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Our goal at Vverge is to help you find the top 3% pros in your neighborhood. We cover 200+ industry verticals across many cities in the US. We’re striving hard to cover more. Whether you’re looking to hire a local service provider or a medium-sized agency, we’ve got you covered. Check out our story and more about us.

Selection Process

We have sophisticated research and a custom-built due diligence algorithm that ensures we pick the best of the best in each vertical. Our selection process is the foundation of our business model, and we invest a lot of effort and resources to make it better and better. Our selection process is unbiased and totally on merit. No exception. Learn more about our selection process.

Get Listed

Your business falls under a category we’ve covered, but you don’t find your business listed? It’s highly likely that we’ve already reviewed it, but feel free to reach out to us with all the details, and information, and we can review it. It typically takes 5-7 business days to review a business and see if meets our selection criteria.

Update Listing

You find your business listed but some information is inaccurate? It could be a human error, or something has changed with your business recently. Please reach out to us with the exact details, and any documentation, or links online that can help us verify. Accurate, and authentic data, and information on Vverge is our top priority.

Premium Placement

All businesses are listed in alphabetical order by default to be fair to everyone. Premium Placement is the top spot in the article. The businesses already verified, and listed can pay a small amount to get there. It ensures your business is viewed first by our blog visitors. It includes a link back to your website and a contact number, unlike other listings. Drop an email to be listed at the top.

Backlink Policy

We don’t link out to any websites by default and charge a one time small fee for that. It would not only boost your SEO ranking on Google but also drive a lot of organic traffic to your website when other businesses listed won’t have it. Request a link back to your article here.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re featured in your listing. How can we promote it? How long would I be featured? Does Vverge visit every business physically? How many businesses do you review for the city? Do business owners pay to list at Vverge? All of these questions are already answered in our FAQs section.

Contact Us

We’re passionate about our customers. We love emails. We read every single of them and respond within 24 hours (including weekends). Email us your suggestions, feedback, or just say “Hi” at We would get back to your asap.