Best Veterinarian in Chicago

Caring for your pet includes things like adequate food, good shelter, and quality health service. Good healthcare and service for your pet determine how long and healthy they will live. Many veterinarians and veterinary facilities have sprung up in Chicago over the last couple of years; it may be a bit of a hassle to decide which one(s) is best for your pet. We have done the hard work by making a list of the five (5) best veterinarians in Chicago, using various categories.

We Analyzed 1039 Veterinarian in Chicago, Illinois, and Picked the Top 5

Animal medical center of Chicago

This facility prides itself on 30 years of health service that cares for the wholesome health of your pet, physical, social, and mental health altogether. They are among very few hospitals in the country with fear-free certification; there is the assurance of stress and anxiety-free service during every visit. Health service is individualized to suit the needs of every pet, regardless of their age (infant and geriatric care), temperament, whether calm, aggressive, shy, or playful. It does not stop at professional healthcare; they also teach and train you on excellent ways to give your pet home care (for example, training on eliminating veterinary anxiety from pets). Visit to book an appointment and see a veterinarian. 

Pershing Animal Hospital

Another great veterinary center with full-service health and wellness care for your pets (including treatment of rare conditions in animals) is the Pershing Animal hospital. In this center, quality health care matches with quality service for you as a pet owner with a comfortable and calm facility, kid-friendly environment, and anxiety-relieving care for your pets. They also offer top-notch outpatient care both in-person and online, including a well-stocked online pharmacy to buy medications for your pets. Their focus on nutrition and preventive medicine ensure that your pet is healthy and continues to stay healthy. In addition, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression. Check out the website for more information. 

Village West Veterinary

The best veterinary center where your pet’s health and wellbeing get utmost attention and value is what you get from Village West. Services include routine visitation, emergency care, and vaccination appointments. They also offer behavioral counseling to you as a pet owner to help you manage and train your pet. In partnership with the Critical animal relief foundation (CARF), Village West Veterinary provides medical care for rescue animals who need critical care. Other added advantages include health certifications for traveling and in-house euthanasia. For more information and appointment booking, visit their website 

West Loop Veterinary Care

Since accreditation in 2012, this veterinary has upheld a standard of care for all pets, including a thorough AAHA-expert evaluation. They provide both emergency and non-emergency care for your pet. Their service includes routine wellness checkups, ophthalmology, and allergy care for pets of different ages and types. A unique feature that makes them stand out is an often ignored dental and oral care for your pets. West Loop has a cat-friendly center certification with soundproofed cat examination room and a special entrance for your felines. Experience all these and more by visiting their website on to learn more and book an appointment today.

Wrigleyville Veterinary

Do you want a veterinarian that provides health care, surgery, wellness care, vaccinations, dental care, surgery, and grooming? Wrigleyville Veterinary ticks all these boxes and more. They provide daycare with a pet resort experience for your pets. Also, if you need to travel without your pet and you can’t get live-in care for your pet, there is a boarding care service at Wrigleyville involving regular and medical checkups for as long as you are away. Spay and neuter are also available for your dog with adequate pre and post-surgery information and care. Visit to get a contact to speak with a professional and get more information about their veterinary services. 

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