Best SEO Companies in Chicago

If you are searching for an SEO company in Chicago, you must have a website for a business operating in the region and Illinois at large. The need for SEO experts starts with a non-performing website that needs online recognition.

If you want those in Chicago (and the world) to know you via search engine results, here are the best SEO companies in Chicago, Illinois. They primarily combine SEO with other services to boost your ranking and the overall marketing strategy. 

Now, how is that website going to rank? Here is an analysis of the Chicago gurus to take you a notch higher.  

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We Analyzed 1783 SEO Agencies in Chicago, Illinois, and Picked the Top 14

Avidon Marketing Group

Avidon Marketing Group is a premier boutique digital marketing agency specializing in SEO and content marketing to increase market share and search presence for startups & mid-to-enterprise size businesses. The agency applies proven online growth strategies and boasts a 100% success rate in increasing organic traffic and Google search presence for their partner brands.

Since launching in 2018, the company has grown to include expert marketers and content creators from worldwide. They specialize in helping technology startups, cannabis brands, travel sites, healthcare providers, luxury brands, and mid-to-large eCommerce stores. If you’ve searched for a particular product or sought out information about a specific subject on Google in the last few years, you’ve likely landed on a page that was created and ranked by AMG.

Be Found Online 

Lastly, we have Be Found Online, a company that does what the name suggests. Therefore, you should visit this company’s website or office to improve your site’s SEO performance and increase ranking in organic searches. 

There is a team of experts to help in strategizing what will take you to the next level. At times, it can be hard to deal with what you have, and that is why they include re-designing and migration where necessary. 

With Be Found Online, your website will not have the Google penalties as it passes through the sitemaps for better recognition. As your website climbs up, there is real-time monitoring and reporting to show its current position. 

Chicago Website Design SEO Company 

The first one on the list is the Chicago Website Design SEO Company. By reading the name, you can tell that they do more than optimizing your website for ranking. They start by creating a mobile-friendly website that will be suitable for use across devices. 

If you already have one, then they can take it from there. They recognize that a more considerable percentage of those searching for products or services do it on their mobile phones and tablets. 

So, it’s a matter of subjecting your website to Google My Business optimization to better rank and recognition. They will also work on your content by adding links, videos and writing what your customers need to read. 

Comrade Digitial Marketing Agency 

Comrade is another verified SEO company with a proven record. Some businesses that can claim so include Savory Spice which has greatly benefited from their organic SEO traffic. As your website struggles to get a glimpse of the top searches, Comrade helps it to crawl to the top in just 3-4 months. 

The traffic can increase by 175% once they give your site a total dedication by the end of the year. It’s not cheap, though, since prices range from $1500 to $6500 per month, but the expense is worth it once you see what you are getting. 

To give you a competitive edge, they also work on your brand’s reputation to get more sales and conversions with every 1000 visits. 

Flamingo Agency

When it comes to digital marketing for small businesses and startups, budget plays a significant role. The little guys and novices typically don’t have big budgets to start with, which is why their dream of online success begins with searching for an affordable digital agency. Flamingo Agency is an SEO agency for small businesses, newly registered companies, and startups.”

“They have started as a full-service website design and development agency. Once they learned the ropes and became versed in search engine optimization, it was straightforward to focus on what web design companies do best — advanced on-page optimization and technical website foundation. Today they offer much more, specializing in link building, local SEO services, content marketing, and of course, web design.

Ice Nine Online 

Ice Nine Online is another company that will work on SEO strategies that will benefit your business. They also have a wide range of services that deal with development, maintenance, and training. 

In SEO, it always starts with the research here. So, they will look at the industry niche, the customers, competitors, online resources, and past SEO strategies deployed. Once they have the correct information, that’s when you start getting the curated services.

They include SEO and marketing planning, monitoring and reporting, testing, on-page, and off-page optimization, and more. They have ten years of experience in these matters, and they can adjust to the current trends. 

Kitely Tech 

Kitely Tech is a robust hub for your business wants, and they deal with development and marketing in general. So, partnering with them does not need you to have software or a website since they can help in building that. When it comes to SEO, they are gurus in local on-page optimization. 

They make use of local maps optimization, schema markup, local keyword selection, and content marketing. There are professionals to meet, starting with the developers tricking down to the content strategists. 

There is also link building and citations where platforms like Yellow Pages and Yelp are heavily utilized.

Logical Position

Logical Position customizes end-to-end digital marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes. In particular, their SEO team offers full transparency regarding pricing and their work to improve website traffic and rankings for their clients.

