Best Tattoo Shops in NYC

New York is the home of the best tattoo artists in the world. The wide variety of styles available are amazing, from traditional American tattoos to Japanese tattoos, photorealism, and minimalism, not to mention the plethora of tattoo designers. Think of the first rotating electric tattoo machine invented in 1891 bearing in mind that the city’s first tattoo shop opened in 1870. Is that amazing!

New York is also a media hub in the United States since it’s full of celebrities, painters, dancers, and actors. It enables the tattoo industry to thrive, making NYC a tattoo brio playground. But the challenging decision for a person is to find a good shop where they could get a tattoo.

To help you choose the right studio to get a tattoo, we’ve put together a list of the best tattoo shops in New York. Read on to find out where celebrities or tattoo experts can get their tattoos in New York City.

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We Analyzed 1921 Tattoo Shops in NYC, New York, and Picked the Top 13

Bang Bang

Located in the Lower Eastside, Bang Bang has 28 employees who are specialized in a wide range of tattoo styles. The tattoo styles include micro style, single needle, fine line, black and gray realism, and illustrative color. Keith McCurdy -the founder-is the most famous tattoo artist in the world according to Vogue Magazine. The shop has served many famous clientele such as Rihanna, LeBron James, Odell Beckham, and other public figures. In case you are unsure of which tattoo design you want, Bang Bang artists will advise you on the best design. Bang Bang tattoo shops offer high luxury services to people, and it is akin to a luxury penthouse.

Daredevil Tattoo Shop

Museums leave a lasting hunch on your mind, but the Daredevil tattoo Shop may be the only one that will leave a lasting mark on your skin. Daredevil was opened in 1997 by Brad Fink and Michelle Myles. It is a tattoo history shop and museum that specializes in different styles of drawing. The shop has served great celebrities, including Joan Jet, Boy George, among others. Vegans will be proud to know that the shop uses animal-free ink to draw. The walls in the shop will mesmerize you since they showcase the artwork of famous artists such as Sailor Jerry and Samuel O’Reilly.

Additionally, people have the opportunity to view antique tattoo machines and some old-time sideshow banners. Customers can make an appointment or walk in since it is easily accessible to the public.

Dead President’s Lounge

Dead President’s Lounge opened its doors in 2005 and has been an unstoppable force since day one. They have eight artists that each have their style. They pride themselves on being very versatile, clean, and family-oriented. Artists include Dustin Horan, Geoffrey Decrucq, Peter Clarke, Christian Minick, Krystal Ingram, Melanie Lucia-Clarke, Ryan Sherwood, and Natalie Leitman. The feeling of the shop is very serene and calming, which is perfect for nervous clients. Please take a peek at their work and see for yourself what they’re all about.

East River Tattoo

East River Tattoo, originally called Cherry Bomb Tattoo, was opened in Greenpoint in 2000 by NYC artist Duke Riley. With many years of experience in the industry, the artists of East River specialize in engraving and blackwork. They are heavily influenced by maritime folk art like scrimshaw, and 19th-century influences such as antique nautical charts and woodcuts. East River has hosted guest artists from around the globe. Frequent guests Liam Sparkes and Spider Sinclair are examples of two who are unique and inspiring. The shop strives to maintain a clean, friendly, and safe environment for all walks of life. While appointments are preferred, walk-ins are always welcome!

East Side Ink

This East Village-based shop promotes the perfect blend of crafts and arts. Their primary service is to reconstruct old designs. East Side Ink was established by Josh Lord. Josh Lord, who creates tattoos for HBO’s True Detective characters, sets the mood at East Side Ink, where he brings together talented artists without being pretentious. If you want something other than ink, you can choose other services like micro-blading, tattoo removal, and cover-ups.

Fine Line

Fine Line Tattoo started in 1976 when tattoos were still illegal in the United States. It was founded by Mike Bakaty, who started tattooing legally in 1997. As the name suggests, Fine line Tattoo Studio mainly focuses on fine line art and minimalist body art. For over 40 years of experience, Fine Line has offered clean, safe, and modest services. Clients can book appointments or walk-ins. The shop has maintained loyal fans who love the friendly staff and attitude.

First Class Tattoo

First Class Tattoo shop is located in Chinatown. It focuses on fine line realistic tattoos, black and grey, and neo-traditional pieces. The artists here have a range of different styles they employ in their drawings. Some artists travel around the world. This means that in the art world, their expertise is very rich, thus making them unique. They will consult with you to determine which style suits you best and develop something that will blow up your mind. Apart from doing tattoos, you can go to the First Class Tattoo Studio for your cosmetic piercing or tattoo to accentuate the look of your lips or eyebrows.

