Best Security Guard Companies in Chicago

I know break-ins in cities like Chicago are pretty prevalent these days. Even though electric security systems are trending, appointing security guards is the best option to protect your physical assets and personal safety. The peace of mind you feel after selecting a security guard is one of the most satisfying things ever.

So, I will help you explore the top security guard companies in Chicago. Keep reading to find the best one near you.

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We Analyzed 1351 Security Guard Companies in Chicago, Illinois, and Picked the Top 11

Admiral Security Services Inc

Admiral Security Services Inc is your best choice if you consider unarmed securities for residential and commercial protection. They have door staff personnel that will provide vital protection to your premises. The company’s team has the requisite training to report threats immediately to remediate crime. 

Their exceptional door staff is also skilled in dealing with emergency cases at any time efficiently. With a strong will and well-organized handling strategies, they display high potential problem-solving skills. Further, they create a safe environment where you can live and enjoy life without worrying about your personal and physical property protection.

Advanced Security Solutions

Serving since 2005, Advanced Security Solutions is one of the leading security firms in Chicago. They facilitate protection by employing the best-in-class tech-savvy safety strategies in the modern market. Besides, their high-caliber guards are redefining protection and security solutions with care and precision. The company has an exceptional clientele spread across industries and has prevented possible dangers with its responsive services. 

They provide corporate security, event staffing, escorts, investigation, patrol services, and so on. Even if you need guards that undertones hospitality, Advanced Security solutions in Chicago can be at your aid. Their security officers excel in their work and decipher what they promise to assure safety.

Blue Star Security

Blue star security is an industry leader that responds to assignments with caution and integrity. It is also regarded as the only security company in Illinois with over 500 security guards.  They have been serving Fortune 500 companies in the past years and hold many five-star rated officers. 

Blue Star offers a wide array of services, including car dealership security, investigations, retail security, organized retail crime security, restaurant security, and many more. They are inclined to provide rigorous safety measures and exceed the State and Federal standards. Whether you need armed security personnel or state-certified law enforcement, they have it all.

CSI Chicago Serve & Investigations

CSI specializes in providing security services in logistic centers and gated communities. The company thoroughly trains its highly experienced security guards to assist high crime areas and protect properties from vandalism and theft. Most officers in their wallet are trained officers and retired police veterans. 

They prioritize safety and provide free on-site security and threat assessment. Additionally, the CSI possesses fully licensed and bonded guards that leverage expert skills at your disposal. With competitive pricing strategies and notarized affidavits at no charge, they are the best if you wish to save time in court filings.

Illinois Security Guard Company

Illinois Security Guard Company is synonymous with advanced security measures. They are driven by competence and offer Fast Guards services for venues like film sets, events or special agent assistance, etc. They have a start-of-art tech architecture to increase the standards of your protection. Additionally, they are committed to optimizing client satisfaction by facilitating 24/7/365 security services all over Chicago. 

Being one of the top-rated security companies, Illinois highly values your protection and offers low operative cost as one of their key highlights. Whether it be healthcare, hospitality, commercial, petrochemical, or manufacturing, by partnering with imperial security, you can experience seamless security integration without hassles.

Metro Security Force, Inc

Metro Security Force has been serving the suburbs and urban locales of Chicago since 1988. They are dogged to provide 24 hours free estimates and have been helping numerous clients all over Chicago. They have enforced armed security officers, unarmed security guards, community security guards, industrial security guards, commercial and retail security guards.  

With a substantial wealth of experience, most of their officers are retired federal agents with comprehensive statutory insurance. If reliability and satisfaction are what you are looking for, this is the best place to invest. Moreover, they are proficient in giving reliable defense and offer all their services at an affordable cost.

Morrison security

Morrison Security company exemplifies efficiency and determination. If you need 24/7 emergency services, then the good news is, they will support you will receive immediate response nationwide. They offer aggregate services and have the backing of the state, local, and federal law enforcement agencies. 

With over a century’s experience, this security company contains more than 1000 guards working to delpoy the best protection that you deserve. Besides, they are ready to serve companies of any size and have vehicle patrol services to reduce local crimes. They also brace you with technology-integrated support. Moreover, they have designed a tailored solution that fits your needs and has excellent flexibility despite situational challenges.

Tribe Security

Illinois-only Native American-owned company Tribe Security offers a broad spectrum of holistic and customized security services, catering to the diverse security needs of people, businesses, and communities in the Chicagoland area.

With over 30 years of experience, a professional team of licensed and trained security specialists, and the commitment to go above and beyond the call of duty, Tribe Security continues to serve and secure its clients.

Tribe Security is on a mission to redefine the security industry by delivering unparalleled security services on-demand. From offering significant event, retail, and tactical security to providing armed and unarmed guards anywhere in Chicago, Tribe Security remains the most trusted security services provider in Illinois.


Being a deeply trusted security company in Chicago, USPA raises the guards in all critical situations. They prioritize the needs of the clients and are strong-willed to establish meaningful relationships with them. Currently operating in 50 states and 14 countries, it is a familiar name for shielded protection. 

Their staple services include traditional security guards, bodyguards, armed security guards, event security, bodyguards, governmental security administration, and many more. USPA is a fully licensed and insured security company with an extensive pool of clientele that differs from private to government staff. They are resolute and resilient to handle the risk-taking state of affairs with utmost attentiveness.

Valle Services

Valle Security delivers protection with uncompromised security services and is dedicated to pace up the competition with scrupulous security infrastructure. They provide event security services, security consulting, armed security, unarmed security, and disaster relief security services all over Chicago. The company functions as an extra pair of eyes to protect your properties in times of immediate emergencies. 

Further, they are strong-minded to deter crime with whatever measures they need to take. They assist you with free consultations with outstanding customer assistance to unlock the most appropriate service that suits you the best. Whatever your circumstances are, you can reach out to Valle Security any time of the day to get professional help.

Xpress Guards

Xpress Guards provides security guards, bodyguards, and patrols services all over Chicago. They find the best tailored fit for your needs and implement top-rated security measures and tech-savvy equipment following the latest trends. More than just physically guarding your assets, we also back you with tips and tricks to improve your safety strategies. 

They have both armed and unarmed security guards unanimously working for your best interest. The staffing of this security company exceeds your expectations, and they value your satisfaction beyond anything. With 34 solid years of experience, they are serving all 50 US states to optimize protection.

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