Best SEO Companies in Houston

The SEO industry is now generating billions thanks to the innovative ways deployed in digital marketing techniques. That is why countless businesses are selling the service, among other things that surround the SEO niche. 

In Houston, you will want the best SEO company to optimize your business website locally before reaching other states and countries. That depends on what you are offering, though. 

If you are searching for a top-ranking Houston SEO company, we have compiled a shortlist of the best ten after researching for more than a day. 

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SEO is a No-Brainer

Users utilize search engines when searching for information. SEO is essential since it helps in ranking search results. If your website has what the user searches for, it will appear on the search results. 

Better strategies are, however, deployed to ensure that you are among the first two pages. That’s where more users concentrate when getting the information. Therefore, optimizing your website and other account platforms for local searches is crucial in the current era. 

We Analyzed 1299 SEO Companies in Houston, Texas, and Picked the Top 11

9th Wonder 

9th Wonder is a large enterprise that deals with overall marketing. That is why they have integrated the SEO strategy in their service delivery. That also comes with web development

They have helped businesses in Houston rank in search results by taking technical approaches on the optimization techniques and what applies to the content. Your competitor is also a factor, and that’s why they never leave that behind. 

Apart from SEO, they help optimize the user experience, which is vital when navigating and clicking through to reach your services. So, intuitive custom web design is a principle that they don’t take lightly, and you don’t get pre-designed models here.

Deerstone Development 

Deerstone will help you develop a website, but they never leave you hanging. Since they want you to be part of the control, they subject you to the WordPress platform. There, you can view what is happening in your design model and how the marketing is fairing. 

WordPress has several tools to assist in SEO strategizing and helping your content rank higher. They use that and more to keep you on the right track in this competitive world. The SEO strategies will range from how fast the website can load to how well it functions when users find it. 

For the SEO quotation, among other services, you get custom quotes based on what you need. 

DigiKai Marketing 

DigiKai is well known for optimizing websites in the health, wellness, and fitness niches. So, if you are a business owner with such a business, you can visit them in Houston. 

Since they get services directed to specific professionals, they are the best at what they do, based on what the field requires. The SEO services will generate and maintain content and engage in social media marketing, website responsiveness, and more. 

On the website, you can learn about the road map, which gives you an idea of what you should expect. In the end, DigiKai will provide you with SEO services that make it easier for Houston customers to find and trust what you offer. 

EWR Digital 

EWR Digital has realized that web traffic is increasing, especially on mobile devices. SEO is one of the factors that apply to users discovering your services while on the internet, and that is what they implement among other digital marketing services. 

Whether you have a website or not, they can help you define where your journey begins and progresses. That applies to both the local and global SEO strategies. Performing a website analysis or a local SEO audit with EWR Digital is free of charge. 

They have been in Houston, Texas, for more than two decades now. Their primary focus has been on full-service digital marketing. They also offer more knowledge to interested users through their podcast, The Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing.

Greener SEO is a search engine optimization company in the Houston area. The CEO and head SEO expert has been doing SEO since 1997 and has extensive experience in many different verticals. The company offers local as well as national search engine optimization services.

They believe in custom campaigns that are designed for the client’s specific needs and industry in order to gain more visibility online. One thing that makes Greener SEO unique is that they do not only understand SEO but they also understand what it is like to do business online as the head SEO at Greener SEO has always had an online business along with helping other businesses get more visibility online.


Insignia has something to offer as far as SEO is concerned. Well, it’s quite a large business enterprise that deals with web development and what revolves around marketing websites. 

You may already have a ready-made website that needs proper advertisement strategies to propel it towards the right customers. So, they will help you research the right keywords, develop an SEO strategy and improve the content you already have. 

More to their services involve brand recognition and improving the traffic you are getting. Whether you need to target the Houston and Texas market or more extensive than that, they will always deploy strategies that will suit the audience you need. 


Legnd excludes itself from the rest of the SEO marketing agencies by having a team that strives for only the best results. So, they are armed with the best tools and workforce that knows how to utilize every bit. 

While they are also involved in web design, the SEO docket starts with on-site optimization. That propels the website to rank better through seamless communication with all the major search engines. 

Other services will include link building to help in building credibility. That will, of course, involve content creation that will lead to more dependency on your services even for years to come. If you want to also optimize for the Houston consumption, they do that best by optimizing based on user location. 

Lewis SEO Houston 

Lewis SEO Houston has more than 20 SEO awards and 250+ happy customers. Those results will make you interested in a company whose website tells you what they offer straightforward. 

They operate in Houston, Texas, and they have perfected the art of SEO delivery for those living in the region. They know that the result here is to have more customers trickling into your business. So, they also focus on the ROI generated by the rankings they propel to your website. 

This is where you will meet medical and dental SEO strategies. Their SEO skills are pretty categorized. You may wonder what they mean, but Lewis SEO Houston has the answers for that and more.  

NEON Ambition 

Neon Ambition has been in the SEO advertising business for the last 17 years. Some companies have survived more than that but what’s interesting here is the clients they have met over the years. 

There are a few celebrities over here, and then we have the likes of LuLu Lemon. Rob Woods is often seen in conferences talking about link building, among other strategies, and he has helped many in driving meaningful results. 

Apart from being the technical editor of the book The Art of SEO, his team has what it takes to increase brand visibility. There is also the betterment of the art of storytelling and boosting conversion after luring the customers. 


On-Target is another Houston SEO company that has web design and SEO integrated as one of the services. Here, you will get keyword research, link building, and more strategies needed for the SEO drive. 

They engage customers in roadmaps that will help in optimizing their websites and pages on other platforms. That, of course, involves social media. In most cases, you will be subjected to the FASTRAK program, which entails a comprehensive approach to the overall marketing plan. 

Apart from SEO, they also provide better marketing strategies through the information you can get from their website. So, it’s a hub resource with a results-oriented approach and information that aids in growing far and beyond. 


Lastly, we have RevLocal, which is a marketing agency with various locations across the US. Houston is not left behind, and it’s easy to get an agent there. While it will help you with SEO and other marketing strategies, it will suit Houston businesses with branches in different states or locations across Texas. 

RevLocal is good at promoting businesses with multiple branches, and that’s how it helps enterprises compete both locally and globally. Here, they know that one size doesn’t fit all, and that’s why you always get a tailored SEO move. 

If you need optimization for local or global search and other marketing services such as paid advertising and social media, RevLocal will seamlessly handle that. They have the infrastructure for that, and their experience seems to be well distributed geographically and demographically. 

Syed Farhan Raza

Farhan is the managing director at Vverge. He also runs a boutique SEO agency helping local businesses drive organic traffic that converts. He spoke at 20+ conferences including Google Business Group and contributed to many top publications like Yahoo. When he is not working 12 hours a day and 6 days a week helping companies grow, you can find him bouncing ideas with fellow entrepreneurs in a local cafe or over a phone call.

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