JonBoy Tattoo

People have different tastes and preferences in body art. If you are a minimalist enthusiast, then JonBoy Tattoo shop is the right place to be. JonBoy has been drawing minimalist body art tattoos for over 18 years. The artist combines fashion and art so uniquely that many have brought their high-end line art to the mainstream audience. Why do people love it? It is because JonBoy can make a dream come true by delivering simple, classic, and minimalist tattoos. Jonboy has worked with multiple celebrities. That makes me wonder! Who will not be willing to get a tattoo from a parlor that has served well-known celebrities?

Kings Avenue Tattoo

The shop was started by Mike Rubendall after moving beyond his Long Island space. The studio has 12 artists who employ different styles while drawing as well as guest artists around the globe. Mike has been ranked as one of the top artists by the Huffington Post and New York Magazine. The artists are specialized in felines, neo-traditional floral, and many other different tattoo styles. Kings Avenue has partnered with brands such as; Stetson, Hublot, The North Face, and JC Cooper. Mr. Rubendall also designs clothing, a line of hats, and accessories that are sold in the shop.

NYC Ink Studio

Located in the beautiful Greenwich Village area, NYC Ink Studio has been a neighborhood staple for almost 20 years. Serving hundreds of people a week at NYC Ink Studio, the quality of the tattoo, care for customers, and focus on aftercare are unmatched. As soon as you walk into NYC Ink Studio, you’ll be met with a professional team whose only goal is to bring your tattoo idea to life. Armed with nothing but the most passionate and creative tattoo artists, you’ll be guided through the process from start to finish.

From sketching out your ideas and modifying designs until they’re perfect, to planning appointments around your schedule, to offering a comfortable and enjoyable tattooing experience, NYC Ink Studio understands that tattoos are forever and takes the job of bringing them to life extremely seriously. Please drop by to admire the beautiful art on the wall, peek at some of their quality jewelry, and most importantly to work with a friendly and supportive staff to bring your dream tattoo to life.

Redink Tattoo Studio

The world-famous Redink Tattoo Studio is a couture upscale tattoo experience offering tattoos, piercings, and laser tattoo removal. They are known for doing large custom tattoo pieces such as sleeves and back pieces by owner/artist RED. They also are experts at fixing tattoos and cover-ups. Recently Lil Uzi vert got his 24 million dollar diamond piercing at the studio. They have the most significant presence on the internet of any tattoo studio. They are the most innovative studio with their app and custom brand of tattoo needles called RedTop Tattoo Needles, currently sold on Amazon. The studio is known for its customer service and upscale studio experience. The studio has artists with over 20 years of experience tattooing. Redink Tattoo Studio is constantly innovating and a leader in the tattoo industry, making it the premier studio to visit.

Sena Tattoo

Established in February 2012, Sena Tattoo shop has managed to gain a reputation for being the best traditional Japanese Tattoo Shop outside of Japan. It is located in NYC. The Shop has four employees who have unique expertise in traditional Japanese body art. They integrate different tattoo styles centered around iconic designs such as fu dogs, koi fish, dragons, wind, and waves. This method is also employed in the modern era where full-body and fine body art can be done. They have ballooned to be the best shop in this type of style.

Studio 28 Tattoos

Studio 28 was established in 2010 in the beautiful flower district of Chelsea to provide a safe, clean, friendly, and inclusive studio to elevate tattooing and body piercing in NYC.
Their staff of artists work in various styles but specialize in fine line and large-scale detailed works in both color and black and grey. One of the top reviewed and rated studios in NYC, you know you are getting the best service when you walk inside their two floors of services. Studio 28 is also one of NYC’s top-known high-quality body piercing studios with many implant grade and solid gold jewelry for initial and existing piercings. While Studio 28’s artists are always happy to help walk-in clients, booking an appointment is always recommended as those times can be limited, and their piercings and jewelry services are by appointment only.

Three Kings Tattoo

Opened by Matt Marcus, Three Kings is one of New York’s largest tattoo parlors, with over a dozen artists on its team. It allows them to accept visitors seven days a week, even if some artists have been booked. They bring in guest artists who come to showcase their unique tattooing abilities. The shop has integrated modern technology into its services. They have Ipads that are used to show different styles they use. Three Kings tattoo consulting aspects are taken very seriously; they offer friendly advice about tattoos and give a detailed explanation for their choice.

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