALL-INCLUSIVE, with no hidden costs or fees. All scuba gear, snorkel gear, all scuba diving study materials (including PADI textbooks and PADI film), and all scuba training with PADI award-winning Instructors are included in their simple scuba diving Beginner Open Water Class pricing. 

Oceanic Ventures

Scuba diving is both a hobby and a career for oceanic ventures, that is why they value professionalism in between fun and adventure. Oceanic Ventures offers more sport scuba diving programs than any other dive center in the Southwest, with programs for both traditional recreational and technical scuba divers taught on a regular basis.

Cold Water Diving is one of their specialties, so you may scuba dive even in the winter! They will assist you in becoming more comfortable and staying warm in freezing weather, as well as assisting you in selecting the ideal dry suit for you. Pack your bags and get ready to dive in cold water!

Pro Scuba Diving Inc. 

Courses are based on performance rather than time, so you won’t be pushed through your lessons. They offer regional and worldwide diving tours for divers of all ability levels. They also encourage people to visit marine areas such as coral reefs, blue holes, and ice-bound lakes all around the world to see the hidden wonders that await them.

If you’re feeling more daring, the Galapagos Islands, Philippines, and South Pacific islands might be worth a look. Caves, reefs, and deep ocean dives are among the more sophisticated sorts of diving experiences they offer. Vacations are designed to your specific interests and include a mix of comfortable (even spectacular) lodging, delicious food, and exciting diving.

Sport Divers of Houston

Sport Divers of Houston specializes in providing unforgettable scuba experiences. They are the oldest diving store in Webster, TX, and have been providing scuba divers as a one-stop shop for over 40 years.  The center thinks that learning should begin at a young age, which is why they have established kids’ Scuba Camp.

Scuba Camp is conducted multiple times throughout the summer for children aged 10 to 17. Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., each 5-day Camp is held. Both in the pool and in the open water, scuba diving abilities are developed. After completing the Camp, you will be certified as an Open Water Diver. This course will only set you back $550, so enroll your children while they are still young!

Texas Dive Center

More than anything else, the Texas Dive Center places a premium on exploration. Their purpose is to be the best tiny dive shop in west Texas and the starting point for “Where Adventures Begin”. They understand how to keep new divers comfortable in a strange, sometimes unsettling environment.

The Advanced Adventurer program which costs $425 offers you to try five different open water dives from five distinct SSI Specialty programs without having to complete all of them. If you’re not sure what to do next, this is a great chance to improve your diving abilities and experience while also learning about several Specialty programs. After completing this program, you will be awarded the SSI Advanced Adventurer certification.

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