Best Tattoo Shops in Chicago

A lot of times, you might have wanted to get some nice artwork on your skin but lacked the perfect tattoo shop in mind. This article is centered on viewing the best tattoo shops available in Chicago, Illinois.

You might have seen some other listing of the best tattoo shops around Chicago. Regardless, this top 10 selection of tattoo shops has been professionally researched, just for you.

Whatever kind of tattoo you are looking to get on you, this article features the best shops in Chicago offering those services.

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We Analyzed 1321 Tattoo Shops in Chicago, Illinois, and Picked the Top 13

9Mag Tattoo

9Mag Tattoo is a studio in Chicago, Illinois, offering very high-quality and affordable work. The shop has had its doors opened since 2014, with all its artists trained professionally. Aside from giving customers perfect artistic work on their bodies, 9Mag ensures that the safety of customers is king.

Unlike other tattoo shops, the 9Mag offers a walk-in service to any customer. To improve on customers’ wishes, the shop allows customers to bring postcards, photos, or printouts of arts they want to be replicated.

Tribal, old school, new school, lettering, portraits, Asian, cartoons, anatomical tattoos.

Black Atlas Studios

After opening its doors in 2017, Black Atlas Studios has quickly become known for its detail-oriented, high-caliber artists. Their artists take pride in executing beautiful, one-of-a-kind tattoos for each client that walks into the shop. Working by appointment only, Black Atlas Studios welcome projects in all styles and specialize in black and grey realism, color realism, fine line, and neo-traditional.

Black Atlas Studios works hard to ensure everybody feels confident getting tattooed in their space as a minority-owned business with a diverse staff. Their incredible team of artists consistently receives five-star reviews for their welcoming atmosphere, professionalism, and originality.

Chicago Ink Tattoo & Body Piercing 

Chicago Ink Tattoo & Body Piercing is the go-to place for many people looking to get fantastic artwork done by some of the greatest tattooers in the industry. The artists are not only professional and qualified, but they also possess innovative skills brilliantly shown in their works.

Ruben, Claudio, Mercy, Robert, Carlos, and others are the brilliant masterminds that have consistently created masterpieces for customers around Chicago and beyond.

Customized art, color or black & grey, cover-ups, realism, Japanese, biomechanical, and other various styles.

Code of Conduct Tattoo 

Code of Conduct Tattoo is a popular shop offering one of the best body artworks in Chicago, Illinois. Over ten years ago, a couple of friends came together, taking time off their careers to create a place to showcase their talents. 

It started with them being less interested in money or recognition, but with the idea of bringing people’s imaginations to life. Till today, the Code of Conduct tattoo has made a name for itself as one of the tattoo shops offering professional and top-quality services in Chicago.

Styles ranging from realism, modern traditional, illustration to New school arts. No piercings, tattoo only. No face or finger tattooing (unless you’re heavily tattooed).

Deluxe Tattoo

If you are looking for one of the most respected Tattoo shops in all of Chicago, Illinois, Deluxe Tattoo is that shop. Having its operation for years, Deluxe Tattoo has consistently delivered great and fantastic artworks and designs to customers.

With Deluxe artists; Ben Wahh, Jason Longtin, Zach Stuka, Stephanie White, Troy Taylor, Bunny, others, you should expect to get nothing less than perfect with this tattoo store.

Old & new school, everything from a simple name to full sleeve work.

Great Lakes Tattoo

Great Lakes Tattoo is a one-of-kind shop with an attitude-free feeling that celebrates the traditions of past, present, and future tattooing. The shop’s owners, Nick and Sarah Colella opened the doors of Great Lakes in 2013. At this moment, the shop is considered one of the best shops in Chicago. 

Great Lakes Tattoo has over-time become a destination shop for all Chicago residents interested in tattoos, as their artists offer some of the best services around.

Traditional American, portraits, tribal, Japanese, black, and grey tattoos.

Insight Studios 

Insight Studios is a tattoo shop in Chicago that was born in June of 2005. The goal of the shop was to build a creative environment for talented artists. The artists of Insight Studios are all professional and creative at their work, giving customers perfect designs on their skin.

Every artist working at Insight Studios partakes in the annual bloodborne pathogens and principles of infection control training, which meets up with the requirements of OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.1030. 

Tattooing services, tattoo removal, piercings.

JPJ Studios

Dark Water Studio was founded back in 2009. The founders come from tattooing for someone else’s business and wanted to create a shop of our own. They knew from the beginning that they wanted Dark Water to showcase fine art. From the art I make to hosting galleries to the antiques around the shop, it’s easy to see what makes us unique.

They offer private rooms for tattoo sessions and use some of the best equipment. They’ve sponsored artists with Cheyenne Tattoo Equipment out of Germany and World Famous Ink, who create a custom grey wash ink set that they use. Dark Water Studio specializes in black and grey realism, and my studio reflects how they interpret art and allows me to feel free and creative.

Katana Tattoo

Katana tattoo is located in the Heart of the Midwest, 2 to 3 hours from most major cities, but the clientele doesn’t stop there. Paul Dhuey (owner and operator of katana tattoo) draws in clients from all over the US, specializing in sizeable Japanese bodywork.

Paul opened Katana in 2012, now with 25 years of experience, Has the privilege to work with Jonathan Gilbert and Drew Hill, who specializes in Black and Grey tattoos. Don’t be thrown off by our specialties; if we have time, we can do whatever you are looking for, and if not, we will direct you in the right direction to achieve your tattoo needs.

Pioneer Tattoo

Pioneer Tattoo is a well-known shop in Chicago that has highly skilled artists. The artists at Pioneer tattoo have the tag of creating nature scenes realistically. Harlan Thompson, Ryan Flaherty, Molly Emrick, James Eastwood, and Tim Biedron are the masterminds at this top-quality tattoo shop.

The Pioneer Tattoo is an appointment-based type of studio, with each artist having their own schedule. Customer feedback about the shop always talks about how the artists are worth every penny they spend.

All kinds of tattoos (depending on the artist). No piercings.

Speakeasy Custom Tattoo

Speakeasy Custom Tattoo is a world-renowned artistic shop owned by Patrick Cornell. This tattoo shop is not your everyday artistic shop; it is an appointment-only custom type of studio. The clean, comfortable, and safe environment of the workspace thrills customers from all ends of Chicago.

Speakeasy Custom Tattoo is known for its unique artworks and designs. Each artist at Speakeasy Custom prefers to give an original piece of art found nowhere else in the world, mixing their input and customer’s vision.

Custom tattoo services only.

Tattoo Factory 

Tattoo Factory is a world-class tattooing studio founded in 1976 by Pete Collurafici. This tattoo shop has its name as among the elite league of Tattoo studios, doing it better than a lot of other shops.

Unlike other tattoo shops, this Tattoo Factory offers a drink n’ ink right next door. So, if you plan on bringing a friend along, be rest assured that you and your friend will have no boring moment at the shop. Basically, this shop is one of the best there is in Chicago, Illinois.

Japan style, wildlife, tribal, portrait, cover-up, watercolor, new school & customs tattoos, piercings.

Taylor Street Tattoo

Taylor Street Tattoo was founded in 2004 by Mike Malone (Rollo Banks – RIP) and Keith Underwood. This tattoo shop had a rocky start in its early years, experiencing a 2-year legal court battle with the residents around 2002 when the building was purchased. 

However, over the years, the shop has come to be accepted by residents around. Thrilling them with fantastic artworks and designs like none other. Taylor Street Tattoo prides itself as a keeper of the classic motif tattoos today.

Custom and traditional tattoo designs.

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