Our Selection Process

Selection Process at Vverge

We have a rigorous selection process. It starts off with in-depth research to build an exhaustive list of potential picks in the vertical, and locality. We then verify, and validate the business qualification, and licensing that’s required in your area.

The qualified businesses are then pushed to the next phase in which our algorithm analyzes the online reviews, and reputation of the business followed up by gauging industry experience and assessing the professional attitude.

This s why, when we say a business is “best”, our customers totally trust it.

Step # 1: Identify Potential Picks

We perform in-depth research and build an exhaustive list of all the businesses within our categories and service areas. Our technology uses multiple methodologies to find all the companies, and then our agents manually review the relevancy to the service area and category.

Step # 2: Verify Qualifications

We know what business qualifications are required in each vertical and service area. That may include licensing and whatnot. We then validate if the business meets those qualifications before they’re shortlisted.

Step # 3: Analyze Online Reputation

Our sophisticated technology pulls publicly available data and information. Our algorithm crunches the numbers to validate the authenticity, the number of reviews, and average scoring. All of these may vary based on the vertical and service area, and we’re feeding our algorithm with more and more data to make it even more comprehensive.

Step # 4: Gauge Industry Experience

The shortlisted businesses are then gauged based on their primary service offerings, years of experience, and various services they offer. Industry experience may be more critical in one vertical versus another; we’re striving hard to perform researches and customer surveys to keep up with consumers’ requirements.

Step # 5: Asses Professional Attitude

Our designated agents call the business, identify potential customers, and gauge their knowledge, experience, and professional attitude. We understand the human factor. Everyone can have a bad day, but that high-level idea is critical.

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