Best Tattoo Shops in Houston

People have various reasons why they want a tattoo. The most common one is that they make you appear trendy, especially if it’s a tattoo in modern times. There are tattoo shops in Houston for that if you live in these environs. 

As you think hard of what to draw, we will give you an analysis of the ten best tattoo shops to visit in Houston. The review will encompass businesses that have been dealing with tattoos for quite a long time. 

There are different categories too in every business to help you brainstorm. 

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Are you looking for the Best Tattoo Shops in Houston?

A tattoo is something drawn for a few hours but will stick there for many years. The removal process is painful, and that’s why you need to think long and hard about what you are going to draw. 

The design you have in mind should meet the experts willing to make the best impression and offer aftercare tips for the healing process. 

We Analyzed 1459 Tattoo Shops in Houston, Texas, and Picked the Top 10

3rd Generation Ink 

There’s a lot of history to learn from the 3rd Generation Ink, and it starts with influential people in the industry. Bob Shaw worked under Bert Grimm before becoming the president of the Tattoo association in America. 

After he died in 1993, his son took over, and he has hired about five professionals ever since. There is a major gallery to enjoy while in the studio, and the experience here is just unique. It doesn’t matter whether you are a newbie or visiting the place for the seventh time. 

The reviews on the website speak volumes about their service. What has helped this business go far is the passion for tattooing and the expertise given by the crew you meet. 

713 Tattoo 

There is the Seven One Three Studio in Houston which does tattoos and piercing. They have been around since 20o2 and have acquired some of the best artists for body artwork. You will get traditional tattoos, fine line, black and grey and many more. 

Checking the gallery on the website or artists’ Instagram pages will give you an idea of what you should expect. It’s okay to ask questions if you are getting a drawing or piercing for the first time. 

713 is, however, currently not doing piercing or drawing on the face due to COVID19 regulations. You also need to note that there should be an appointment before you step into the studio for the service. 

Assassin Tattoo 

Assassin Tattoo has studios all over the US, and there is a base in Houston. In the 20 years, they have been in the industry, they are known for drawing Asian tattoos. There is much art to peruse from the giant continent, but they also specialize in other styles. 

You will get black and grey, colored, custom lettering, illustrations and more. So far, they have more than 600 5-star reviews on Yelp and close to 900 reviews on Google, still with the same rating. 

The pricing here is quite different, but it’s based on how many hours they will spend inking your skin. If a piece will take under four hours, it’s charged per piece. Those who will spend more than four hours in the studio will get the per hour charges. 

Electric Chair Tattoo & Piercing 

Electric Chair Tattoo & Piercing is still drawing tattoos and piercing since 1999, and they are open from noon to 8 pm for the tattoos. If you need a piercing, it’s doable between 1 pm and 7 pm. 

It’s possible to book an appointment by calling or going to the portfolio page and contacting individual artists. It’s also okay to walk in whether you need a tour with your kid or collect a new piece of jewelry. However, due to COVID19, they are currently allowing clients only. 

Tattoos in this studio will cost you a minimum of $50, where flat rates apply to small pieces. Larger ones will need per hour charges, and it’s between $100 and $120. Due to the Texas state laws, those under 18 years are not allowed to get tattoos even with a parent’s consent. 

Houston Heights Tattoo 

Houston Heights is announcing their move to 101 W14th St. Houston TX 77008. So, if you want to see what they have, that’s the new location, but the expertise has not changed. 

The pro artists are still around, and there is tattooing and piercing for you. It’s strictly on an appointment basis. Houston Heights, however, allows walks in between Wednesday and the weekend from 2 pm to 10 pm. 

The website may not be the best, but you get a visual of everything you need, from the gallery to the services and contact the crew.

RedHawk Studio 

RedHawk Studio is a private enterprise located in East Downtown, Houston. How you get here is via appointments only. The owner does not showcase the business to visiting customers. Anyone there is available via a grant. 

You get tattoos categorized in major groups. There is blackwork that involves drawing using black ink. There is floral that involves botany, and you get various colors for that. The last category is geometrical, where you have repeated patterns. 

They are often computer-generated, although the Mandala designs have some handwork put into them for personalization. Inside, you get various ways to make the customers comfortable, ranging from furniture to streaming Netflix and Hulu. 

Scorpion Studios 

Scorpion Studios will accept walk-ins from Monday to Saturday, which means a first-come, first-serve basis. If you can’t do that, there is an option to book an appointment as well. 

The tattoo shop has three top-notch designers, and every one of them has a collection. It’s a studio that also permits asking questions, and you also get aftercare tips from both the professionals and the website. 

A tattoo here will need about $50 minimum, and you need to pay a cash deposit while booking. Drawing involves single use of sterile equipment, and that’s great for health concerns. 

Shelter Tattoo 

Shelter Tattoo is another studio that accepts customers via appointments only. You can book online via their website, which welcomes you with a small gallery of the studio visuals. After the grant to access, you start delivering the information needed before visiting the studios. 

It’s also possible to book when you visit the studios, but you cannot walk in from the blue to get a tattoo. The designers here are good in the single needle and fine line, and they have been doing that for the last ten years. 

If you need a traditional tattoo, that is also possible. There are, however, no designs on the website, but they have linked it with their Instagram page for that. 

Texas Body Art 

This is a studio that has quite a creative way to deliver the services. The Texas Body Art studio requires you to have the QR code before getting to the location. Piercing and tattoo drawing requires different QR codes. 

If you are getting pierced, the code scanning goes to the right while the tattoos code goes to the left side of the door. Hours of operation are between noon and 9 pm for the tattoo, while piercing extends by three hours after the tattoo studio closes.

Once you scan the QR, you will receive a text for the appointment and time to get into the studio. Anyone waiting should do it in the car. It’s pretty understandable due to the pandemic, and that’s why they restrict anyone with underlying medical conditions. 

You Pick It We Stick It 

This is a tattoo place in Houston that you will love to visit because of the name. However, the crew here is faithful to the business’ name, and that is why they will get any drawing done. 

There are long working hours during the weekends when clients are free to try out some out-of-the-box designs. Every artist has a gallery on the website. While you may not be pleased with the website design, the pictures are simply out of this world. 

Whether you want to tattoo a simple flower or the world map, they will always get it done. There are photos before and after the tattoo is done. There is also the piercing which is coupled with legit jewelry.

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