Best Venture Capital Firms in Houston

Houston is a tough town to crack. Though tech-centric cities like Austin and San Francisco usually come first to mind when thinking of startup hubs, Houston has thrived. This is despite its strong business reputation as an active hub for startups that’s attracted many venture capitalists over time – making it quite possibly one of America’s most underrated entrepreneurial powerhouses!

Houston may be known as “Space City” due to NASA’s Johnson Space Center located just outside downtown Houston, but now it’s also become “Startup City.” More than 2 million people live within 50 miles from downtown Houston with one out five workers employed.

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Houston is the 4th largest city in the United States and has seen an incredible economic boom over the last decade. With a growing population, an increasing number of jobs, high-quality education institutions and plenty of resources for entrepreneurs. It’s no wonder that Houston is becoming one of the top cities to start a business or raise capital. The Venture Capital Firms listed below are some of the best venture capitalists in Houston who have invested billions into projects across multiple industries.

Amnis Ventures

Founded in 2013, Amnis Ventures is a Houston VC firm that invests across many industries. Its first investment was made at the beginning of 2019 when it put money into renewable energy company Q4000RPM Solar Inc. In 2020 there were two additional investments: fintech startup Qredo. They recently closed on its seed round and has ambitions to create revolutionary solutions for banking services with block chain technology.

Blue Bear Capital

At Blue Bear Capital they are focused on investing in high-growth companies that work within the energy sector. In particular, their attraction to this industry lies with its future potential for innovation and growth. With investments ranging from Alternative Investments all way down to Private Equity or Venture Capital, there’s something here that sure fits any appetite!

The company is actively looking for investment opportunities in the private market. They seek out companies that are applying AI, IoT and cyber security data-driven technologies and software-led solutions within industries such as energy, infrastructure, or climate change sectors. The most noteworthy among their portfolio assets might be those working under these technological fields, emphasizing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms. Since its founding three years ago, the firm has been significantly successful so far. It has already successfully guided six different projects into production all over Europe.

Chevron Tech Ventures

Chevron Tech Ventures invests in a wide range of startups that can assist with its goal to provide cheaper and cleaner energy. The VC firm made 12 investments last year, specializing in specific industries or companies within those spaces, such as cybersecurity firms Mission Secure which it recently invested into for 1 million dollars.

Fritz Gate Ventures

At the intersection of entrepreneurship and academia, Fitz Gate Ventures is a micro-venture capital firm with an interest in early stage investments. The majority (but not all) funds come from this university ecosystem. However, they also have more broadly targeted sectors like healthcare or energy at their disposal when making decisions about what kind of businesses would be right for them.

The VC firm invests in tech companies to make it easier for them all around the United States. Though they back up their portfolio with more than $250K, some notable investments include Overtime and Smart Asset among others who are leading this new trend of “Fin Tech.”

Main Street Capital Corporation

Main Street Capital is a leading investment firm that provides simplified, one-stop-shop capital solutions for companies in need. They have helped entrepreneurs and business owners achieve their goals from achieving liquidity to diversifying personal wealth by providing both debt and equity financing. Moreover, they also facilitate management buyouts or pursuing growth and acquisition financing, all with ease of access through Main St.’s extensive services offerings. The company’s diverse team includes experts on various financial topics such as banking loans & investments, real estate investing, IPO-issuing processes – including auctions.

Mercury Fund

Mercury Fund is a venture capital firm that touts itself to promote the U.S midwest and is based in Houston, Texas. It is listed as one of America’s top five “live-wire” funds for early-stage investing alongside other outstanding firms like Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) or Khosla Ventures. Mercury has made ten different investments within twelve months with expertise focused on entrepreneurs working primarily with technological innovation across SaaS, Cloud Services, Data Analytics, etc.

Montrose Lane

Founded in 2017, this Houston-based VC firm has been steadily increasing its investments into the tech world. Montrose Lane (formerly Cottonwood Venture) made four new funding rounds across three different companies by 2020, including a round for Austin-based HUVRData last October.

Texas Atlantic Capital

TA Capital is a notable Houston VC firm that invests in all stages of startup companies. The company specializes primarily in tech startups. Specifically those related to e-commerce and internet industries such as software development or digital life sciences. They have 37 total investments so far – nine (9) are from recent years, but their work isn’t done yet!

Texas HALO Fund

Texas HALO Fund is a Houston-based VC firm specializing in investing in early-stage businesses to create long-term sustainable success. They have made 16 investments so far this year and recently invested into an online management company called ‘Your Fare’ from Texas, which was one of many other successes they achieved last month alone.

The Artemis Fund

The Artemis Fund is a female-founded venture capital firm that was established in 2019. This year, the company’s first investment went towards Oakland-based finance company CNote, with their latest seed round aiming to help these early-stage businesses grow even more than before.

If you’re looking for the best venture capital firms in Houston, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of ten companies that are top-rated and offer reliable services to all clients. Whether you want to invest your money or get advice on how to grow your company with an investment strategy, these businesses can help foster success in any industry! Which firm did you choose? Make sure it’s one of our top ten choices to continue providing great content about them.

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