They complete all their work in-house and have a dedicated team that builds relationships with real publishers around the country. Because of this, they can provide natural backlinks that help build site authority. Their analyst team can work on the most challenging technical onsite issues and ensure their client’s websites are set up for success as soon as the relationship begins. They also assign a dedicated account manager to every client. 


NextLeft is a major SEO company that operates in Chicago and San Diego cities. They, therefore, have something to offer, especially if your business is also targeting the West Coast. SEO is not the same as before, so you also get a range of services from them. 

It starts from local SEO, where your website gets optimized for local searches. There is also technical SEO where the sitemaps, schema markup, and internal linking take place. More to that involves relevant keyword research and link building from your website and external sources depending on your niche. 

Since there are different business categories, your website could be subjected to big commerce or WordPress SEO. It all depends on where you are and what’s at stake.

Perfect Search 

Perfect Search has 15 years of experience in SEO and other web services and is also Google Analytics certified. That gives you more reasons to trust them when you take your website as the problem. 

They have the knowledge in their midst to handle content generation, building links, strategizing keywords, and overseeing the overall site’s health. The services you get include on-page SEO, where they work on your HTML source code, off-page SEO for the SERP rankings, CRO, and technical SEO, which mainly involves the content on your website. If your host affects the search engine visibility, Perfect Search will also assist in site migration. 

SFR Digital

The team from one man to many with an actionable difference is what defines SFR Digital. Thanks to his superb SEO strategies, Syed Farhan Raza is not alone since he is now a brand that will get your website to higher heights. It has been a long journey for him, but all the right choices have led him to where he is. 

He has accomplished a series of seminars as he travels worldwide, teaching the essence of SEO and digital marketing at large. His major achievements include being part of World Bank’s and VOA (Voice of America) online marketing personnel. 

To help build the best SEO strategies, he engages the clients in a conversation. In return, you get a formidable schedule that will propagate the organic and targeted traffic towards the website. Later, you’ll learn the best ways to hack growth and get a view of the potential and actual customers growing every day.  

The marketing funnel you create comes from sharpened skills that combine to transform the customers. SFR Digital will also embark on creating better content for your customers, which will inspire their decision-making. 

It will have proper protocols to ensure that it reaches out to more people. So, when you join the team here, you are guaranteed the correct exposure. Learning by sharing is like the main motto since many training, and speaking sessions come from Syed. 

There are better results to share with the rest of the world when you send an email to SFR Digital via the ‘Let’s Talk’ button on the homepage. For the sessions, you can learn more about the 360 inbound marketing funnels and write better content by finding your voice. 

If you have a unique business that you would like to market online, SFR Digital is there to reason out with you, listen and get you something that will resonate with your audience.

Simple SEO Group

Founded in 2009, Simple SEO Group has helped over 300 businesses, large and small, with their digital marketing and web development needs. As a full-service marketing agency, Simple SEO focuses on creating ROI-focused campaigns for clients in various verticals.

Founded by Brendan Egan, a seasoned marketing expert who is the owner-operator of the agency, the agency has thrived over the past decade as more and more brands shift to digital marketing.

With a 95% client retention rate and 100% of clients on page 1 of Google, it’s no surprise why Simple SEO Group is one of the most well-known SEO agencies in Chicago and beyond.

Straight North 

Straight North will also help your business grow thanks to the numerous sub-categories they can manage under the SEO category. They are also active in web designing, and that is where your journey with them can start. They coordinate several monthly activities to set up a schedule for your website and its overall growth. 

That is why every website in their hands has a dedicated account manager who oversees the campaign. They will perform a detailed analysis of your SEO needs for better lead generation. More to that involves competitive research, back-end development, and content marketing, another principal constituent of the SEO campaigns. 


VisualFizz develops an SEO strategy tailored to your business. So, before they embark on the rigorous task, they first get the specifics. The strategy deployed here includes SEO audits, competitive analysis, keyword research, on-page optimization, Google My Business management, and more. 

They like to categorize themselves as the white-hat SEO company, and that’s okay since their strategies are clean and do not deviate from the norm. Your SEO needs will meet local and enterprise schedules, and content creators who tailor the words and combine them with the necessary keywords for a better ranking in the end. 

So, it’s another company in Chicago to help your website and business to grow beyond recognition.

Syed Farhan Raza

Farhan is the managing director at Vverge. He also runs a boutique SEO agency helping local businesses drive organic traffic that converts. He spoke at 20+ conferences including Google Business Group and contributed to many top publications like Yahoo. When he is not working 12 hours a day and 6 days a week helping companies grow, you can find him bouncing ideas with fellow entrepreneurs in a local cafe or over a phone call.

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